SUPER|brie+ Cheese

SUPER Brie+ (SB+ for short) is the creme ala creme of the normal kind of cheese available in the mousehunt game. It used to yield a 99% attraction rate and never go stale. Now it's been tweaked to only have it's best effect on Physical-Type Mice and more often goes stale. This now gives even more possibilities for the game world to be expanded further. How to get SUPER Brie?
  1. Make a Donation to the MouseHunt Application [most direct]
  2. Complete a Offerpal signup from MH App [sometimes fails]
  3. Join one of the many contests on the MH Forum [most fun]
  4. Get a Mentor (Join AN/AM or another support group) [great for beginners]
  5. Catch a Prize Mouse (seasonal) [and join in the griping/boasting on the forums]
  6. Some Non-Prize Mice may also drop some (e.g. Black Widow, Burglar, Monster ) [don't hold your breath for them]
  7. Use the Search Bar on the MouseHunt Toolbar (note: not the MHG Toolbar) [new, currently max 3 per day]
The SUPER Brie Cheese can be hammered down into the Magic Essence. It can also turn into Stale SB+ when left uneaten too long on traps.

Cheese Recipe - Ancient Cheese

ANCIENT CHEESE: Recipe #1 : This recipe makes 3 pieces of Ancient Cheese 3 x Stale Cheese 6 x Ionized Salt Total cost per piece: Varied dependent on what your cheese you used to make stale cheese, but at a minimum 910pp - wow expensive stuff! Cheese effect: These tender morsels spark with electric energy that bind together dust-like particles of stale cheese. Ancient cheese expels a strong stale scent and is extremely volatile. Recipe #2: This recipe makes 6 pieces of Ancient Cheese 3 x Magic Essence 3 x Stale Cheese 6 x Ionized Salt

A Goblet of Mead

No, no, not another new crafting item in the ever growing world of Mousehunt.. Just needed a good drink after all the new stuff that has been appearing over the past week. Who knows? This might become an important ingredient someday to catch a Tavern Mouse... [sips] Are you feeling lost already? Lemme know what else I can write about, to make it a little easier for you. [slurps] The ACRoNYM is nice, rounding out the Arcane suite of Traps. You should aim towards building one for yourself - like a badge of honor thing.. :) [chugs] I think the biggest change in the game is that you no longer lose your Stales. Cheese that have been left too long on traps and turn stale, now have a place in your Crafting belt. Well, 3 types of stale cheese for now (normal stale cheese, stale SB and Radioactive Sludge). We're promised of new features with these soon - I can't wait already... [swallows] But you know, this effectively changes the game dynamics of the Trap+Boards a fair bit. The Cheese effect on boards now plays a much lower role now, since you don't really "waste" your cheese as much now. As a new player, I'd bravely continue using the Explosive Base for the added power and bonus until I get better traps. As a senior hunter, I might just crack out the Target board again for the added Attraction. [empties] Well, food for thought and good night for now..

Crafting Guide

The Mouse Hunt Crafting Guide tells you everything you need to know about the exciting new game play in MouseHunt. Crafting was introduced in MouseHunt Version 2. And since then, the eager developers have been adding and building up the lands of Gnawnia with a rich and growing set of features. It's even getting to be a challenge to keep the Crafting Guide up-to-date! And I can't bear to remove all the fabulous posted comments that had made this mousehunt guide building journey a fun one. So this guide will be a series of the latest and most relevant links instead. New players, start at Crafting 101. Trap Recipes. Cheese Recipes. All the Crafting Items that have appeared in the game so far. The handy Hunter's Hammer. Everyone's favorite tool for breaking down things into bits and pieces. Use with care...

Trap Recipe - ACRoNYM

This recipe makes 1 x Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery Trap (the ACRoNYM)
12 x Scrap Metal
1 x Onyx Stone
3 x Magic Essence (obtained by using your hammer on a piece of SB+ or a piece of Maki cheese)
1 x Obelisk Parts (obtained by using your hammer on your Oblisk of Slumber or Oblisk of Incineration trap - you must first rearm with another trap before attempting to smash your current one)
1 x Mysterious Blueprints
3800 Power
Power Type: Arcane
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 18
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale

This highly unstable trap setup is held in a constant state of metamorphosis by the unpredictable power of the Onyx stone. This trap almost appears alive, growing metal roots into whatever base to which it is attached.
This trap's methods of capture are infinitely random. It can use its jagged metallic roots to impale mice, expel a thick and dark vapor that turns mice into stone, or bend space and time to erase the mouse from existence.
Scientists of Digby warn hunters that the power of the Onyx stone is incredibly dangerous and fear that using this trap could lead to the end of the world.

mhabbr : acro, acronym

Cheese Recipe - Moon Cheese

MOON CHEESE: This recipe makes 1 piece of Moon Cheese 3 x Curds and Whey 2 x Magic Essence 1 x Meteorite Piece Total cost per piece: Varied dependent on what your SB+ cost you. Cheese effect: One of the inventions the scientists of Digby are most interested in is space probe technology capable of fragmenting a small portion of the moon's surface to harvest small quantities of lunar cheese. Unfortunately the cost of launching the probes paired with their ability to only harvest a small quantity at a time means collecting this cheese is extremely expensive. Researching this cheese has proved quite dangerous during experiments in the Mousoleum as scientists seem to frequently become victims of Lycan attacks. Jester: Yes, folks, Moon Cheese can now be crafted. Read about the Moon Cheese history here.

