Tribal Isles

Tribal Isles

Land Ahoy! Put on your hula-hula and have a coconut..
And take a look at what has recently opened up..

The new areas:
- Cape Clawed
- Elub Shore
- Nerg Plains
- Derr Dunes
- Jungle of Dread (Hero)
- Dracano (Knight)

And only 36 new mice, 4 traps, new cheese and lots of stuff to collect around the islands..

Looks like the hammock will swinging alone tonight..

Ocean Navigation Kit Recipe

Ocean Navigation Kit (makes one) and the way to the Tribal Isles opens up... 1 x Sextant - dropped by the Shipwrecked Mouse 1 x Compass - dropped by the Bottled Mouse 1 x Telescope - dropped by the Captain Mouse Description:
This handy kit allows for navigation of the Rotentia Ocean, far past the shores of Gnawnia to the exotic Tribal Isles.
Legendary and above only..

Crafting Item - Compass

When all you can see is water, knowing your way north is a good thing! This handy instrument is essential for putting together a navigation kit.
Third of three parts that crafts the Navigation Kit, which opens the way to the Tribal Isles. Yay ! This is dropped by the Bottled Mouse at Huntington. Caught mine with Net Cannon/Aqua/Swiss (yes! Swiss)

Crafting Item - Telescope

Every intrepid explorer is sure to have a telescope in their navigation kit to spot far off land.
Second of three parts that crafts the Navigation Kit, which opens the way to the Tribal Isles. Dropped by the Captain Mouse at Huntington. Caught mine with Net Cannon/Aqua/Brie

Crafting Item - Sextant

Essential for navigating the ocean this sextant is sure to come in handy when searching for new hunting grounds and is an essential part of any navigation kit.
One of three parts that crafts the Navigation Kit, which opens the way to the Tribal Isles. This is dropped by the Shipwrecked Mouse at Huntington. Caught mine with Net Cannon/Aqua/Brie

MHG Toolbar

Some of you may already begin noticing that there is a grey (+) on the left side of the MouseHuntGuide toolbar. (NOT related to the MouseHunt Toolbar by HitGrab).  If you drop that menu, you'd see my very first cut of the MythMonger Guide toolbar. You can now toggle between those two game's toolbars.  Yes, I've been playing Mythmonger and I'm really tired of waiting for the Travel pages to load whenever I want to go around from place to place. So I've put in the quick links for Travel by Turn - note that this is really an Advanced Gamer tool..
Travel by Turn allows you to immediately set up where you wish to travel to, from wherever you are in the Myth World. Like in the game's menus, once you have confirmed to travel, you can't cancel the travel - but you can always set it to a nearer location. 
For this reason about immediacy, I hesitate to put up a menu for Travel by Coin. We're all not rolling in coins yet and a mistake could cost you 200 coins in immediate travel. But you tell me if you want it. My MythMongerGuide blog will be up soon. And with it, more useful links on the MythMongerGuide toolbar (which is now very much in Alpha). In case you were under the Lagoon for the past month, Mythmonger is another super addictive game by Hitgrab, the developers of Mousehunt.
And I promise, no more posts about MythMonger on this blog. Baaaack to you, MouseHunt...

Come back!

*hweeet* Ahoy! come on back from MythMonger.. A new cheese is already floating in as King's Rewards. How to get more of the Gouda cheese or what it's effective on, is not yet known.. But sharp mousehunters have already discovered a whole bunch of mouse silhouettes in the mice gallery. Looks like a lot of action coming right up.. Now stay sharp, ya hear?

Ronza Seen Touring Over Gnawia

Yes! It's true! Ronza's blimp is literally seen touring over the lands of gnawnia.. Check it out here at the MouseHuntMap.. [ok, it loads a little slowly, but I hope you'd enjoy it] [By the way, the map has now been updated for Huntington]

