How to Sell Your Super Brie Fast

As of this writing, the forex rate of Mousehunt Gold to SuperBrie is in the trading range of 5,000-5,400 gold per piece..

If you're a SB+ seller and have about 1000 pieces to release to the market, that's about a 5 million price tag. Or 5.5 million when you consider the 10% tariff.

Are there really that many buyers out there having such a huge stash of gold sitting around?
That kind of explains why you'd see some trade entries sitting there for the whole day.

Taking a tip from the normal stock market, it's sometimes easier to unload smaller amounts of equity stock at a time. It's a matter about market demand and liquidity. The current MH Marketplace has a fixed tariff, so trading costs are not a factor.

The main factor here is the buyer's affordability.

If you hop in and out of the marketplace often looking for a good deal, you'd soon notice something.
The standard lots of 100 pieces of SB+ are the ones that disappear the fastest. Yes, these are the amounts with the most liquidity. Even if the exchange rate is higher than the lowest bid in the chart.

Yes, hunters will sooner buy 10-100 pieces at 5,400 gold then 500 pieces at 5,000.

When you see the market situation from the buyer's eyes, you'd understand why.
It's simply faster to earn half a million of gold than it is to amass 2 or 3 million.

Best advice for now:
  • Sell Super Brie in standard lots/batches of 100 pieces
  • Sell SB in Odd Lot sizes to the maximum price tag of 500,000 gold pieces

Cheese Recipe - Vengeful Vanilla Stilton

Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
To make Vengeful Stilton Cheese, you need to collect one of each of the following loots from the Lich mice in Balack's Cove (with Acro and Vanilla Stilton)

Derr Lich - Bottled up Rage
Elub Lich - Pinch of Annoyance
Nerg Lich - Raisins of Wrath

1 x Bottled up Rage
1 x Pinch of Annoyance
1 x Raisins of Wrath
1 x Coconut Milk
1 x Curds and Whey
1 x Ionized Salt
1 x Vanilla Bean
3 x Magic Essence
and you'll get 3 x Vengeful Vanilla Stilton :D - Good luck with the Balack mouse, it doesn't look like he'll be an easy catch :/

Vengeful Vanilla is a cheese best served cold. With a strong, tangy flavor, extreme vanilla sweetness, and just a hint of bitter mold, it tastes horrible-- and the cheese knows it! The main attractive feature of Vengeful Vanilla is its smell. So strong and delicious that it bypasses the natural wariness of even a hardened character like Balack, it draws its victims in... and then the taste does the rest.

(thanks, MH Kitchen!)

Crafting Item - Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean

This rare bean is only available deep within the Jungle of Dread, but its rind imparts a pleasant, sweet flavor to food. As a result, it is one of Gnawnia's most expensive delicacies.

The Pigmy Swarm Mice at JoD drop these. They are attracted by Gouda and Vanilla Stilton cheeses. Use your best Shadow trap.

Vanilla Beans are one of the ingredients to craft Vanilla Stilton and Vengeful Vanilla Stiltons.

Cheese Recipe - Vanilla Stilton

Vanilla Stilton
Both recipes make 15 pieces.

Recipe 1 ~ the patient version ~
15 x Vanilla Beans
15 x Salt
15 x Curds and Whey
15 x Coconut Milk

Recipe 2 ~ the enterprising version ~
5 x Vanilla Bean (changed from 1 on 25May)
15 x Magic Essence
15 x Salt
15 x Curds and Whey
15 x Coconut Milk

This cheese attracts the mice found in Balack's Cove. What you waitin' fer? Git over there!

Ghostly mice just love the taste of a good, mould-veined Stilton, but it's the vanilla that compels the spirits of Balack's Cove to leave their eternal strife. Aged to perfection in the cool, damp vaults of a sea cave, this cheese contains vanilla bean harvested at great peril from the Jungle of Dread. The ghosts of Balack's Cave are not the only mice that love this cheese, however. If you happen to get washed up on a jungle shore, hide your Stilton stock in your knapsack.

(thanks, MH Kitchen!)

QRG - Balack the Banished

Quick Reference Guide to Catch Balack the Banished

Goal 1) Gain entrance to Balack's Cove

Buy the Ancient Lantern at Cape Claw. Loot Dragon's Ember at Dracano. Craft Balack's Lantern and Balack's Cove opens for you.

Goal 2) Growing your Stilton baits

Loot Vanilla Beans at the Jungle of Dread from the Pygmy Swarm Mice. Craft some Vanilla Stilton Cheese and head to the Cove. Catch the Lichs for their loot. (Acronym trap recommended)

That allows you to craft the Vengeful Vanilla Stilton cheese.
You'd now be able to catch Balack the Banished Mouse. (Ancient Box Trap recommended, Acro/Ice Maiden works too)

Repeat Goal 2 as necessary.

Following each link above will yield a more in-depth walkthrough.

(And I'll fit in all the images later)
(and many thanks to the MouseHunt Kitchen, for most of the info)

Map Recipe - Balack's Lantern

Balack's Lantern
To gain entrance to Balack's Cove, you'd need to craft Balack's Lantern.