Crafting Item - Bead of Slumber

ITEM: Bead of Slumber LOCATION: Catacombs General Store COST: 2,000 gold - refunds for 2,000 DESCRIPTION: The tiring effects of this tiny magical bead can be combined with Obelisk Parts make the Obelisk of Slumber trap. King's Warning: Staring directly into a bead may cause drowsiness; Do not operate heavy machinery.

Crafting Item - Mysterious Blueprints

ITEM: Mysterious Blueprints LOCATION: Catacombs General Store COST: 632,700 gold - refunds for 632,700 DESCRIPTION: These blueprints outline how to harness the power of the Onyx stone into an arcane obelisk of incredible power. This unstable rod uses magic essence to bring to life a dozen scraps of metal, forming roots that attach itself to any base. Take caution when choosing to construct this trap. Some fear that the power of the Onyx stone is too great to be meddled with! The scientists of Digby are on a personal mission to burn these blueprints in an effort to protect humanity. See the ACRoNYM.

Crafting Item - Meteorite Piece

ITEM: Meteorite Piece LOCATION: Dropped by Granite mice in Digby COST: None DESCRIPTION: These small pieces of cheese-like rock are rumoured to be small fragments of the moon.

Crafting Item - Stale SUPER|brie+

ITEM: Stale SUPER|brie+ LOCATION: Any location where you use SB COST: Whatever the cost of your SB The sight of this item often draws a tear or two from even the most steadfast MouseHunter. The magic of this item seems to be empowered by its almost paradoxical existence.
Any cheese that is crafted from Super Brie or the Magic Essence can be turned into Stale Super Brie. This includes the Moon Cheese, Runic Cheese and the Maki.
To make a lot of Stale Super Brie (but why!!??), learn how to farm stale SB+.

Crafting Item - Radioactive Sludge

ITEM: Radioactive Sludge LOCATION: Any location where Radioactive Blue goes stale COST: Whatever the cost of your RB DESCRIPTION: This toxic waste is the result of radioactive blue cheese turning stale.

Abbreviations in MouseHunt

Where the number of fans grow in any game, favorite nicknames and abbreviations are sure to develop. So that newer players are never left behind, this post attempts to list all the affectionate terms that have developed over the months. Drop me a comment here if I've missed any. (I'll add it with thanks, but please don't be offended if I remove the actual comment) Amb - Ambrosial Portal Ambush - Ambush Trap Arctic Pack - Snow Barrage plus Polar Base BG - Bottomless Grave Cat - Catacombs C&W - Curds and Whey DDB - Digby Drillbot DB - Deathbot Dehy - Dehydration Base Exp - Explosive Base FF - NVRMC Force Field Trap Mojo - Master of the Dojo Mos/Moz - Mousoleum OoI - Obelisk of Incineration OoS - Obelisk of Slumber RB - Radioactive Blue Cheese SB+ - Super Brie+ Snob - Snow Barrage Trap Swiss - Swiss Army Trap / Swiss Cheese Sin - Sinister Portal Tar/Tgt - Wooden Base with Target Treb - Mouse Trebuchet ZLM - Zugzwang's Last Move Others: When describing the trap combination that you used to catch that elusive mouse, we normally use the form: trap/base/cheese. e.g. Snob/Polar/Swiss for Snow Barrage on Polar Base with Swiss Cheese If you have been alternating between items, just use a "+" to indicate that. e.g. Ambush/Polar+Dehy/Swiss+Brie

Crafting Item - Stale Cheese

ITEM: Stale Cheese LOCATION: Anywhere COST: When a piece of cheese goes stale - it will be added to your inventory (only available at apprentice level and above) DESCRIPTION: Dried up morsels of cheese are often the result of traps made with harmful chemicals.
Currently it is the ingredient for the Ancient Cheese, which are highly favored by the mice at Bristle Woods. You might have to take aside some time to farm Stale Cheese.
Follow the link to get a tip on Farming Stale Cheese

Catacomb Update

Phew.. posted most of the new stuff currently available with the release of the Catacombs. I've also updated the Recipe links on the MousehuntGuide Toolbar. Thanks to all of you that have left comments on various posts nudging me along with the new things. Managed to find whatever I needed on various threads and support grounds. I'm now desperately eager to craft my own Ooi! I noticed that blogspot sometimes doesn't load the images on older posts. I've visited other blogs to find the same thing, so I think it's not something I'm doing wrong here. Do you also experience this where you are? Enjoy!

