Chrome DrillBot

Chrome DrillBot  ( 3900 power )

The Physical Trap that we have been waiting for! A Limited Edition Must-Buy from Ronza. Sorry if you made the RhinoBot, but this one should perform better in luck at the Derr Dunes. I've paired it with the Dehy Base for a Neutral Cheese effect.

Affectionately known as the Chillbot. :)

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 20%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 26
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale

Total Power: 4,950
Power Bonus: 20%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Total Luck: 30

While drilling through clumpy top soil around Digby, the scientists there became tired of constantly cleaning the drills. Their solution? Coat the drills in slick chrome! Overcharged and super-powered, the Chrome DrillBot obliterates mice in style!
mhabbr : chillbot, chrome ddb, cddb

Ronza's New Year Stay

If there ever was a quiet arrival of Ronza, this is it.

Ronza sneaked in over to Gnawnia just before the turn of Christmas, bringing a few goodies for the late shopper. A few other devices will be made available towards the New Year.

A list of her wares, now all available:
  • Snowglobe Trap : 341,000 gold
  • 2010 Blastoff Trap : 512,800
  • Chrome Drillbot : 897,400
  • Candy Cane Base : 90,000
  • Firecracker Base : 90,000
There's no real indication when she would leave, so aim to get your goodies before Jan 2, 2010!

[update : And the New Year's Mouse was seen sneaking off with a whole bunch of freworks.. Hope ya still had some SB+ to catch him.]

Christmas Cracker Trap

Christmas Cracker Trap  ( 3000 power )

Yummy.. This is what you get after exchanging the 12 Items looted in Days 'Til Christmas. I think this is a better trap compared to the PartyBot. It's great on luck and much fresher for the cheese.

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 24
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh

All those gifts from the twelve days of Christmas, and not a single trap among them. . . Santa just doesn't understand Mouse Hunters. Oh well, never fear! Candy canes, reindeer antlers and Christmas lights all make great projectiles! Just stuff them in a giant cannon, pull the string, and voila! Instant present gratification. Now where's all that fruit cake from last year?

mhabbr : cct

Larry the Trapsmith

Got all your 12 Christmas Day Loot?

Go visit Larry to claim the Christmas Trap here:

You get to claim the following trap..

Gingerbread House Surprise Trap

Gingerbread House Surprise  ( 2200 power )

Strange that the Mousehunt developers didn't label this as a Limited Edition, since it will probably no longer be available to loot and craft after the Christmas Festive season. Anyway, it's worth collecting - Merry Christmas folks!

Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: Über Fresh

Warmth and the smell of baking cheese biscuits draw mice into this charming little gumdrop house, where they will find a present, waiting just for them. The mice unwrap the present, to find, in place of the cheese biscuits, a mouse-sized parachute. Once the mouse puts on the parachute, a burst of reverse Santa magic shoots it out the chimney, into the air to a land far away. Being flung into the air isn't what the mouse had on its list, but it's the thought that counts.
mhabbr : ghs

Gingerbread Base

Gingerbread Base  ( 225 power )

A Christmas Festive seasonal base. Like the Gingerbread House Surprise Trap, the components will probably no longer be available after the Festive Comet melts. Recommended for it's Cheese Effect, especially for novices.

Power Bonus: 8%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Insanely Fresh

This base has been baked in the oven for just the right amount of time to make it a lightly toasted, chewy wonder. After taking it out of the oven, Santa's elves dusted the base with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and then decorated it with a festive star pattern and multi-colored gumdrops. Unfortunately, they also left it out on the counter where the mice could walk all over it. Now that it's unsuitable to give as a gift, you might as well put a trap on top of it.
mhabbr : gbb

Lagoon vs Furoma Areas

You're well on your way to being a GrandMaster. Or have just graduated and want to move on.

Lagoon next?
or the Furoma levels?

First a little history.
The Furoma levels (Training Grounds, Dojo, Meditation Room and Pinnacle Chamber) opened up in Nov 2008. It was an early attempt of a stepped/cyclic event by the MH devs and it was a wonderful success.

