Tribal Base

Tribal Base (175 Power)

At 499,600 gold this is an expensive must-have, especially if you do not have the Birthday Cake Base. What makes this base really sweet is the Power boost and the extra edge of Attraction - if you do the math, you'd realise that when paired with strong traps, the apparent weak power of the Tribal Base is meant to mislead..

Power Bonus: 18%
Attraction Bonus: 2%
Luck: n/a
Cheese Effect: Fresh

The three rival mouse tribes of Elub, Nerg and Derr very seldom come together, but when they finally get around to negotiations after their latest skirmish, they meet on this elaborately carved tribal mask. Only the eldest of the mice from all three tribes are allowed to work on constructing the meeting place, which is hallowed by the tribes-mice due to its origins in the Jungle of Dread. How frustrating for these master crafts-rodents that the trapsmiths co-opt their art for traps!
mhabbr : tiki