Cheese Recipe - Maki

MAKI: This recipe makes 3 pieces of Maki 3 x Magic Essence 3 x Curds and Whey 1 x Nori Total cost per piece: Varied dependent on what your SB+ cost you. Cheese effect: This carefully prepared bait seems to radiate a magical sparkle that Furoma student mice are almost unable to resist.

Trap Recipe - Obelisk of Incineration

This recipe makes 1 x Obelisk of Incineration Trap
1 x Obelisk of Incineration blueprints
1 x Coal
2 x Scrap Metal
3 x Splintered Wood
1 x Obelisk Parts

2150 power
Power Type: Arcane
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 1
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale

This magical obelisk fuses super concentrated carbon material with supernatural heat forces to produce an unmeasurably hot flame. The resulting thermal explosion quickly seeks out the nearest object with somewhat limited accuracy. A Nose peg is suggested when using this hunting gear.
mhabbr : ooi

Crafting Item - Magic Essence

ITEM: Magic Essence LOCATION: Anywhere, anytime (You need to use the Hunter's Hammer to bash your SB+ COST: Varied - depending on what your SB+ costs you. DESCRIPTION: This substance is what gives SUPER|brie+ its magical properties. It can be used in a variety of recipes for unique results. Your SB+ can be re-crafted using 1 x Curds Whey 1 x Salt 1 x Magic Essence

Crafting Item - Obelisk Parts

ITEM: Obelisk Parts LOCATION: Use your Hunter's Hammer on your Obelisk of Slumber Trap (buy at Catacombs General Store for 316,350 gold) or your Obelisk of Incineration COST: 316,350 (wave goodbye to your OoS/OoI) DESCRIPTION: Obelisk Parts [If you did an Oops and wish to rebuild your OoS, it is now possible to craft it back.]

Crafting Item - Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints

ITEM: Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints LOCATION: Catacombs (Burroughs) General Store COST: 45,079 gold - refunds for 45,079 DESCRIPTION: These blueprints detail how to construct a fiery trap that deals arcane damage. Obelisk parts and 2 scraps of metal form a staff that draws power from a single piece of coal. Splintered wood set alight starts the flow of energy from the coal.

Hunter's Hammer

The King has decreed that all hunters be equipped with the Hunter's Hammer. From the game:
This handy utility-hammer can be used to either carefully dismantle items or simply smash them into parts.
Your Hammer now automatically appears under your Crafting menu in the MouseHunt Game. The Hunter's Hammer now smashes the following items Super Brie+ >> Magic Essence The Obelisk of Slumber >> Obelisk Parts The Obelisk of Incineration >> Obelisk Parts Maki >> Magic Essence Mouse Deathbot >> Deathbot Parts Currently, it is usable on Super Brie+ and the Obelisk of Slumber. But don't smash them up yet! I'll write more about them later..

Cupid Mouse

Lots of love in the air for this Valentine's period.. Not quite the kind you're looking for, but I guess you can settle for the Cupid Mouse. Currently not available as a plush toy. Reports are coming in that they are seen all about the lands, responding to various types of traps and cheese.. So I'm not sure how you can definitely catch one or a couple before the season's over.. Maybe you'd just have to wear your heart on the sleeve..

Catacombs and the Price of Super Brie+

Strange that for the past half day, my Oos/Polar/Radioactive Blue had failed to even attract any mice. We must have blitzed the mice out of the Catacombs for this period.. Anyway, I've retreated/tactically moved myself back to the Lab to reload on the Good Potions (or the Greater Potions). I think the Corrupted Potions are fine as a gap filler, but probably I'd won't use it unless really in a pinch. But this sets me thinking. Even before the Catacombs, the price of Super Brie+ has been in the high 800 - 1000 gpp. Now with the new Forgotten mice; with the lowest bounty being the Spider-Mouse (~3500g) and the highest being the Ooze-Mouse (~5500g), it looks like the trading price of SB+ will never drop again. The catch rate of all these mice are rather decent, especially with the strongest arcane combination above. In terms of returns, I've made back the cost of the Slumber within a week in the Catacombs. That's WITH all the red boxes. Putting it in another way, you could own a Bottomless Grave in slightly over two weeks. This means that Legendaries and above are typically going to control the (high) price of SB+. This also means that the MH Support Groups out there who are trying to manage the SuperBrie price for the newer players are going to have their hands really full.. Do share your comments here. For those that are lost in the relationship - it's currently more cost-effective to imbue SB+ into Radioactive Blue with the potions. Using potions to convert normal brie is alright, but it also incurs a cost per piece. SB+ also gives a fabulous boost to the attract (?) rate of many kinds of mice. Of course, you could just make a donation and get Super Brie directly.

Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion

I'm thinking that the only benefit of this is that one can convert Radioactive Blue without leaving the Catacombs.

309/pc One potion converts 30 Super Brie to 30 Radioactive Blue.
613/pc One potion converts 10 Brie to 10 Radioactive Blue.

309/pc One potion converts 33 Super Brie to 33 Radioactive Blue.
613/pc One potion converts 11 Brie to 11 Radioactive Blue.

309/pc One potion converts 36 Super Brie to 36 Radioactive Blue.
613/pc One potion converts 12 Brie to 12 Radioactive Blue.

309/pc One potion converts 39 Super Brie to 39 Radioactive Blue.
613/pc One potion converts 13 Brie to 13 Radioactive Blue.

309/pc One potion converts 42 Super Brie to 42 Radioactive Blue.
613/pc One potion converts 14 Brie to 14 Radioactive Blue.

Keeper Mouse

The Keeper Mouse from the Catacombs.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 5 oz. Keeper mouse from the Catacombs worth 3,946 points and 3,905 gold. If you hit him just right, he may drop the Keeper's Candle without it breaking to pieces. You'd need this to guide your way to the Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realms..

Spider Mouse

The Spider Mouse from the Catacombs.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 3 oz. Spider mouse from the Catacombs worth 5,198 points and 3,378 gold.
I wonder if this is the cheapest new mouse.. But it's still a nice sum of gold..

Golem Mouse

The Golem Mouse. Catacombs. Big. Green. Angry.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 12 oz. Golem mouse from the Catacombs worth 7,909 points and 4,512 gold. My weapon was very effective against this mouse.
Used the Slum.

Ooze Mouse

The Ooze Mouse, another of the Forgotten Mice found in the Catacombs. I wonder if you need anti-biotics after catching one..
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 4 oz. Ooze mouse from the Catacombs worth 5,497 points and 5,404 gold.

Crafting Item - Scrap Metal

ITEM: Scrap Metal LOCATION: Dropped by the Scavenger Mouse in Catacombs COST: None DESCRIPTION: These jagged shards of scrap metal resemble the result of a steel mouse versus a drillbot. Ingredient for the Obelisk of Incineration Trap.

Scavenger Mouse

The Scavenger Mouse, one of the new Forgotten Mice found in the Catacombs. Nice things dropped.. And nice bounty..
I sounded the Hunter’s Horn. I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 10 oz. Scavenger mouse from the Catacombs worth 3,366 points and 5,210 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot: 1 scrap metal, 2 Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potions. My weapon was very effective against this mouse.

Obelisk of Slumber

Aside from the guy jokes about the Obelisk of Slumber, you gotta admit that it looks cool..

Our first Arcane Trap sold at the Catacombs. Sets you back about 300k in gold.

Seen here with my favorite Polar Base and Radioactive Blue

The verdict's still out if the nickname should be Slum, Obes, OoS, or pointy thingy..

Configuration seen here:
  • Total Power: 2,530
  • Power Bonus: 10%
  • Attraction Bonus: 10%
  • Total Luck: 4
  • Current Bait: 14 pieces of Radioactive Blue
  • Cheese Effect: Über Fresh
And of course there will be a bunch of us who are too keen on swinging that hunter's hammer around, and would probably regret busting their Slumber too early. Now there's a way to get it back:

1 x Oblisk Parts
1 x Bead of Slumber
Description: This trap is available for purchase in the Catacombs Trapsmith but if you accidently smash your trap with your crafting hammer only to realise that you don't as yet have all the ingredients needed to craft your Oblisk of Incineration, you can now re-craft the OoS :)
mhabbr : oos

The Catacombs

Just collected the Mousoleum Restoration Piece.. How could they have missed the big gaping hole in the ground? Currently 500g from the Bazaar. Down the stairs I go, into the Catacombs.. ...

Hello, Black Widow

Haven't seen her around for a while.. I've just caught another Black Widow, this time at the Dojo, using Ambush/Polar/Swiss Cheese.. Sweeeet!
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 6 oz. Black Widow mouse from the Dojo worth 475 points and 14 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot: 24 pieces of super brie cheese.

Coming With The Catacombs

Looks like we can expect a couple of new things coming for the Catacombs.. A new Arcane-type trap, stronger Shadow mice and Forgotten mice. If you have money to buy a Bottomless Grave, maybe you'd want to hold off a little while first. Let's see what opens up this Wed, when we get back our new maps.
Traps utilizing arcane damage come from sources shrouded in mystery. The strength of arcane damage increases proportionally against stronger shadow and forgotten mice, making the traps especially effective in the Catacombs.