Hunters had to get stuff from Dojo, to get more stuff from the Meditation Room, to get the elusive Onyx Stone from the big guy at the Pinnacle Chamber. And you find yourself having to returning to the Training Grounds often to buy more stuff. And there wasn't much stuff to buy then.

Of course, the game had evolved and matured beautifully with the events at the Tribal Isles. But this is a different story.

Since the only good Tactical trap on sale then was the ZLM, it got pretty brutal at times. Until you crafted the Ambush Trap. Thankfully Ronza came around then to leave luckier Snow Barrages, but it's still weak for the well-trained Furoma mice.

There was a little shuffling of the menus after this period, and the Whisker Woods (and Lagoon) was introduced. This was going to be the lead-on for the introduction of the Huntington and thereafter the Tribal Isles.

Now, I feel, it's a good ground for building up your Hunter to the Grandmaster rank, as well as getting the Venus Mouse Trap. The Mutated VMT is a good upgrade, if you're new, and you can probably skip the ZLM with it.

The Lagoon's a good scenic route and with less heartbreaking missed catches. Don't worry too much about not catching the Hydra with the Ship blueprints at this stage when entering the Lagoon - there's so much more to see in the Mousehunt World.

Watching the 12 Days Til Christmas

The Comet's melting more than ever - things are really getting hot now.

As it melts, more things are revealed. And of course, the mice get hold of them first and you'd have to catch them - those little buggers!

So have a some patience, bring a lot of luck and cheese (especially the gingerbread ones) and you'd be able to collect them all. We're still wondering if all the pieces add up to something..

I'll keep this updated as the days go by (unless I'm stuck under a snowdrift myself)

One Droid Action Figure
On the first day of hunting, the good King gave to me... One Droid Action Figure!
Candy Cane Mouse, White Mouse

Two Festive Mitts

On the second day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Two Festive Mitts!
Present Mouse, Dwarf Mouse

Three Santa Hats

On the third day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Three Santa Hats!

Abominable Snow Mouse, Hydra Mouse, Christmas Tree Mouse

Four Festive Stockings

On the fourth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Four Festive Stockings!
Stocking Mouse (duh), Troll Mouse (wow, this is a hard one)

Five Ornaments 

On the fifth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Five OR-NA-MENTS!

Besides comprising the very best part of this holiday song, these colourful ornaments sit nicely on a Christmas tree around the Eleven Coloured Lights. Big ones, little ones, the kind shaped like icicles-- they're all here, and ready to fill your home with holiday glee.

Treant Mouse and the Ornament Mouse

Six Snowballs

On the sixth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Six Perfect Snow Balls!

They're snowballs. You go outside and throw them. In fact, why aren't you out there right now? Grandma's not going to ambush herself!

Abominable Snow Mouse and the Nutcracker Mouse

Seven Gingerbread Mice

On the seventh day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Seven Ginger mice!

Nine out of ten cats agree that these little cookies are much tastier than real mice. Hand-shaped with care and topped with adorable little icing designs depicting mice in all sorts of situations, these are the perfect gift for that frustrated hunter on your list.

Present Mouse, Bear Mouse

Eight Elf Shoes

On the eighth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Eight Pointy Elf Shoes!

People assume that pointy shoes aren't very comfortable, and most of the time they're right. Elf shoes, however, are the exception to the rule. Soft and cushy, these adorable little belled shoes are the perfect thing to wear on those cozy holiday nights by the fire.

Elf Mouse, Dwarf Mouse

Nine Reindeer Antlers

On the ninth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Nine Reindeer Antlers.

You'll be the life of the party with these stylish reindeer antlers, which are attached to headbands for ease of wear. This model is personally endorsed by the fifth grade class of Gnawnia middle school, who used them to put on the most successful Christmas pageant of the past four years.

Centaur Mouse, Present Mouse

Ten Candy Canes

On the tenth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Ten Canes of Candy.

Hand painted in Santa's workshop, these candy canes come in mint, cherry, sour raspberry, black licorice, and soup. Why soup, you ask? Well, Santa knows that not everybody likes candy.

Eleven Coloured Lights
On the eleventh day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Eleven Lights a'twinkling!