Stop by the General Store of Cape Clawed to get the Ancient Lantern.
Then hop over to Dracano to find Dragon Embers. You need 3.
Of course, you have the Ice Maiden and lots of Inferno Havarti lying around, don't you?

Newly Knighted hunters may find that their Chrome Drillbot works with the Whelping and Dracanic Warden. The embers will eventually get dropped too.

Recipe for Balack's Lantern
1 x Ancient Lantern
3 x Dragon Embers

Balack's Cove is a unique environment with unpredictable tides that keep the dark caverns constantly soaked, and that can easily wash unsuspecting Hunters out to sea.

This place works like Forbidden Grove/Acolyte Realm. From Balack's Cove, you'd occasionally get washed out to the Jungle of Dread. Timing's not charted yet..

Beasts of Balack's Banished

Mice you'd see at Balack's Cove
Brimstone | Enslaved Spirit | Davy Jones | Derr Lich | Elub Lich | Nerg Lich | Riptide | Twisted Fiend

Balack the Banished

Related Mice
Dracanic Brood - for Dracon Embers
Swarm of Pigmy Swarm Mice - for Vanilla Beans

Crafting Item - Ancient Lantern

Antique Lantern

Buy one from the General Store at Cape Clawed.
Needed for Balack's Lantern

This strange old lantern must have been sitting in the seawater for too long. No matter what you use, a conventional fire just won't set it alight. Perhaps a more magical flame might bring it to life.

Crafting Item - Dragon Ember

Dragon Ember 

Looted from the Draconic Mice at Dracano
Needed for Balack's Lantern

This nugget of molten rock glows with the Dragon Mouse's enchanted flames. It burns bright enough to pierce any darkness, but in order to use it as a guide, its handler must first find some way to contain its searing heat.

Crafting Item - Bottled up Rage

Bottled-Up Rage
(The Derr Lich Mouse in Balack's Cove drops these)

This potion contains all of the hatred and loathing generated by the ensorcelled Derr Elders over their long servitude to Balak the Banished. It is so angry, it pounds the cork in its bottle, trying to escape.

Crafting Item - Pinch of Annoyance

Pinch of Annoyance
(The Elub Lich Mouse in Balack's Cove drops these)

This powder is the distilled essence of the Elub Elders' irritation at being cooped up in Balak's Cove. Don't let it get on your skin-- you'll itch for weeks.

Crafting Item - Raisins of Wrath

Raisins of Wrath (The Nerg Lich Mouse in Balack's Cove drops this as loot)

These raisins probably started out as grapes of wrath, but they've been sitting out for far too long. The drying process has only concentrated the wrath, so use them sparingly in any evil banana breads or nasty oatmeal cookies you may be planning. Wrath Raisins are best known as an ingredient in Vengeful Vanilla Stilton.

Balack, Interim Guide

From MHKitchen, a walkthrough of current journals leading to Balack's Cove:

Tess Ofner    May 18 at 4:29am 
Hello MH Kitcheners,

Well… AN EXCITING DAY IN MH!! Balack is back! Confused? Me too! lol

I’ve tried to set this out in as simple to follow format as possible. If you’re still confused, let me know ;)
A BIG thank you to Lindie for much (if not all) of this info!

Travel to the Jungle of Dread. Arm your best shadow trap setup (Clock/Magma works well) with Gouda or SB and catch Pigmy Swarm mice. They will drop Vanilla Beans as loot (not every mouse drops the loot).

Craft Vanilla Stilton. Thanks to Candice Lim for the recipes ;)
Recipe 1 ~ Makes 15 pieces ~
15 x Vanilla Beans
15 x Salt
15 x Curds and Whey
15 x Coconut Milk
This recipe is NOT confirmed as there is no way I’m crafting this when recipe 2 is available (anyone that is not using SB is welcome to confirm it for me).
Recipe 2 ~ Makes 15 pieces ~
1 x Vanilla Bean
15 x Magic Essence
15 x Salt
15 x Curds and Whey
15 x Coconut Milk

Travel to Cape Clawed and purchase 1 x Ancient Lantern (cost is 94,000 gold and refunds for the same).

Travel to Dracano. Arm your Ice Maiden with Inferno Havarti and collect 3 Dragon Embers from the mice there.

Craft the map required to get to Balack’s Cove.
1 x Ancient Lantern
3 x Dragon Embers

Travel to Balack’s Cove. The mice here are ‘Forgotten mice’ so you need to arm your ACRO with Vanilla Stilton to catch each of the Isle’s Lich mice. Each of them drop different loot required to craft the cheese you’ll need to attract and catch Balack.
Derr Lich drop ‘Bottled-Up Rage’
Nerg Lich drop ‘Raisins of Wrath’
Elub Lich drop ‘not sure yet, will let you know in the next update’
There are also a bunch of other new mice that you’ll catch in-between Lichs :D

With these Lich items, plus a little Coconut Milk, Ionized Salt, Curds, a single Vanilla Bean and an optional dash of Magic Essence, you will have to craft a new 'vengeful' cheese to attract and catch Balack.

