The Hollowhead Mouse Returns

Can't keep the ole pumpkin head down! The Hollowhead Mouse returns again this year.

This time, it drops Super Brie!

The forums list confirm catches at Training Grounds, Huntington and the Great Gnarled Tree. Add your findings here!

I wonder if we would see the other mice dress up..
See the Halloween Label..

Ronza's Rockin' Return, Walkthrough

A quick walkthrough / cheatsheet about Ronza's Rockin' Return.

Where she's moored..
Gnawnia, just outside of town, south of the Harbour.

How to get there..
Cheapest way from wherever you are? Stopover at the Town of Gnawnia FIRST. Then travel to Ronza's Travelling Shoppe. (895 gold)
Well, OK, if you're already at the Harbour, just hop directly over. (675 gold)

When does she leave?
About two weeks from 20th Oct 2009.

Things to Buy..

Things to Do There..
  • Get Rockforth Cheese (hunt Gold, Diamond and Nibbler mice) 
  • Get Teddy Bear (hunt White mice) 

Things to Do From There..
Hunt down the Rockstar Mouse.

We now return you to your regular programming...

Rockstar Mouse

Rockstar Mouse
[Mar 2010]
Involved in the Birthday II event. Drops the Intimidating Pincher.

[Oct 2009]
With a guitar in one paw and a mic in the other, catching this mouse will earn you one of the most face-melting rock experiences ever!! Lore warns that listening to this mouse play guitar could cause your ears to melt off and your head to explode in an awesome frenzy of excitement! "But I like R&B" you say? No! You have to listen to ROCK MUSIC. Haha, just kidding, you can listen to anything you want! ROCK ON! *wailing guitars*

Accidently brought in by Ronza, this Prize Mouse (and perhaps, seasonal mouse) is now plaguing the lands. Initially spotted at the Town of Gnawnia, the Town of Digby and the SS Huntington II ship, they have now spread to the Mountains, the Great Gnarled Tree and the Training Grounds.

And they're fussy eaters too - preferring only the Rockforth Cheese. The Rockin' Horse and the Dehydration Base is the minimum configuration that I've seen work thus far. But of course, set your best physical traps on it.

Interestingly, each caught Rockstar surrenders one of three colored satchels.

When opened, each satchel offers some goodies. The full list of goodies is not yet finalised, but except for the Ronzaburger, all other items are available via regular Mousehunt gameplay.

Rockforth Cheese

Rockforth Cheese

This electric mellow classic will make any mouse want to gorge themselves on its roque (fort) 'n roll goodness. Since it's crafted with all the hard-core awesomeness of a ten-minute drum solo, the flavor beats of up to eleven different kinds of cheese will strum a power chord on the taste buds of even the most reserved mice.

The Limited Edition cheese which attracts the Rockstar Mouse and other regular mice.

You have to hunt at Ronza's Shoppe. The Rockforth are only dropped by the Gold Mouse, the Diamond Mouse and the Nibbler Mouse. For best harvesting results, use Super Brie - Nibblers drop the most Rockforth. For those on a tight budget, the white cheddar works as decently as the Swiss Cheese and slightly worse than Brie.

Kraken Chaos

Kraken Chaos ( 3,400 Hydro Power )

The final trap that Ronza has brought around in this trip. Great for calamari fans who love playing with their food and making them work too.

It's a decent trap for those that just reached the Huntington II ship and just about saved up for the Hydro Trap. Otherwise we all do have a lot of gold sitting around, don't we?

Remember that you will still need to buy the starter hydro traps to form the Ancient Spear Gun. And if you already own the ASG, there is no advantage gained with this trap.

Ok, you have 2 weeks to earn this Limited Value Edition trap.

Power Type: Hydro
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 18
Cheese Effect: Very Stale

Cost: 860,000 gold
Points Required: 843,500
Refund for 154,800 gold

This trap offers mice the thrill of the open ocean, with a great piece of cheese and the wind blowing through their fur... of course, they'll also have a giant, grabby squid to keep them company. With eight arms and two tentacles contending for the catch, this trap just has to get the mouse one way or the other. It's also a favorite of humane hunters, as the squid much prefers to eat fish.

