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Crafting Guide
Everything you wanted or needed to know about Crafting can be found in Crafting 101 by Tess of the MH Kitchen. Also, don't forget to use your trusty Hunter's Hammer often.

Cheese Recipes
Ancient | Crunchy | Combat | Glutter | Gumbo | Limelight | Maki | Moon | OMG | Rumble | Runic | Shell | Super Brie+ | Susheese | White Cheddar

Trap Recipes
Ambush | ACRoNYM | Obelisk of Incineration | Obelisk of Slumber | PartyBot

Base Recipes
Dehydration Base

Other Mixes
Master's Seal | Unchristened Ship | Ship (to Legendary) | Ship (from Hero)

Crafting Items
May list them out here, but in the meantime, it is fully posted under the Craft Item tag.
You may also navigate in the following crafting sections :
Bought from General Stores | Dropped by Mice | CIY (Craft It Yourself)

What's a recipe without a little special juice? Everything about Potions here.


becizababe said...

can any one please give me some recipies all i have is blue prints: 1 gingerbread house, 1 cingerbread bass. cheese: 19 curds and whey, 33 radio active sludge, 24 salt, 115 stale cheese. dojo: 93 nori. general: 4 candys, 3 planks of gingerbread, 3 icing sugar, 172 splintered wood my hotmail is if anyone could help that would mean heaps thanks

KelciWood said...
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