More Happy Halloween

Missed out this Mummy Angel mouse.. (Thanks, Faith!) (and Shimure!)

The Bottomless Grave Trap

The Bottomless Grave, seen here with a Stone base and radioactive brie.

It's the strongest shadow trap in the MouseHunt game so far. Only about 673,630 gold...

Please don't beg from me - just a poor reporter..

[2nd Oct 2009] Just dawned on me that the Grave has been available for almost a year already. And No, I don't own one. I'm just going to save up for the Clockapult of Time.

mhabbr : bg

Hollowhead Mouse

The Hollowhead Mouse.. Now appearing in many places. But probably for a limited time only..

Happy Halloween Week

You might have noticed that some of our mice are playing dress up! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, HUNTERS!! Also coming up, a new trap and a special mouse for this season..

Samurai Mouse

The third and trickiest mouse at Furoma, Training Grounds. (But it can still be caught by Swiss/Brie) Samurai Mouse Years of intense training under brutal conditions have left this mouse truly disciplined and war-hardened. Little gets by their defense, and it's rare that you'll catch one unguarded.

Kung Fu Mouse

Another new mouse at Furoma, Training Grounds Kung Fu Mouse Although these mice mostly lead a tranquil life of meditation in the Zen gardens of Furoma, they shall not hesitate to defend their territory.

Archer Mouse

One of the new mice you would encounter in the mouse hunt game. This one's at Furoma, Training Grounds. Archer Mouse Often seen firing their arrows over the Burroughs River and using zombie mice for target practice this agile mouse can split a whisker from 1000 yards.

Moon Cheese #2

The game developers have dropped a hint that the Moon Cheese is especially effective at nights. The question now begs if it works in mouse hunters' respective time zones around the world and what time band gives the best results. And if it is only the Lycans that are affected. Post your findings as comments here.. I wonder if we will discover this before Ronza leaves or all the curious hunters run out of money buying the precious cheese.

Furoma Cheese Cost

Did you know that Marble and Swiss actually work in the Training Grounds? It's possible to catch the new mice and the common ones with these. You may miss more, but you'd save on Brie. For those of you that run low of these two, know that they cost twice as much compared to Gnawnia. Marble : Buy at 100g, refund at 50g Swiss : Buy at 200g, refund at 100g Don't say I didn't warn you...

Travel Planner

I've now placed the Travel Planner as a Permanent Link on the left bar, and it will link you to the spreadsheet on Google Docs. It simply makes more sense to keep that updated, then to constantly re-post here. The Planner now includes the Furoma's Training Grounds.

Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese now available at Ronza's Travelling Shoppe currently moored at the Burroughs. Get it while she's around. It costs 2500g a slice, so bring your arm and leg...
One of the inventions the scientists of Digby are most interested in is space probe technology capable of fragmenting a small portion of the moon's surface to harvest small quantities of lunar cheese. Unfortunately the cost of launching the probes paired with their ability to only harvest a small quantity at a time means collecting this cheese is extremely expensive. Researching this cheese has proved quite dangerous during experiments in the Mousoleum as scientists seem to frequently become victims of Lycan attacks.

Ronza's at the Burroughs

Yes, fellow hunters! It's true! Ronza's Travelling Shoppe is back for while. And this time, the only thing she has is cheese.. Not ordinary cheese, mind you. Cheese you'd probably have to sell your game cart for. But it's a special kind of cheese to catch a special kinda mouse. Moon cheese. Get it now! And oh, travel to Ronza's place is free. But not when you want to get back to where you came from.

Lycan Mouse

The Lycan Mouse is now a regular sight on Mousehunt. Back in the days of it's introduction (see below) it was the badge of honor that mousehunters wore everywhere. Now.. meh..

For newer hunters, your first is probably the hardest. You'd need to catch the one in the Mousoleum that drops the Furoma Map Piece. Either the Ambrosial or the Sinister Portal's the best shadow trap that you can afford at this time. Radioactive Blue, or better yet Moon Cheese if you got some.

I prefer using the strongest+luckiest base I have available, since stales like radioactive sludge or stale cheese are not too much of a worry anymore. If you're here now, your best is probably only the Explosive Base (Yes, it still works). If you were around for one of Ronza's visits or the Christmas Festive Comet, you'd probably have the Magma or Gingerbread (the power multipler is decent).

You would also find Lycans at the Training Grounds, Catacombs. When you reach the Forbidden Grove, these Lycans really get in the way because they've also acquired a taste for the Ancient Cheese. Ouch.

[Jan 2010 above, Oct 2008 below]
The Lycan's wandering around the Mousoleum currently.

If you manage to catch it, it may drop the Shredded Furoma Map Piece. A whole new area opens up and what you currently have is the Training Area. New mice types are there.

Standard Mousoleum strength traps and cheese work on the Lycan. That is, portals and radioactive brie. Some have even had success with the force field trap.

Latest: Lycan are drawn to Moon Cheese!

Furoma, new area found at the Burroughs

I've not reached it for myself, but a new Grandmaster area in the Mousehunt game has been found. This is what I've found off the discussion boards. Shadow type traps used.
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 5 oz. Lycan mouse from the Mousoleum worth 9,246 points and 5,505 gold. Additionally the mouse dropped the following loot: Shredded Furoma Map Piece. My weapon seemed especially effective against this adversary.

Polled: What cheese do you regularly bring into the Mousoleum?

A great bunch of numbers from our regular hunters to help out the Mousoleum freshies! Radioactive Brie (250+) : 85 (52%) Radioactive Brie (below 250) : 75 (46%) Super|Brie+ (250+) : 6 (3%) Super|Brie+ (below 250) : 7 (4%) Brie : 8 (4%) Swiss : 13 (8%) Marble : 4 (2%) Cheddar (and it works as bait!) : 5 (3%) Number of people voted: 161, more than one selection allowed.

Travel Costs Gnawnia and Burroughs

New to the game: Travel costs to a location are relative to where you were traveling from. Your handy travel cost guide below. Click on the image to enlarge.

MouseHunt 2.0 is LIVE!

Yes folks, live game play has now been enabled on MouseHunt 2.0. Some data is still being ported and a few more spots of downtime is expected tomorrow, but for today ... GAME ON! Looks like the adjustments to the Travel costs are final : Town of Gnawnia: 0 gold Meadows: 373 gold Harbour: 1224 gold Mountain: 5103 gold Town of Digby: 0 gold Mousoleum: 5600 gold Laboratory: 19302 gold The numbers look odd enough for me to suspect that they are rank-related. Do let me know if you see different numbers, and if your ranks are different from mine (grandmaster).

Mousehunt 2.0 Peek

The MouseHunt 2.0 game should go live in about 3-4 hours. For those of you that want to get a first peek at the new environment, click here: Note that the area is only a test one and you may not get regular access to it. Furthermore, any process you make in this area will be lost. When 2.0 is live, your old account will be loaded back. At first glance, there appears to be no changes to the game play. Of course certain areas like Donations have been disabled. The developers have mentioned before that the new game environment is to prepare for future new game elements to be loaded, on a more robust structure. Some things have been omitted for the official 2.0 release. Read about it here: On this Staging area, I note that the travel costs to the different areas have been adjusted. I wonder if this is just test data or it will be carried over to the live game.