Map To The Catacombs

The Cartographer is finally able to fix the Tattered Mousoleum Map. You'd have to make your way to the Bazaar to get it done. The repair will take 5 days, but it'll now cost 160,000 gold instead of the previously estimated 250,000. Even if you're not yet Legendary but have some cash to spare, I'd suggest parking your Map there. Five days is a looooong time to wait. And maybe when you go back to the Lab, you might be able to pick up another Mousoleum Map. I've just sent in my map for repairs.. See you in the Catacombs on Wednesday.. [You'd receive the Mousoleum Restoration Patch for your patience]

Warm Up To The Catacombs

Looks like the cartographers are almost ready with the Catacomb maps.. Fellow mousehunters would already have spotted this new message:
The Cartographer suspects that a hunter will need the title of Legendary to understand the secrets revealed.
So start blowing the horn harder, if you're not already a Legendary! The Add-me threads for the Catacombs are also popping up.. Can you feel the excitement? [Latest, 5 new mice (still unknown) discovered under those tombstones. Tick Tock Tick Tock]

Got A Bad Coal

Another wallpaper for the bored.. :) Enjoy

Bottomless Grave Upgrade

Sharp eyed Mousehunters have reported seeing the Power of the Bottomless Grave (BG) go up by 100 points. Looks like things are gearing up for the new Catacomb areas, under the Mousoleum. Start working up your gold for the BG ! It's over 600k! And if you haven't gotten more than one Tattered Mousoleum Map, try going back to hunt for more at the Lab. That's because when the Cartographer takes your map to fix it, you don't have it temporarily. That means you can't get to the Mousoleum while it's being fixed. Actually, I'm having an afterthought - I've gotten all my 4 copies of the Mousoleum Map under MouseHunt Ver 1. I've been camping at the Lab for 3 days now, successfully stomping Monsters. I've caught Zombies, but they've not dropped any more Maps. Has anyone gained more than one Mousoleum Map recently? (Since MouseHunt Ver2 in Dec?)

Monster Mouse, Finally

Would you believe that I've just caught my first ever Monster Mouse? DDB/Dehy/RB at the Lab. And what a sweet amount of drops.. I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 15 oz. Monster mouse from the Laboratory worth 9,086 points and 9,115 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot: 4 Greater Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potions, 27 pieces of cheddar cheese, 14 pieces of swiss cheese, 7 pieces of brie cheese.

Nibbler Mouse

Great! Looks like the mice now have an Intelligence team.. The Nibbler Mouse should be found all over the map and I guess they would occasionally succumb to the cheese and trap that they've been studying.. I think they might even be checking out The Nibbler. Text from the catch : The Nibbler Mouse is the information gathering mouse that reports back to it's fellow mice about the placement of traps, advancement of hunters, and other mouse-worthy news to help them all gain an advantage over the King's forces. This mouse is very hard to catch on a regular basis because it's goal is to visit traps multiple times, hoping to gather as much intel as possible (while taking cheese samples for testing) before returning and giving a very informative and enjoyable report to those mice wanting to keep up to date.

The OFFICIAL MouseHunt Toolbar

It's finally here!

The official Mousehunt Toolbar by HitGrab, developers of your favourite past-time game (full time game for some!)

Get it here!

It's now tightly integrated into the Mousehunt application, so that you can see your gold and point score on the toolbar. There's also an integrated clock there, so that you can easily see how long you have before sounding the horn again.

Note that it's different from the Mousehunt Guide Toolbar, which routes fans to support groups, tools and FAQs.


[Mar 2010 - I believe the link still works, but the MH Toolbar is now downplayed as the free SB+ function does not work consistantly. Lucky me, it still works for me :) ]

Rejoice Rejoice

YES! Finally, caught my FIRST Master Cheese Belt with my 37th Glutter. I'm now a proud owner of an Ambush Trap. What are your worst Master records? Write to me here...

MouseHunt Calendar 2009

Start off the new year right with the right calendar! Emma Hacking from the Nibbler team has made this possible and even has the blessings of the Mousehunt developers. Grab your own .pdf copy of the MouseHunt 2009 Calendar [Amendments ! Thousand apologies on my error, but Emma Hacking is from MHUK and the Nibbler team has been helping promote the Calendar! Enjoy, J]