Now I'm hungry...
By the way, has anyone yet dared to spend money on this trap, to hunt Hydras at the Lagoon to "save money" on the Ship Blueprints? If it works well, this trap could well be the game-breaker for Hydro Traps, much like the PartyBot is for Physical Traps.. Let me know here!

Giant Speaker

Giant Speaker ( 2,850 Tactical Power )

Interesting trap that Ronza brought about. And with this shipment, a whole lot of RockStar mice also came along and infested many locations in Gnawnia.

Apart from the Limited Edition status, discussion board opinions are mixed about the worth of getting this trap.

Power Type: Tactical
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 22
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Cost: 612,800 gold
Points Required: 91,000
Refund for 110,304 gold

This trap is guaranteed to harsh any rocker's mellow. The minute a mouse comes into the range of the ring of microphones, the slightest noise is amplified a billion times, rocketing them across the room on a wave of sound. Collecting mice is a cinch when they're disoriented and temporarily hard of hearing.

Has anyone caught Rockstars with this trap?

Magma Base

Magma Base ( 300 Power )

The strongest base (power+attraction+luck boosts considered) currently available in MouseHunt for now and the most stale-cheese making.

This is decidedly the BEST BUY of Ronza's visit. Every hunter should strive to get this base first and foremost, before working/begging for the rest of the traps.

Power Bonus: 8%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 10
Cheese Effect: Insanely Stale

Cost: 374,700 gold
Points Required: 238,200
Refund for 67,446 gold

Carved from the turbulent molten rock at the base of Mt. Dracano, the Magma Base reflects the more dangerous side of the tropics. Scientists haven't quite identified the gas that vents out of this rock yet, but they're sure of one thing: mice love it.

Ronza has a hard time carrying a lot of these, because they burn right through boxes and bags.

I wonder how one refunds this when Ronza leaves. Well, if one does decide to refund it, duh..

HitGrab Rockin' Horse

HitGrab Rockin' Horse ( 1,250 Physical Power )

It's as lucky as the Party Bot but only half as powerful (too bad newcomers). But hey, it's still a great trap for novices and apprentices.

Senior hunters would also not mind collecting this as a Limited Edition keepsake. Who knows, it might gain a second life the next time Ronza comes around again - Just look at the HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse.

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 2%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Ready to rock the moment it emerges from the King's closet, this rebel hobby horse refuses to play by anyone's hunting rules but its own!

Has anyone tried smashing this for the Rainbow yet?
And oh, it's "rockin" not because it's a rocking horse (which it obviously isn't), but to commemorate the Rockstar Mouse.
mhabbr: hgrh

Crafting Item - Rainbow Mohawk Wig of Awesomeness

Rainbow Mohawk Wig of Awesomeness

Ronza's Back! And first, something special just for MouseHunt veterans. With this Mohawk, you can brush up your dusty HitGrab Horsey. It works out slightly cheaper than HitGrab Rockin' Horse but it looks much much better. Otherwise, the specifications are the same.

Cost: 60,000 gold
Woah! This bright mohawk guarantees to make any mouse hunting experience more extreme!

If you are the proud owner of the original HitGrab Horsey that does not have a mohawk and want to turn it up to eleven follow these three steps:

1. Carefully dismantle your beloved HitGrab Horsey
2. Glue this totally amazing wig onto its head
3. Play air guitar while hunting to catch mice in true rocker-fashion!

Translated: SMASH your HitGrab Horsey. Craft the Trap Parts with the Mohawk and a drop of Invisi-Glu and there you have it!

HitGrab Rainbow Rockin' Horse

Compare it with HitGrab Rockin' Horse and shout it here if you like it colorful..

Ronza via Dracano

And she took the Tribal Isles route.. meaning that she picked up a few goodies from there just for her favorite mousehunters (who can afford it)..