I don’t know the recipe or what trap to use at this stage so please don't ask lol. It also appears from Dave’s post that Balack’s Cove will be a little like the FG/AR - “Balack's Cove is a unique environment with unpredictable tides that keep the dark caverns constantly soaked, and that can easily wash unsuspecting Hunters out to sea.” but again, I'm not sure if this is the case. I will send out a new update specifically on Balack’s Cove a little later on when I know more. Until then… have fun!

Tess :)

Cheese Recipe - Limelight Cheese


This recipe makes 3 pieces of Limelight Cheese
30 x Curds and Whey
3 x Radioactive Sludge
3 x Living Shard

When rare Living Shards are combined with Radioactive Sludge and a dash of Curds and Whey, they form this cheese, which boasts a mineral flavor with a hint of lime. The shards vibrate within the curd, making high-pitched noises difficult for the human ear to hear. This subtle vibration sends tremors through the ground, which attract the mice living under the soil in Digby.

Finally! A use for all the Radioactive Sludge that has been lying around after baiting with the Radioactive Blue Cheese. Hunters everywhere seem pleased to be able to finally have a recycleable use for this - which ended with a slightly more hmmf! note. That's because even more Sludge needs to be farmed now.. :)

Currently, Limelight is the only cheese to attract the Big Bad Burroughs.
(and you may need lots of it)

Crafting Item - Living Shard

The 2010 Birthday event dug up (sorry, bad pun) a whole new society of mice in the Town of Digby. Some event dropped this strange piece of shiny gem. If you need more Living Shards in a hurry, you can buy them at Digby's General Store.

ITEM: Living Shard
LOCATION: Town of Digby General Store, Loot by mice in Digby
COST: 1,200 gold, refunds for same

Even in a mineral-rich town like Digby, Living Shards are quite rare, and because they take a lot of time and effort to harvest, Digby's General Store places their price at a premium. Digby tradition states that Dr. F. Romage once found a large deposit of the crystals, which he used in his experiments, and some of the crazier stories even claim that he used the living shards to bring the Monster mice to life. . . perhaps with a little luck a hunter may find some of these shards by hunting Monster mice in the Laboratory.
 Currently an ingredient for the LimeLight Cheese.

Silth Mouse

Arrgh! The Silth Mouse is really hard to catch.

The Silth Mouse dropped the Chrome Nanite Coating during the Mousehunt birthday event. Now it's a matter of pride (and trying to complete the full mouse list) to get hold of this mouse.

I've not caught mine yet, but do drop a comment on how many Wicked Gnarly Cheese pieces you used to finally catch one.

Successful hunters swear by the ASG and the Kraken for catching them.

This elusive mouse makes his home in the damp subterranean rivers of the underpass, hiding in rocky crags. Its bat-like squeak and the splash of its feet can often be heard in caverns, but when hunters approach, it dives into the water and swims away faster than a Burroughs trout. Because it has spent so much time in seclusion, these guardians of the underpass have unusual taste--anyone aiming to catch it should note that only the gnarliest cheese will tempt it out of hiding.

Curious Chemist Mouse

We've finally found the little science geek! And it's at the Great Gnarled Tree.

The Curious Chemist Mouse is only attracted to Gnarled Cheese. I think it eats a nibble and uses the rest to prepare the Wicked Gnarly Cheese Curd Potion. You'd need to catch more than a dozen of this, to craft the Wicked Gnarled Cheese.

The mouse appeared pretty late in the game so most of us already have lethal and lucky physical traps like the chrome drillbot. If you're currently Master/Grandmaster, do drop a comment here on which trap worked for you.

This resident of the Great Gnarled Tree loves to combine different compounds that it finds in nature with cheeses that it pilfers from traps. An avid amateur chemist, it mixes up some seriously strange potions- things that turn fur purple, and make ears grow to ten times their size. No one knows what the Chemist's latest potion does, or why it is suddenly seeking large amounts of Gnarled Cheese and SUPER|brie+, but one thing is for sure: the results are going to be Extremely Gnarly.

Wicked Gnarly Cheese

Wicked Gnarly Cheese

To get this currently, you have to hunt down the Chemist Mouse (GGT) and pick up the Wicked Gnarly Cheese potion. Imbue a few sb+ or brie and you'd begin to get a load of these.

Go to the lagoon for the Silth Mouse.

Formed by a gnarly magical process which transforms it from a relatively normal lump of dairy products into a dried-up ball of roots, this cheese is so twisted and covered with strange wood-grain patterns that it's hard to tell that it's cheese at all. Extremely Gnarly Cheese has got a much sharper scent than its counterpart, Gnarled Cheese, and a flavor that combines the zing of sandalwood and the sweetness of maple, which makes it like candy to some denizens of the Lagoon.

