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What happened with the Layout?

MouseHuntGuide readers, YOU ALL ARE FABULOUS !

We've clocked about 2.5 million pageviews in our lifetime, and you've broken our free template usage. :)

For now, we've switched to a default blogger one, but Hilary and I are planning a whole new website for you guys to call home. Yes, yes, real life does get in the way, but we're still avid hunters, even if we've stopped posting regularly.

We're still trying to figure how you all would like to read and find stuff, so please drop a comment to tell us if you liked the format (if you remembered how it looked before we were blasted down) or if you have any ideas of what kind of information we should be showing.

No ideas? Go ahead and drop a comment anyway, don't be shy. We don't bite.

Event: Zombie Invasion

With the second invasion of Zombies, it looks like weekend events are going to be a regular thing. Here's a quick guide to the Zombie Invasion gameplay.

Arm your luckiest Shadow or Arcane Trap combination. Arcane Blast on Magma base works well for me.

Farm Undead Emmental Potions (max 5) at the Mousoleum or Catacombs. You'd want the Zombie and the Ravenous Zombie mice. Radioactive Blue for bait, in case you forgot..

Next, brew the Undead Emmental Cheese from Brie or Super Brie with those potions. And you're set !

Zombots were introduced during the first Zombie Invasion.

Grave Robber mice popped up during the second invasion.

Tips to speed your way to Silver crowns
  • Lucky Shield
  • Antiskele Charms
  • Farm Potions at Mos, hunt Zombots | Grave Robbers at Cats

Final Note: there's a limiting factor built into the event. Once you hold 60 pieces UE Cheese or 5 UE potions, those zombies stop dropping potions. So plan your farming cycles !

Final FINAL Note: Of course, if you're already pleased with your current run and there's still time on the Event, you might want to re-stock your potions and cheese (5 max and 59 pieces) before clearing off the undead muck from your boots. That way, when the Zombie Invasion comes around again, you're all ready to GO!

Final REALLY FINAL Note: And if you're wondering what the codes are to show these two mice on your Favorite King's Crown panel, the Zombot is 284 while the Grave Robber is 337.

OK, I go now.

Show Your Favorite Crowns

Check out my Favorite King's Crowns on my MH Profile.
Isn't it fab to see the main mousehunt bosses?

Wait. They aren't crowned yet !
How did I get them there?
(aside: actually I saw it on Hilary's Profile first, and just had to do the same)

Ok, OK! Stop twisting my arm ! I'll tell you how..

First, go to your own Mousehunt Profile. That's by clicking in the huge MH crest.
Now select the King's Crown tab. Hover your mouse over any one of the mice that you have already crowned. Right-click, then select "Copy Link Location" (Chrome) or "Copy Link Address" (Firefox)..

You need to do this for the "&uh=" code, which is the unique code for your account.

Then go to the browser address line, remove the URL line there. Right-click and Paste.
You should see a line like below appear. (fake &uh here, but you get the idea)

See the "&addToTop=" portion above? The number 217 is for the White Mouse.

To get the same crown display as mine, you need to replace the number 217 with the numbers below. One entry at a time. That is, Hit Enter to place the MHMouse, return to the browser line, paste again, replace 217. Rinse, repeat.

The numbers you want are : 2, 10, 278, 54, 56, 61, 180, 306

Have fun !

Hey, you may also wish to experiment with other mice numbers to develop your own theme of eight mice to display on your MH Profile. You're welcome to add your series of numbers in the comments below.

[update : adding the link for the list of mice and their corresponding numbers ]
[update : or you can remember]

[update May2012 : the devs have modified the code such that you can only now add a mouse to favorite crowns after you have caught at least 1 of that mouse. *sad face*]

Getting Those Last Few Bonus Eggs

We're on the final weekend of the Spring Egg Hunt 2011. How's your mousehunt egg collection look?
If you're stuck, don't forget to check out the Bonus Egg Spreadsheet to find out where you'd need to be next.

Here's a few time-saver tips if you've only recently started (or are dashing for the egg-competitions that some groups hold). Feel free to add more of your tips in the comments.

1) Realm Ripper's egg's probably the most predictable one to collect. Just keep an eye on when the Forbidden Grove is going to close with the MHTimer spreadsheet, hop over there just before does. You'd be done within the next horn (well, unless you failed to catch, but that's just another 15min).