*She'd be comin' round Dracano when she comes..
She'd be comin' round Dracano when she comes...
She'd be carryin' 4 new items, she'd be carryin' 4 new items,
5ifyoucounttherainbowmohawkforveteranplayers (breathe)

She'd be comin' round Dracano when she comes... *

A number of things to write about here and the first and best post on the Discussion Boards is by Doug Le.
Read his compilation here :

Ronza's finally coming back

For those of you that have permanent cricks in the neck from looking up at the sky for the past half year, REJOICE!

Ronza's returning tomorrow!
(well, ok adjust for your time zone).

And this time, you really don't have to rush much. She's dropping (geo-friendly) flyers that she'd be around for a couple of WEEKS. Yup, and she's stocking lots of stuff.

Have a look at The Flyer and you'd know what I mean.

There's also a hint that the iTunes mouse is returning as the Rockstar! Hope I get mine when Ronza's around.

Crafting Item - Ancient Box Trap Blueprint Pieces

Getting the four parts of the Ancient Box Trap Blueprints is a relatively easy cyclic goal at the Tribal Isles.

You'd probably achieve the pieces while in the initial stages of the Pepper Trail.

Three of the pieces are dropped by the chief mice of the various tribal territories.
Ancient Frayed Blueprint piece - Elub Chieftain Mouse
Ancient Ripped Blueprint piece - Nerg Chieftain Mouse
Ancient Mangled Blueprint piece - Derr Chieftain Mouse

And you will be able to earn enough gold to buy the 4th piece from Cape Clawed's General Store after hunting for a lot of seeds in the 3 territories.

Craft the Ancient Torn Blueprint piece together with the other 3 pieces and you end up with the full Ancient Box Blueprint.

Now go over to the Jungle of Dread to gather the rest of the crafting items to make the Ancient Box Trap.

Updated MouseHunt Map

And now the MouseHunt Map is finally updated to show the Tribal Isles..
Yes, Ronza's still flying around.. :)

The Pepper Trail, Tribal Isles Walkthrough

The Pepper Trail is an expanded post from the Tribal Isles Walkthrough.

It gets rather confusing when you're trying to remember all that needs to be done to make the different Havari cheese strains.

Rather than describe all the 7 cheeses, we'll do "a picture painting a thousand words". I've drawn up a flow diagram that should simplify what needs to be done at this stage of this.

Click on the diagram to get a big picture.

The Pepper Trail cycle progresses from the Elub Shore (Blue Seeds), Nerg Plains (Yellow Seeds) and Derr Dunes (Red Seeds).

With any 2 seeds (different or same color) and a Plant Pot, you can make a Pepper plant of the respective color combination. Use one of each colored seed with the Plant Pot and you'd get the Inferno Plant.

Go to the Crafting/Inventory/Misc section and the Pepper Plants will be there. Click on them to pick them and you'd get 1 or more respectively colored Peppers.

You're now ready to make the Havarti, except that each Peppered Flavor has a slightly different recipe.
I've described this in the Havarti Hero post.

The Inferno Havarti, you would have to wait a little longer until you earn the Fire Salts..

Be prepared to do the Pepper Trail more than a couple of rounds - while you can catch each Havarti mouse about once in every batch (6 cheeses), it is unlikely that they will always drop the crafting piece needed to make the Ancient Box Trap. More about this in the Havarti Heros cycle coming right up..

Tribal Isles Walkthrough

You've reached the Tribal Isles after jumping off the Huntington II. So what now?

Ok, this is more like the Tribal Isles Run-Through, rather than a walkthough. It's going to be short, sweet and fast. I'll tell it first and then fix all the links a little later.

The Tribal Isles is a region with six areas having tasks and devices designed in somewhat cyclic steps. This ensures that the more experienced players have a fair bit of action and take a whole bunch of time. And we'll all get spanking new traps out of it.

Cape Clawed is the Home Base which you'd find yourself returning to often. To buy more Gouda, buy the new trap (Clockapult) and trap base (Tribal Base), the various other general store ingredients, catch the tribe elders (for the trap upgrade ingredients), and yes, buy much much more Gouda Cheese.