Wicked Gnarly Cheese Curd Potion

The Wicked Gnarly Cheese Curd Potion is dropped by the Curious Chemist Mouse. Go hunting at the Great Gnarled Tree.

The Wicked Gnarly Cheese formed is a favorite of the Silth Mouse.

Master and above:
200/pc One potion converts 6 Super Brie to 6 Wicked Gnarly Cheese.
800/pc One potion converts 3 Brie to 3 Wicked Gnarly Cheese.

Yup, you saw it right - one size fits all.. :(

Trap Recipe - Onyx Mallet

Onyx Mallet Trap

1 x Onyx mallet blueprints
10 x Tiny Platinum Bars
12 x Onyx stones

3800 power
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 6
Cheese Effect: Stale

The Onyx Mallet Trap represents the latest and greatest achievement in pulverizing technology. Unequaled in the making of such items as puree of mouse, mouse tartar and, the ever popular Mouse Paste, the Onyx Mallet is quickly becoming a favorite among those discerning individuals who insist on receiving their mice flat. Simply place the cheese below the mallet, set the arm to the ready position, and listen for the splat.

Note: This is a PERMANENT ADDITION to the game, even though it was released during the Birthday II Party event.

Crafting Item - Onyx Mallet Blueprints

ITEM: Onyx Mallet Blueprints
LOCATION: Dropped by the Dojo Sensei Mouse at the Pinnacle Chamber, Furoma.
A very crude trap design consisting of an extremely heavy mallet made of 12 Onyx Stones. The tremendous weight is held up by platinum supports made from 10 Tiny Platinum Bars.

Crafting Item - Tiny Platinum Bar

ITEM: Tiny Platinum Bar
LOCATION: Training Grounds
COST: 60,000 gold, refunds for same

A solid bar of platinum. This looks expensive!

Currently an ingredient in the Onxy Mallet Trap.

Crafting Item - Time Out Upgrade

ITEM: Time Out Upgrade
LOCATION: Dropped by the Dojo Sensei Mouse during the Birthday II Month Event. It's not yet known how the Nanny Bot can be upgraded at this time.

This gold-plated clock, when hung around the Nannybot's neck, interacts with the nuclear no-nonsense engine, amplifying the Nannybot's power to thwart shenanigans threefold. The clock also boosts the Nannybot's Time Out engine to a much higher grade of performance, allowing it to make sure that mice stay frozen. With the Time Out clock on your side, the Nannybot will achieve peak performance, punishing naughtiness left and right!

Dojo Sensei Mouse

Dojo Sensei Mouse

I suppose all old grandfathers sleep through bombing raids, the shoutings of students and masters training and fighting, the snaps of tactical traps going off, but wake up to the cries of their Terrible Twos offspring.. :)

Introduced during the MH Birthday II, these are the Masters of the Masters. And are partial to OMG Cheese. The Catch Contest during the birthday month reveals the catch statistics of 1 Sensei Mouse to 6-9 OMG Cheeses.

Rarely seen, these old and wise mice instruct the Dojo Masters from the shadows, not wanting their presence to be known to MouseHunters. Hunting these mice is not for the faint of heart -- Their swift attacks can leave the courage of even the most steadfast hunter extremely crippled. Brave hunters who take on the challenge of catching a Dojo Sensei and succeed are held in the highest regard as a hunter that has conquered the forces of the Furoma region.

The Sensei mouse drops the following loot:
1 Time Out Upgrade (I believe this is a Limited Edition)
1 Onyx Mallet Blueprints (MH Devs say this is a permanent addition)

Cheese Recipe - Onyx Gorgonzola (OMG)


Or OMG (which is actually short for Onyx Marble Gorzonzola). Currently the only cheese the fussy ole Dojo Sensei Mouse eats.

Load this on your favorite Tactical Trap (I'd used HVMT/Magma) and well, hang on.

This recipe makes ~ 3 pieces ~
1 x Onyx Stone
6 x Ionized Salt
60 x Curds and Whey
Crafted from Onyx Stones found only on the Master of the Dojo, Onyx Cheese is made from an odd combination of gorgonzola and Onyx stone. Although most mice wouldn't normally care for a slice of gorgonzola intercut with onyx veins, Onyx Cheese is crafted especially to appeal to a very specific set of tastes. But who could desire this strange flavor combo? Someone as old as the rocks themselves, of course, a master of concealment. . . the Dojo Sensei.

Unstable Curd Recipe


Be careful with this one, folks - this is NOT the recipe for OMG - one missed click and you'd be down of one Onyx. Of course, if your thing is gambling (sorry, I meant recreational mathematics), then go ahead and make a whole bunch of Unstable Curd to poke. Read in the forum somewhere that the average yield is 1 Onyx to 2.7 OMGs. You'd still be gaining on all the rest of cheeses you see listed below.

This recipe makes ~ 1 piece ~
1 x Onyx Stone
1 x Ionized Salt
1 x Curds and Whey
The combination of Ionized Salt, Onyx and Curds and Whey has made this extremely volatile lump of supersaturated curd. The slightest poke will cause the curd to stabilize into a random form of cheese.
You poke your Unstable Curd...
...and receive xxx xxx Cheese!