Mousehunt Guide v5.2 – Rodentia & Tournaments Edn

For those that prefer a more wordy Mouse Hunt Walkthrough.. Thanks Tess Ofner, for writing this.. Mousehunt Guide v5.2 – Rodentia & Tournaments Edition By Tess Ofner (with some edits by me) OBJECT OF THE GAME: Buy cheese, bait your trap (upgraded as you get more gold & points), catch mice and make gold, travel to new areas as your experience level goes up, enter competitions (optional), join MH related groups (optional), make friends (optional), join tournaments (optional) and have fun (mandatory)!! HOW TO PLAY: HUNTING GROUPS & TRAP CHECKS: Once you’ve added other people to your friends list who are also playing MH and are in the SAME AREA as you, you will be included in any hunt they go on for a period of one hour from when you were last active on your MH camp page whether you are online or not, so long as you are ‘ready to hunt’ (15 minutes after your last horn call). You will also get 24 trap checks a day from when you were last active on your MH camp page regardless of whether you are online or not. KINGS REWARDS: Every now and again a screen will come up requiring you to enter a 5 letter/digit code (or a number found in one of 3 shapes). Once it’s entered you will receive a small reward in the way of points/gold/cheese from our benevolent King. These codes are sometimes a little difficult to read (if you refresh the code it will come up differently and may be easier to decipher the second time around). The reason for these ‘rewards’ is to stop people from cheating by using auto bots. Any use of software that automatically refreshes or sounds the horn for you will get your MH account banned, so DON’T DO IT! PRIZE MICE: The Black Widow and other prize/event mice such as the Mobster and Leprechaun mice are available in all areas and all regions and are catchable by all players regardless of rank or level. SB+ TRADING SYSTEM: The SuperBrie+ (SB) Trading System is the place to go when you want to buy or sell SB. You can access the trading system by holding your cursor over the ‘friends’ button and clicking on the ‘Trade SB+’ option. There is a 10% trade tax on all Market transactions (the person receiving the gold loses 10% to the King). The trading system is the ONLY GUARANTEED SAFE way to trade. You do also have the option of giving gold or SB to your friends by using the ‘give to friends’ option under ‘friends’. Be warned: If you use the ‘give to friends’ option to trade SB and you get scammed, you won’t get much sympathy. PLANKRUN’S JOURNAL PAGES: As you are traveling throughout the MH Kingdom, you will collect ‘pages’ dropped by various mice and will slowly build your collection of Plankrun’s Pages. At the time of this update no one is exactly sure what purpose these pages will serve, but like everything else – if its out there… we want it! ;) The pages are dropped by various mice in different regions: Front Cover ~ Keeper Mouse in Catacombs Gnawnia 1st and 2nd Pages ~ Dwarf Mouse in Meadow Dojo 3rd and 4th Pages ~ Monk Mouse in Training Grounds Back Cover ~ Mole Mouse in Digby or the Burglar in Bazaar RONZA: Ronza is a travelling merchant who pops in from time to time with exciting wares. She sometimes has limited edition traps and bases as well as cheeses, inventory/crafting items and other exciting stuff. If she decides to visit, trust me… you’ll know about it via the 500 new threads on the MH discussion boards. Everyone gets very excited when she decides to grace us with her presence ;). CRAFTING: A tab called ‘crafting’ is available under your ‘inventory’. Once you’ve purchased ingredients from various General Stores (or collected various items dropped as loot by certain mice) you can craft (create) cheeses, traps and other items of your own (exciting huh!). See the MouseHunt Kitchen group (MHK) for recipes: Once you have crafted a recipe the system automatically it stores it to make future crafting of the same item easier. I've written a Crafting Guide which you might find helpful if you're a little confused by 'crafting': updated 23 Feb '09 - CRAFTING HAMMER: Under your crafting tab you may have noticed a hammer – you can use this hammer on selected items to smash them which will produce something new. Eg, smashing SB+ will give you ‘magic essence’ and smashing your Deathbot Trap will give you ‘deathbot parts’. These new items can then be used to craft other items. TOURNAMENTS: A new addition to the game is the ability to join a hunting party and enter into tournaments. If placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you receive a Champion’s Chest (as yet, these cannot be opened and no one knows what they contain) and 5 or 4 and 4 Tournament Tokens respectively. 