Trap Upgrading
Elub Shore, Nerg Plains and Derr Dunes are your first cyclic sets where you get the 3 new crafted cheeses. With these, you get to hunt the respective elders for their loot for the 3 new crafted traps. You'd get the Ancient Spear Trap (Hydro), Mutated/Horrific Venus Mousetrap (Tactical) and RhinoBot (Physical) through this ordeal.

The Pepper Trail
This is the second cyclic set where you are collecting Pepper Seeds, planting them to grow Pepper Plants, harvesting them to get the actual Peppers, and finally using the Peppers to make the 6 main types of Havarti Cheese. The Pepper Trail post describes this is greater detail.

The Ancient Box Trap Blueprints
The third cyclic set is only forms the blueprint of the Ancient Box Trap. This runs concurrently with the Seed stage of the Pepper Trail. You need to loot the 3 parts of the blueprints and buy the 4th. Simple..

The Havarti Hero
The fourth cyclic set brings you into the Jungle of Dread with the 6 types of Havarti Cheese. That's 6 shadow mice with 6 pieces of loot that finally helps you complete the new Forgotten Trap, The Ancient Box Trap.

Back to the Acolyte Realms
At this point, we take a short break from the Tribal Isles. Head back to the Acolyte Realms to get your new er.. Ancient Box Trap dirty.

The Dracano Knight
Sure, you're probably already a Knight by now. But this place works better with the Ice Maiden Trap that you craft after picking up some crucial (and cute) stuff at the Acolyte Realms. More updates coming...

The Clockapult of Time

If you're currently saving up for something, save up for the Clockapult of Time.

At 2,700,000 gold (gasp!) it's the most expensive trap available on direct sale. Buy it at the General Store at Cape Clawed.

And it's now the strongest Shadow Trap available, overshadowing (sorry, pun) the Bottomless Grave. Of course, the other unfortunate pun is Time - it's no walk in the Meadows to earn this amount..

Will you regret it? You tell me - I'm still saving up for it..

For now, I'm forgoing the RhinoBot since I'm one of the early players that managed the get the PartyBot from Ronza, way back then.

I'm still wondering what's the connection between the havarti cheese and the clockapult.. Maybe someone could tell a story with this.

[Thanks Oliver -  For the tip that the Bottomless Grave is good enough to survive the Jungle]
I've checked out the fight stats at The catch rate with the Grave is about 27% while the Clockapult gives about 36% success. So is the extra 9% worth the 1+ million in gold? you tell me :)
mhabbr : clock, CoT

Dracano, Tribal Isles

Oh it now gets harder. :)

As night follows day, you'd need to be a Knight to follow Dread (Jungle of).

Of course, what's a little hot lava for the avid mousehunter?

More about this area when I reach it (safely)..

This volcano is said to have long ago given life to the entire island in a massive eruption. For this reason the tribes have long worshipped the Dracano, bringing offerings of peppered cheese to a fearsome winged mouse they believe to be a deity.

Jungle of Dread, Tribal Isles

By the time you reach the Jungle of Dread, you would undoubtedly have attained the rank of Hero.

Not to mention rank with the smell of pepper and cheese. Poo..

You would now begin using all the strange concoctions of the Havarti Cheese that you have newly crafted. And have to own a Shadow trap that you had to sell your shirt and shoes to own.. But can you catch those elusive mice within the first batch?

You'd have to persevere though, for these mice certainly hold the secret parts of making the Acolyte-strength trap to make your journey back to the Realms a better reality..

Named by the tribes, this dangerous jungle is home to some of the most terrifying mice ever discovered. Long ago the leaders of the tribes discovered a spicy cheese made with peppers capable of distracting the mighty beasts of the jungle. This peppered bait may be the key to luring these mice to a trap...
And just when you thought you're done after crafting the Ancient Box Trap, you'd find that you have to get back here to find more Fire Salts, the key ingredient for the Inferno Havarti..