Poked cheese returns, so far:
Ancient 10, 12 pieces
Brie 30
Combat 7
Glutter 7
Gouda 20
Moon 10
Onyx Gorgonzola (OMG) 8, 10, 12 pieces
Radioactive Blue 20
Rumble 5
Runic 5
Susheese 7
Swiss 60

Mousehunt Birthday II

Happy 2nd Birthday to Mousehunt!

A simple event to celebrate the Terrible Twos. It's not too difficult, most get by with lucky traps with high attraction, brie and lots of patience.

Interestingly, luck does not favor the SB+ user.

Briefly, the event is as follows, thus far:

Nannybot Trap

Nanny Bot Trap
A ditty little mech trap specifically designed to catch those darn Terrible Twos Mice. It's also the first of the Parental type traps.

The only way to craft this is to grab loot from certain mice at Gnawnia, then click on the event link:
The devs have done the crafting this way since the trap is a Limited Edition.

You'd need to collect the Pincher, Nanny bolts and Timeout Hour Glass (see image below).

Nannybot  ( 525 power )
Power Type: Parental
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Straighten up and mind your manners: the Nannybot is on duty! She has camera 'eyes' in the back of her head, four extra claw arms that allow her to be absolutely everywhere at once, and the Time Out Engine, a device that will catch and hold mice frozen in time until the hunter is ready to deal with them. Some mice 'borrowed' this model from Digby scientists as a prototype, so it lacks all the features of a factory model. Maybe with a few supplies, you could fix it up. . .

Terrible Twos Mouse

Terrible Twos Mouse

Cute li'l terror, isn't he?

Use the Nannybot Trap to catch. Choose your luckiest base. Brie. SB+ if you're feeling rich.

Currently found in the Meadows, but expected to run and hide in the Training Grounds. Who can blame it, with so many hunters camping around the place looking out for it.

Now drops the Chocolate Birthday Cake Base.

If children are the future, then this little mouse is about to bring about the apocalypse. At the tender age of two, it's carving out a name for itself in the history books (not to mention chewing the pages more than a little) by eating, burning, scratching and destroying everything it can get its little paws on. How did something this small manage to single-handedly collapse a city block? No one is really sure, but let's hope it's just a phase.

Chocolate Birthday Cake Base

Chocolate Birthday Cake Base

Other than being an event item, it's probably more useful to a novice just breaking into the Mousehunt game.
But you just can't say No to Chocolate..

Chocolate Birthday Cake Base  ( 175 power )
Power Bonus: 8%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 1
Cheese Effect: No Effect
Three of Gnawnia's finest bakers collaborated to produce this amazing cake, which also doubles as a decorative base. With double chocolate icing, three layers of triple chocolate cake, and an astounding, super rich filling of the as-yet-untasted quadruple chocolate fudge delight, this may well be the most chocolate-y base ever! This cake is tasty and filling for hunters, but if a mouse takes more than a few bites, it will lapse into a sugary coma.

Present Mouse

Present Mouse

This special event mouse has returned for the Mousehunt Birthday II party. He drops the Timeout Hour Glass this time around.

First sighting during the Festive Comet event.

Mousehunt Birthday II - The Walkthrough

Happy Mousehunt Birthday II !

Wow, some hunters are really adept! Read on for the Terrible Twos Birthday Walkthrough, showing what you need to do and how to build the Nannybot.

Posted by Trevor Hastings on the Mousehunt forums.
Town of Gnawnia:

Cheese: Brie or SuperBrie. Gingerbread, Rockforth, and Gouda will all basically act as Brie. Rockstar mice here are attracted to both Brie & SuperBrie.

--Bionic Mouse--
--Birthday Mouse-- Loot: 1 Nanny Bolts
--Brown Mouse--
--Burglar Mouse--
--Dwarf Mouse--
--Gold Mouse--
--Granite Mouse--
--Grey Mouse--
--Rockstar Mouse-- Loot: 1 Intimidating Pincher
--Pirate Mouse--
--Present Mouse-- Loot: 1 Timeout Hour Glass
--Steel Mouse--
--White Mouse--
--Zombie Mouse--


1 Nanny Bolts + 1 Intimidating Pincher + 1 Timeout Hour Glass = 1 Nannybot
via the hotlink at the top of the page, which is put here:

Thumbnail image of this in your inventory:

Full image of the NannyBot:


Trap Type: Parental
Trap Power: 525
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: No Effect


Terrible Two's Mouse , Power Type: Parental
**As of this post there have been 5 Catches**


Estimated Power Effectiveness Chart for the Parental Type:

•Non Parental traps are 0% effectiveness against Parental Mice
•Parental traps are 200% effective against Parental Mice
•Parental traps are 100% effective against Physical Mice
•Parental traps are 100% effective against Tactical Mice
•Parental traps are ?% effective against Shadow, Hydro, Tribal versions, Forgotten, and both Arcane Types

Terrible Two's Mouse lies in between Mutated Grey (~325 Power) and Christmas Tree Mouse (~590 Power). Assuming the mouse has 450 power, and the 200% modifier is correct, then the NannyBot has (525*1.05)*2 = 1102.5 power, so luck aside the catch rate is

~ (1103/(1103+450) ~ 71%. That's not including the additional power from a base, or factoring in luck from the trap, base, or shield. What you should take from this is that's the lowest catch rate you should see with the NannyBot.

