Farming Radioactive Sludge

Turning Radioactive Blue stale is not as difficult as you think.

Even when hunting at the Catacombs or the Mousoleum, you're bound to make a Radioactive Sludge or more.

Not enough Radioactive Sludges when it's time to make your Horrific VMT?
Simply choose your trap combination with the worst cheese effect available to you (like Acronym + Explosive Base).  Head on over to a fast and furious area where most/all the mice are not attracted to RB nor your trap type (Acronym/Arcane). This could be the Furoma areas or the Bristle Woods areas.

Remember to monitor it or you'd burn more RBs than you really want to - there's not much use for Sludges at this time, so no point farming more than what you need for making the traps.

Hope Mouse

Hope Mouse

A special charity mouse released by Hitgrab. There are about 200,000 of these now running around the place, and they are easy and meant to be caught.

For every Hope Mouse caught, Hitgrab will donate 5 cents towards the Mission of Hope in Haiti. So keep on sounding the horn!

Read more about it here and do your own part to help.

Thanks Jeannine Emmelot-Pruim for the mouse picture.

So far, this physical mouse has been caught in the following areas:
Harbour, Great Gnarled Tree, Laboratory,  Town of Digby, Training Grounds, Dojo, S.S. Huntington II, Cape Clawed..

Shout it out here if you find them in more places..

Festive Cleanup

Now that the Festive Comet's melted, you can see a small crater lake where it used to be.

I wonder if any Christmas Mice would eat the leftover Gingerbread Cheeses to mutate into huge Gingernomas mice :)

The new towns just south of that landing point are also coming along nicely. Maybe that would be something leading to a valentine's event?

In any case, I'll keep this the Mouse Hunt Map updated..

Also did up a number of much needed updates to this MH Guide. The Areas and Devices Menus at the top should have all the good stuff in place.

I shudder to think about updating all the mice and their profiles.. Gonna be a whole lot of posts coming up..

Have a great week ahead, folks!

King's Stockade

King's Stockade

This is not a place you'd wish to travel to. It's NOT EVEN ON the Map. There are no cheese shoppes there, no general store, do not pass Go, do not Collect $200..

Well, maybe you do still get some gold - I think you'd get trap checks.

But it's a very REAL place. This is the place you go when the MH Developers decide that you are due for a time-out. That's when you violate the Terms of Service, like using web bots/plugins/scripts to auto sound the Horn, or get verbally abusive, etc etc.

No clue about when you get out, if you do.

Basic message is - Don't get in there.

Hey, there's much to enjoy about the MouseHunt world and the fabulous friendly MH Community. Have fun and don't worry about this place.

Just know that it exists.

Trap Recipe - Ice Maiden

Ice Maiden  ( 5200 power )

Right now, it's the supreme trap on the mouse hunt world. And it's used to hunt the ultimate mouse - Dragon Mouse.

1 x Frozen Scroll - Loot from Mysterious Box (Acolyte mouse)
1 x High Tension Spring Parts (Smash High tension spring with crafting hammer)
60 x Runes - loot from Forbidden Grove mice

Power Type: Draconic
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Bound within the pillar of ice on the back of this trap is a rare enchantment. When the dragon breathes fire onto the trap, the ice temporarily melts, releasing a specially-designed dragon collar which snaps down onto the dragon's neck and freezes him in a thick coating of ice.

What's your favorite base that you use with this? I personally don't like the Magma because a failed attract will end with a stale cheese. I use the Tribal Base instead.

Crafting Item - Frozen Scroll

ITEM: Frozen Scroll
LOCATION: The Acolyte mouse in the Acolyte realm (use Runic to attract) - and you thought this gets easy..
COST: Ouch! and then Ouch somemore..
Locked within this scroll is a spell capable of freezing both items and mice instantly. Some Trapsmiths have combined this enchantment with a High Tension Spring and Runes (60) to create a frosty trap. Who knows what other uses the spell may have?