2) Already a Hero and hunting dragons? You'd find that the Elub, Nerg, Derr Eggs are the easiest to loot - great morale booster when you're starting out. And for the JOD Egg, just make a batch of havarti and you'd get it pretty easily. Pygmy Eggs are a sure-thing with Gouda. The Dragon Egg? Well, you're on your own there - standard Dragon trap combination and a lot of Infernos. I actually ran out, so I won't have this :(

3) Monster Egg, I'd prefer staying at the Chocolate Factory rather than going to the Lab or the Mousoleum. It comes more often and it's also a great place to farm gold. Pirate's frequent too, but Burglar not so.

4) Have a good batch of Wicked Gnarly Cheese? Then skip the Great Gnarled Tree, camp out at the Lagoon and be armed for the Silth. More mice now drop the Whisker Woods Egg. The Hydra Egg's also common and dig this - the Black Widow Egg's easier to catch here too. Can't get the Silth Egg? Just whine that you're really after the Hydra.. :) Works most times..

5) Burglar Eggs, I like the Bazaar best. Had spare Gild Cheese. Super Brie works too and the Nibbler tends to join in with his egg too..

6) Warpath Eggs. Wave 2's Sand Calvary and Crimson Commanders have a higher drop rate. One tip is to clear out archers with the charms first, so that their encounters are maximized..

7) Trying to Bronze Crown the four event mice? Arcane/Dark Choc/Gouda are great for building the catch numbers for Egg Painter and Eggsplosive Scientist Mice (and farming MM). Switch to a strong physical trap (like CDB)/Dark Choc/MM and you'd start clocking more Coco Commanders (which also replace the MM) and the Hare Razors..

Have fun. And don't forget to leave us your tips below !

Fiery Warpath: Warmonger Loot Drop Data


We're trying to put together a table of Warmonger(WM) catches and their loot. What we're trying to do is to see if there is a pattern for a "sweet-spot" trap combination that improves the chances of what kind of drop.

If you have just caught your first WM (WM1) or your sixth (WM6) or your sixtiethethth (WM60 however it's spelled:)) we want to know about it as soon as it happens!

Please head on over to and drop a comment there. We'd verify it and add your catch to our table.

Thanks in advance !

Fiery Warpath: Tracking Warmonger Loot Drops

We now have consolidated Warmonger trap loot data collection and analysis thanks to Chad Moore (of the splendiforous MouseHunt Timers.) I have been collaborating with Chad on the underlying model for the analysis used in the Warmonger trap loot, so I am not unbiased as to the quality of the work, lol... my indepth explanation of the basis of the work in an extended article coming out as soon as I catch up on some sleep after my recent project and MH comp :)

For the curious, I got sandblasted metal from my first warmonger and traded with a friend for his sphynx crystal. I promptly crafted my pretteh kitteh, popularly know as the SWat (rofl!) I bought an oasis bead from the marketplace, where they are ridiculously cheap and crafted an OWN with flameshards generously loaned by a friend. I did not get trap loot from my second Warmonger, but got a generous clump of Simple Orbs, so was happy. I'm on my third pass now, in which I am exploring profitability.

Spring Egg Hunt 2011

Found a shared spreadsheet of where which mouse drops what eggs..
It'll be updated as each daily egg is found.

The Egg Spreadsheet.

And if you're the "fire and forget" type of player, just plant yourself at the Catacombs - currently the only place to get 2 types of eggs (Green Plaid + Blue Argyle).

[Apr 18 update] Newer eggs are appearing in the higher level areas.. I do hope that there's still something for everyone by the Easter weekend.. :p

Gifted Devs Gift to us: Stable, Sensible Gifting

Just a quick post to say that it looks like we finally have a stable gifting system with a nifty MouseHunt local interface (no need to go through the Facebook notification interface, wahoo!) The number of gifts a hunter can claim each day is still ten (*sob*), and the number of gifts a hunter can send is twenty. Thanks to my buddies in The Alliance of MouseHunters (TAMH) for their help in sorting out how many gifts each hunter can send and checking on the stability of the new system.

Fiery Warpath: Sandtail Desert Mice Visual Reference

A new version of my Fiery Warpath mice visual reference, after two passes through the warpath and well in to the third. This version has the secondary trap type info I found I was always wanting, as well as visual reminders of artillery and caravan guards being less effective across the board. As before, this pic is designed to work with the info (color coding, etc.) in the rest of the Fiery Warpath materials. Enjoy!