MH Timer Lite

For the no-frills version of the Mousehunt Timer page, check out:

Those that still prefer the full suite of additional information together with the regular MH Timer, this is your link:

Note that these are my shortlinks and the contents of the MH Timer pages are not maintained by me.
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What happened with the Layout?

MouseHuntGuide readers, YOU ALL ARE FABULOUS !

We've clocked about 2.5 million pageviews in our lifetime, and you've broken our free template usage. :)

For now, we've switched to a default blogger one, but Hilary and I are planning a whole new website for you guys to call home. Yes, yes, real life does get in the way, but we're still avid hunters, even if we've stopped posting regularly.

We're still trying to figure how you all would like to read and find stuff, so please drop a comment to tell us if you liked the format (if you remembered how it looked before we were blasted down) or if you have any ideas of what kind of information we should be showing.

No ideas? Go ahead and drop a comment anyway, don't be shy. We don't bite.