For a comparison, if you were to use the Magma Base, we have (525+300)(1.13)*2 = 1864.5 power, and using the same equation that gives us an ~81% catch rate, once again, not factoring in luck.

Thumbnail of Terrible Two's Mouse: None available, but no need - just look at the banner at the top of the page. Looks exactly like that, a box around the head, cutting off the ears.

Full Picture of Terrible Two's Mouse:

Things needed:

--Continuing track of the Terrible Two's Mouse as it moves to new locations, if it does so.
--NannyBot Effectiveness against Non-Parental, Non-Physical mice.
--Word on the Harpy and Samurai Mouse, since they are dressed up (In Gnawnia?)
--General Data Submissions for NannyBot users.

Red Envelope Mouse - HotT Party

The Red Envelope Mouse

Used the Snob/Dehy/sb+

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Tiger Heart Chest, Satchel of Gold worth 222 gold, Satchel of Gold worth 888 gold.

There is a tradition among the mice who participate in the Lunar New Year celebrations. Some mice exchange red envelopes with each other, filled with gold that they have looted from poor, unsuspecting hunters. Red boxes, red envelopes? Coincidence? We think not.

Romeno Mouse - HotT Party

The Romeno (pronounced Ro-me-NO!) mouse is all er.. a glitter during this valentine's party bash.

Too easy to catch, he usually drops 2-3 pieces of Cheddar, Marble and Swiss Cheese per set. And once in a while, the DHU- too.
No points and only 300+ gold.
Eh! How you doin'? You caught the Romeno Mouse, the Romeo Mouse's number-one wing man! He may have a bit of a spare tire on the old midsection, but that's just more Romeno for the lady mice to love, uh? Uh? You can catch him out on the dance floor every night at the Rodent Cabana, pulling all the latest disco moves like it's 1976. To all the lady mice that don't like his style, he says: C'maaaaaan. . . lemme be *your* hero sandwich, baby!

Romeo Mouse - HotT Party

The Romeo Mouse's the shine of the HotT Party.

Catches for about 998 points and 1200 gold. Usually also drops the DLU+ loot.

The lady mice love confidence, and the Romeo Mouse has got it in spades. He's also got a set of abs that he can form into various letters of the alphabet. Impressed yet? You know you are. Some might think that someone as attractive as the Romeo mouse might be unavailable, but they would be wrong. He's got plenty of time between posing for romance novel covers to meet a new lady friend.

Costumed Tiger Mouse - HotT Party

The Costumed Tiger Mouse hints of a new Trap, the Onyx Mallet. Maybe we'd see how to build it before the end of the Heart of the Tiger Party.

About 1500 points and 890 gold per catch. Known to drop the Tiger Mast too.

Usually, there are two mice who dance in this costume for the New Years parade, but this year the mouse that holds up the back end of the tiger costume was sick. So, its partner gets to have all the fun, dancing in the parade, eating all the candy, nearly getting squished by a multitude of Onyx Mallet traps set out by hunters. . . On second thought, maybe the sick mouse was the luckier partner after all.

Dumpling Chef Mouse - HotT Party

Yum yum.. The Dumpling Mouse is my current favorite catch.

Gives 2884 points and 3003 gold.

Keep those dim sums coming!

With hard work, commitment to using only the finest ingredients, and an impressive sense of balance, the Dumpling Chef Mouse makes its living cooking dumplings for the bewhiskered masses. It serves thousands of dumplings a day to hungry travelers, filled with seasoned grass, wheat seeds, and, plenty of cheese, of course. The most popular of its dumplings is the Furoma Firecracker, filled with cheddar, provolone, and an extra-spicy monterey jack!

Heart Of The Tiger Party!

Somehow you knew that the crater left behind by the Festive Comet was going to be the new happening place. The Heart of the Tiger Party is ON!

Hunters planning to sneak there for a romantic night gazing at the moon's reflection are now met with hordes of horning (if not horny) others gathering there for the Second Greatest Party of the Year!

Yup, the Lunar New Year is a great reason to have another great one. And no, that shooting star you see is probably a leftover from the regular New Year's fireworks.

But everyone's here to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and to enjoy a Valentine's evening together with everyone else. Definitely going to be a HotT Party place.

Hands to yourself, behave, and take a look at what's lined up so far.

  • Four new prize mice
  • Two returning mice
  • A few dressed up mice for the occasion
  • Gift Shoppe's open
  • Seems to be a mask collection thingy going on (paper Dragon | Ox | Tiger)

Meeces to Pieces

Eagerly awaiting MH 3.0! You can read about the sneak peeks here.