Colored red, green and blue, these lights blink in a variety of different patterns. They add instant festivity to a Christmas tree, house, reindeer cutout, animatronic dancing santa with choral elves. . . anything, really. All they need is a little imagination, but electricity helps too.

12 Litres of Eggnog

On the twelfth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Twelve Litres of Egg Nog.

This is a whole lot of egg nog. You could supply a whole party with it-- possibly two. The only problem is that the lid seems to be stuck on. And there's an expiry date on the bottom of the canister. It reads June, 2010. Hopefully someone will be able to get it open by then.

Toy Mouse

Festive Gift Shoppe

A Shoppe with a lovely twist. You can buy anything you want.

But you can't buy it for yourself!

The only way is to buy gifts for your friends and hope that they will buy an equivalent gift back for you. This is where you see the swell community of Mousehunters at work. I love it!

The Festive Gift Shoppe is accessible from all areas in Mousehunt, not only at the Festive Comet. You're never too far away to help someone out in a pinch. The gifts that you receive now appear in its own tab in the Inventory menu.

Here's what you can get at the Shoppe:

Swiss Cheese
Basic Cheese

Brie Cheese
Basic Cheese

Starter Cheese for the Tribal Isles
Interesting that some cheese can be given as gifts. This is a temporary way to send gold without incurring the transfer tax.

Greeting Card
Happy Holiday Hunting!

Try not to be under this at the same time as a zombie mouse...

Posing Mouse Action Figure
This amazing toy features karate-chop action! The swift chopping action can shatter wooden bases! Play with at your own risk.

Christmas Coal
Even when you dress it up, this is still just a piece of coal, and a useless one too. You have some good friends.
No real uses for the above yet. But hey, you might as well get a couple of them.

Burroughs Lab Map Piece
Past the Mountain lies a looming place of technology where evil lurks in every corner... This Map Piece will open new hunting location that require a Hunter's Title of Master.
An excellent gift for those Master Ranks who are going crazy trying to trap the Ninja that drops this in the Mountains. 

Slightly Smaller Gift
These strange gifts are often handed out by people who claim that trying to open it has driven them to madness! But... It's just a small, neatly wrapped gift... how could such a pleasant looking item cause madness?
Be careful with this one - some excited elf had wrapped it over and over, sometimes as much as 8 times! After you persevere the multiple unwrappings, you'd find any one of these items available in the festive shoppe. Or a special edition Santa Bear (also unlimited hugs).

The latest in candy technology! These small sweets can not only be enjoyed as a snack but they also make perfect decorations for gingerbread creations!

Mmmm... crazy delicious!

Icing Sugar
Handy for gluing together gingerbread planks to make a variety of festive items!

Plank of Gingerbread
This plank of gingerbread is carefully baked with love by the King's Royal Chef. Its spicy aroma smells like... happiness.

These planks are more than a tasty treat! Use some icing sugar to glue the planks together and express your crafting creativity!
Smash the Plank to find 15 Gingerbread Cheese. These are the cheese bait for most of the Festive Mice. The above 3 items are required ingredients for the festive Trap and Base.

The Great Winter Hunt 09 Walkthrough

It's always great being the first one to cast a snowball.

And the Mousehunt Devs have tossed a fabulously huge one with the Festive Comet.

Lots of new and exciting things to do and collect, even if it's only for a period of time. The Scrooge in you is bound to start smiling and get into the act of giving.

Well, ok, you can't get far without friends and in this festive period, but no one should hunt alone.

And there are enough engaging events to keep you coming back to this snowball..

When the Festive Comet landed

As the Comet Melts
  • New Trap Revealed 
  • New Base Revealed 

12 Days Til Christmas Event

  • An item dropped every day!

Still watching out for
  • Ronza's New Year Special (Oh Noes, did I spend all my gold on SB+ trading?)

Festive Comet

The Comet Cometh!

The Festive Comet, at least.

Looks like you'd have to put down all your tribal tools, gnarled cheese, ancient hookey box pieces and whatever. Head on over to see what's happening there.

Limited edition mice and stuff. Enjoy your 12 days of Christmas!

(and remember to travel via the Town of Gnawnia for the cheapest toll)

A word from our favourite developers.