How to Sell Your Super Brie Fast

As of this writing, the forex rate of Mousehunt Gold to SuperBrie is in the trading range of 5,000-5,400 gold per piece..

If you're a SB+ seller and have about 1000 pieces to release to the market, that's about a 5 million price tag. Or 5.5 million when you consider the 10% tariff.

Are there really that many buyers out there having such a huge stash of gold sitting around?
That kind of explains why you'd see some trade entries sitting there for the whole day.

Taking a tip from the normal stock market, it's sometimes easier to unload smaller amounts of equity stock at a time. It's a matter about market demand and liquidity. The current MH Marketplace has a fixed tariff, so trading costs are not a factor.

The main factor here is the buyer's affordability.

If you hop in and out of the marketplace often looking for a good deal, you'd soon notice something.
The standard lots of 100 pieces of SB+ are the ones that disappear the fastest. Yes, these are the amounts with the most liquidity. Even if the exchange rate is higher than the lowest bid in the chart.

Yes, hunters will sooner buy 10-100 pieces at 5,400 gold then 500 pieces at 5,000.

When you see the market situation from the buyer's eyes, you'd understand why.
It's simply faster to earn half a million of gold than it is to amass 2 or 3 million.

Best advice for now:
  • Sell Super Brie in standard lots/batches of 100 pieces
  • Sell SB in Odd Lot sizes to the maximum price tag of 500,000 gold pieces