The re-organization of the mice will be a good welcome. I can see why newer hunters would be totally lost with the mice at the Bristle Woods Locations.

Sure, you'd need at least a Shadow Trap to catch the Shadow Mice. But an Arcane Trap works better.

You'd also need the Arcane Trap (Acronym) to catch the Forgotten Mice (and of course, the shadow mice). But THAT Arcane Trap would be generally too weak for the Acolyte Mouse (Arcane), so you'd need the Ancient Box Trap (which is a Forgotten type Trap).

Of course everyone knows that you probably can't use the Acronym (Arcane) nor the Ancient Box Trap (Forgotten) on the Dragon Mouse because it's a Arcane type.. er..

So you'd need to build a Draconic Type Ice-Maiden Trap that seems to attract more of the Whelpings and the Wardens (which are Physical types) than the Dragons..

Yes, it'll be good if they discover the true heritage of those pesky mice..

Base Comparison for Tactical Traps

The Horrific Venus Mouse Trap wins the Tactical Power charts hands down, with which, you'd whip the Nerg Plains. So you'd want to upgrade your Thorned Venus Mouse Trap as soon as possible. If you're a seasoned hunter and already have the Ambush, then give the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap a miss.

Not much difference between the Giant Speaker and the Blastoff. But if you did manage to grab these limited editions from Ronza at end 2009, you might be able to forgo the Ambush due to the luck factor.

If you're only just starting out - you'd probably want to get the normal Venus Mouse Trap before the ZLM. The Mutated VMT might be more reachable too.

Nothing beats the Snow Barrage for luck. And with it primed up on the Explosive base, it's power is on par with a few trap combinations of the VMT.

Base Comparison for Physical Traps

A comparison table of bases for those of us who prefer graphical images.

I've drawn up a chart showing the effects of the power bonus with some traps. It's only showing the stronger physical traps but the message is clear - Tribal Rocks!

That is, if you need power to catch that pesky mouse, you'd be better off with a Tribal Base than a Magma. Of course, you'd also want to balance it off with other factors like luck and attraction.

For weaker traps, the power line flattens out. You would have to play more to the other qualities.

Do you want to see a comparison chart of the other Trap Power Types?

Farming Radioactive Sludge

Turning Radioactive Blue stale is not as difficult as you think.

Even when hunting at the Catacombs or the Mousoleum, you're bound to make a Radioactive Sludge or more.

Not enough Radioactive Sludges when it's time to make your Horrific VMT?
Simply choose your trap combination with the worst cheese effect available to you (like Acronym + Explosive Base).  Head on over to a fast and furious area where most/all the mice are not attracted to RB nor your trap type (Acronym/Arcane). This could be the Furoma areas or the Bristle Woods areas.

Remember to monitor it or you'd burn more RBs than you really want to - there's not much use for Sludges at this time, so no point farming more than what you need for making the traps.

Hope Mouse

Hope Mouse

A special charity mouse released by Hitgrab. There are about 200,000 of these now running around the place, and they are easy and meant to be caught.

For every Hope Mouse caught, Hitgrab will donate 5 cents towards the Mission of Hope in Haiti. So keep on sounding the horn!

Read more about it here and do your own part to help.

Thanks Jeannine Emmelot-Pruim for the mouse picture.

So far, this physical mouse has been caught in the following areas:
Harbour, Great Gnarled Tree, Laboratory,  Town of Digby, Training Grounds, Dojo, S.S. Huntington II, Cape Clawed..

Shout it out here if you find them in more places..

Festive Cleanup

Now that the Festive Comet's melted, you can see a small crater lake where it used to be.

I wonder if any Christmas Mice would eat the leftover Gingerbread Cheeses to mutate into huge Gingernomas mice :)

The new towns just south of that landing point are also coming along nicely. Maybe that would be something leading to a valentine's event?

In any case, I'll keep this the Mouse Hunt Map updated..

Also did up a number of much needed updates to this MH Guide. The Areas and Devices Menus at the top should have all the good stuff in place.

I shudder to think about updating all the mice and their profiles.. Gonna be a whole lot of posts coming up..

Have a great week ahead, folks!

King's Stockade

King's Stockade

This is not a place you'd wish to travel to. It's NOT EVEN ON the Map. There are no cheese shoppes there, no general store, do not pass Go, do not Collect $200..

Well, maybe you do still get some gold - I think you'd get trap checks.

But it's a very REAL place. This is the place you go when the MH Developers decide that you are due for a time-out. That's when you violate the Terms of Service, like using web bots/plugins/scripts to auto sound the Horn, or get verbally abusive, etc etc.

No clue about when you get out, if you do.

Basic message is - Don't get in there.

Hey, there's much to enjoy about the MouseHunt world and the fabulous friendly MH Community. Have fun and don't worry about this place.

Just know that it exists.

Trap Recipe - Ice Maiden

Ice Maiden  ( 5200 power )

Right now, it's the supreme trap on the mouse hunt world. And it's used to hunt the ultimate mouse - Dragon Mouse.