Crafting Item - High Tension Spring Parts

ITEM: High Tension Spring Parts
You get this by smashing the High Tension Spring Trap with your Hammer at the Crafting tab. Hopefully you didn't sell this off early for the minimal gold refund..
COST: Price of High Tension Spring Trap
DESCRIPTION: Various springs and barbs from a disassembled high tension spring.

Crafting Item - Fire Salt

ITEM: Fire Salt
LOCATION: Dropped by all mice in the Jungle of Dread but not always. Know that different Havarti attract different Mice here. Also sometimes dropped as a small consolation by the mice in Dracano.
COST: None
Famous around the Tribal Isles for giving a decent kick to many dishes as well as being used to make very strange and salty glass, this slightly molten sodium chloride is too hot to handle!

I've lost count of the times I've had to return to the Jungle to gather this critical ingredient for the Inferno Havarti. Grrr.

Runic Cheese Curd Potion

Runic Cheese was once the toughest cheese to stock up on. It made the Acolyte Realms a painful place to hunt in.

I'm so glad that the Runic Cheese Curd potion came about. These are now dropped by the mice in the Jungle of Dread.

1000/pc One potion converts 6 Super Brie to 6 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 3 Gouda to 3 Runic Cheese.

1000/pc One potion converts 7 Super Brie to 7 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 4 Gouda to 4 Runic Cheese.

1000/pc One potion converts 8 Super Brie to 8 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 4 Gouda to 4 Runic Cheese.

1000/pc One potion converts 8 Super Brie to 8 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 4 Gouda to 4 Runic Cheese.

So now you can concentrate on the next tough cheese, the Inferno Cheese.. :)

Snowglobe Trap

Snowglobe Trap (2350 power)

Meh. Given that the Chrome Drillbot was also available at Ronza's, I wonder why this trap even happened.

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 16
Cheese Effect: No Effect

It is a little-known fact that mice share humanity's obsession with the weather patterns of vinegar-filled miniature aquariums, which is, in part, why the Snowglobe trap is so successful. When a mouse comes near the snow globe to get a better look at the winter wonderland inside, the moving platform catapults it through the force field at the front of the globe, where it bonks its head on the the back wall. Once in the globe, it will freeze, becoming a natural part of the interior scenery.

2010 Blastoff Trap

2010 Blastoff Trap  ( 2600 power )

Happy New Year! This would be a good tactical filler for newer players until you reach the HVMT.

Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: Very Stale

It's time to welcome in the new year! Lying in wait behind this colorful pile of fireworks is a diligent little droid, waiting to make the first catch of 2010. When a mouse takes the bait, the droid pushes the plunger, and in a blinding flash of light and color the mouse sails up into the stratosphere, tied to a colossal rocket by the rope around his foot. The mouse can use the banner as a parachute, if he's smart, but that all depends on whether or not the banner catches fire during launch.

Candy Cane Base

Candy Cane Base  ( 300 power )

Another Limited Edition from Ronza's recent visit. Good on the luck factor, putting it on par with the Aqua Base and is much fresher.

Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: Fresh

Remember how special you felt as a little kid when you found an extra piece of candy on the floor, just for you? Well, now you can replicate that feeling with the Candy Cane Base. Of course, the makers of the base do not recommend it for human consumption. Mice are bound to try licking it, and it gets awfully sticky after a few uses.

Firecracker Base

Firecracker Base  ( 300 power )

Limited Edition trap from Ronza's Christmas/New Year's visit. No big deal if you missed it.

Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Stale

Firecrackers have suffered a recent bout of unpopularity lately in Gnawnia, after a rash of accidents convinced many members of the public that fireworks are unsafe. Luckily, the appeal of these high-quality fireworks is rapidly erasing the stigma caused by all the accidents. . . by encouraging people to cause more accidents. Only this time, the accidents will be happening to mice-- hopefully.