The Game Elements that Add Those Extra Touches

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Map Pieces
The world of MouseHunt is ever expanding. When a new area is founded, hunters will usually be required to find a map piece or a key that gains them access to the new areas. Their travel maps will change whenever they acquire the relevant access.

The list below is in the chronological revelation of the new areas.
  • Gnawnia Map Piece
    - Basic Map, all of Gnawnia
  • Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
    - Opens the Laboratory
    - Ninja Mouse at the Mountains

  • Key to the Town of Digby
    - Opens the Town of Digby
    - Dwarf Mouse at the Laboratory
  • Tattered Mousoleum Map
    - Opens the Mousoleum
    - Zombie Mouse in the Laboratory
  • Shredded Furoma Map Piece
    - Opens the Training Grounds in Furoma
    - Lycan Mouse in the Mousoleum
    - Mole Mouse in Town of Digby
  • Furoma Map Stitch
    - Opens the Pagoda areas (Dojo, Meditation Room and Pinnacle Chamber)
    - Bring the Shredded Furoma Map Piece to the Cartographer in Bazaar for repair
    - Wait a day for the repair
  • Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar
    - Opens the Bazaar
    - The Archer, Assassin or Kung Fu mice in the Training Grounds
  • Mousoleum Restoration Patch
    - Opens the Catacombs
    - Bring the Tattered Mousoleum Map to the Cartographer in Bazaar for repair
    - Wait 5 days. No access to the Mousoleum unless you managed to get a second map.
  • Keeper's Candle
    - Opens Forbidden Grove and Acolyte Realm in Bristle Woods
    - Keeper Mouse at the Catacombs
  • Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece
    - Opens Calm Clearing, Whisker Woods
    - Granite Mouse at the Harbour
  • Gnarled Tree Map Piece
    - Opens Great Gnarled Tree in Whisker Woods
    - Cyclops Mouse at Calm Clearing
  • Map to the Lagoon
    - Opens the Lagoon
    - Fairy Mouse at Great Gnarled Tree
  • Ship
    - Opens SS Huntington II
    - Craft your own ship
  • Ocean Navigation Kit
    - Opens Tribal Isles
    - Craft the items dropped when hunting on the Ship

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