1 x Frozen Scroll - Loot from Mysterious Box (Acolyte mouse)
1 x High Tension Spring Parts (Smash High tension spring with crafting hammer)
60 x Runes - loot from Forbidden Grove mice

Power Type: Draconic
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Bound within the pillar of ice on the back of this trap is a rare enchantment. When the dragon breathes fire onto the trap, the ice temporarily melts, releasing a specially-designed dragon collar which snaps down onto the dragon's neck and freezes him in a thick coating of ice.

What's your favorite base that you use with this? I personally don't like the Magma because a failed attract will end with a stale cheese. I use the Tribal Base instead.

Crafting Item - Frozen Scroll

ITEM: Frozen Scroll
LOCATION: The Acolyte mouse in the Acolyte realm (use Runic to attract) - and you thought this gets easy..
COST: Ouch! and then Ouch somemore..
Locked within this scroll is a spell capable of freezing both items and mice instantly. Some Trapsmiths have combined this enchantment with a High Tension Spring and Runes (60) to create a frosty trap. Who knows what other uses the spell may have?

Crafting Item - High Tension Spring Parts

ITEM: High Tension Spring Parts
You get this by smashing the High Tension Spring Trap with your Hammer at the Crafting tab. Hopefully you didn't sell this off early for the minimal gold refund..
COST: Price of High Tension Spring Trap
DESCRIPTION: Various springs and barbs from a disassembled high tension spring.

Crafting Item - Fire Salt

ITEM: Fire Salt
LOCATION: Dropped by all mice in the Jungle of Dread but not always. Know that different Havarti attract different Mice here. Also sometimes dropped as a small consolation by the mice in Dracano.
COST: None
Famous around the Tribal Isles for giving a decent kick to many dishes as well as being used to make very strange and salty glass, this slightly molten sodium chloride is too hot to handle!

I've lost count of the times I've had to return to the Jungle to gather this critical ingredient for the Inferno Havarti. Grrr.

Runic Cheese Curd Potion

Runic Cheese was once the toughest cheese to stock up on. It made the Acolyte Realms a painful place to hunt in.

I'm so glad that the Runic Cheese Curd potion came about. These are now dropped by the mice in the Jungle of Dread.

1000/pc One potion converts 6 Super Brie to 6 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 3 Gouda to 3 Runic Cheese.

1000/pc One potion converts 7 Super Brie to 7 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 4 Gouda to 4 Runic Cheese.

1000/pc One potion converts 8 Super Brie to 8 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 4 Gouda to 4 Runic Cheese.

1000/pc One potion converts 8 Super Brie to 8 Runic Cheese.
2400/pc One potion converts 4 Gouda to 4 Runic Cheese.

So now you can concentrate on the next tough cheese, the Inferno Cheese.. :)

Snowglobe Trap

Snowglobe Trap (2350 power)

Meh. Given that the Chrome Drillbot was also available at Ronza's, I wonder why this trap even happened.

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 16
Cheese Effect: No Effect

It is a little-known fact that mice share humanity's obsession with the weather patterns of vinegar-filled miniature aquariums, which is, in part, why the Snowglobe trap is so successful. When a mouse comes near the snow globe to get a better look at the winter wonderland inside, the moving platform catapults it through the force field at the front of the globe, where it bonks its head on the the back wall. Once in the globe, it will freeze, becoming a natural part of the interior scenery.

2010 Blastoff Trap

2010 Blastoff Trap  ( 2600 power )

Happy New Year! This would be a good tactical filler for newer players until you reach the HVMT.

Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: Very Stale

It's time to welcome in the new year! Lying in wait behind this colorful pile of fireworks is a diligent little droid, waiting to make the first catch of 2010. When a mouse takes the bait, the droid pushes the plunger, and in a blinding flash of light and color the mouse sails up into the stratosphere, tied to a colossal rocket by the rope around his foot. The mouse can use the banner as a parachute, if he's smart, but that all depends on whether or not the banner catches fire during launch.

Candy Cane Base

Candy Cane Base  ( 300 power )

Another Limited Edition from Ronza's recent visit. Good on the luck factor, putting it on par with the Aqua Base and is much fresher.

Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: Fresh

Remember how special you felt as a little kid when you found an extra piece of candy on the floor, just for you? Well, now you can replicate that feeling with the Candy Cane Base. Of course, the makers of the base do not recommend it for human consumption. Mice are bound to try licking it, and it gets awfully sticky after a few uses.

Firecracker Base

Firecracker Base  ( 300 power )

Limited Edition trap from Ronza's Christmas/New Year's visit. No big deal if you missed it.

Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Stale

Firecrackers have suffered a recent bout of unpopularity lately in Gnawnia, after a rash of accidents convinced many members of the public that fireworks are unsafe. Luckily, the appeal of these high-quality fireworks is rapidly erasing the stigma caused by all the accidents. . . by encouraging people to cause more accidents. Only this time, the accidents will be happening to mice-- hopefully.