4th to 49th place will get you 2 tokens and 50th to 100th place, 1 token. You can either join an already formed party (max of 4 hunters) or create one of your own under the ‘friends’ tab. To join another party, check out the ‘meet and greet’ section of the forum boards. To create your own party, hold your mouse over ‘friends’ then select the ‘organise party’ option. You will then see “You are currently a free hunter and can accept invitations to join other Hunting Parties. Alternately, you can click here to reform your own Hunting Party.” Click on the blue ‘here’ tab to create a hunting party. You then need to choose a name and mandate (keeping in mind MH and FB T.O.S). Then click over to the ‘hunters’ tab and invite up to 3 friends to join you. You can now head over to the ‘tournaments’ tab and pick from one of the many tournaments. If you click on one of the tournaments, it will bring up all the information about that particular tournament such as starting times, types of mice you need to catch etc. The captain of the team is responsible for signing the team up to tournaments and paying the entry fees. If the captain ‘leaves’ the team, the party will be disbanded and all members will have to find another team. You cannot replace members DURING a tournament but if you are NOT currently competing in a tournament, all members other than the captain can be subbed or replaced by other hunters. Whilst in a tournament, you will see a new silver horn (the tournament horn). Only members of your tournament hunting party can sound the horn for you while entered in a tournament – this means you need to be very dedicated during a tournament if you hope to do well. Unlike your regular hunting party – whilst in a tournament, any tournament party member sounding the horn will take ALL other tournament members on a hunt regardless of the area they are hunting in. So all 4 members can be in different areas and will be taken on hunts. Your status will be kept online for one hour after your last MH activity and will go ‘offline’ after that. Trap checks are not included in your tournament scores but will add points and gold to your totals as per usual. If no party member sounds the horn within an hour, any multipliers you have accumulated will revert back to x1 (starts at x1 and slowly goes up). So it is important to have at least one party member online at all times to avoid losing your multiplier which is essential to doing well in tournaments. If you click on the small MH Badge on your tournament banner on your camp page, it will take you to your tournament hunting party page where you can see how your team is doing. A tournament scoreboard has also been added under the ‘Lore’ tab on your camp page so you can track your hunting party’s success in the tournament. If you need any other info on tournaments – check out the ‘tournaments’ section on the forum boards or browse the wiki. NOVICE: You start hunting in the Town of Gnawnia & can also hunt in the Meadow. Buy cheese and make sure your trap is always baited (it’s prob best to use Cheddar or maybe Marble at this stage). Sound the horn every 15 minutes or as often as you can. GNAWNIA CHEESESHOPPE & TRAPSMITH: The Cheeseshoppe is where you stock up on cheese & the Trapsmith is where you upgrade your traps (click on Trapsmith to see what each trap costs & how many points are required). If traveling to areas of Gnawnia other than Town you need to stock up on cheese as you cannot purchase cheese or traps there. TRAVEL COSTS: Traveling to various areas will cost you various amounts of gold, dependant on your current location. Use this MH Wiki link for approximate prices: Also very useful is Pooflinger’s ‘How to Cut Travel Costs’ Route: APPRENTICE: After some time you will level up to apprentice & can now hunt in the Harbour. NOTE: Mice here can steal gold, cheese and points from you if you attract but don't catch them. In the Harbour General Store (GS) you can purchase Salt, Curds & Whey (C&W) and the Dehydration Base Blueprints. If you’re planning to make White Cheddar when you move up to Journeyman then it may be a good idea to purchase some of these items (1 of each make this cheese). See the MHK for more details. Many hunters prefer to use Marble or possibly Swiss cheese at this stage. While you are in the Harbour you should also try to catch a Granite mouse carrying the Whisker Woods Calm Clearing map piece. STALE CHEESE: Once you have reached apprentice level if you sound the horn or get a trap check with the following message: “I returned to check my trap, but it appeared my ___ cheese failed to attract a mouse. I replaced my bait since it seemed to be stale”, then whatever cheese you had that went stale will be added to your inventory under the crafting tab as ‘stale cheese’. You can get stale SB ‘stale SB+’, stale Radioactive Blue Cheese (RB) ‘radioactive sludge’ and regular ‘stale cheese’ (all other cheeses). Stale cheese is currently used to make Ancient and Runic cheese which you will need once you reach the Bristle Woods region. No one yet knows what to do with stale SB and radioactive sludge. JOURNEYMAN: Once you reach journeyman level you have a choice to make. Either you can choose to hunt in the Mountains or you could head to the Whisker Woods region. If you want to hunt in Whisker Woods you need to have collected the Calm Clearing (CC) map piece from a Granite mouse in the Harbour. No map piece is needed to hunt in the Mountains. You can hunt in either region or follow one through to its conclusion and return to follow the other path or you could do both at the same time by completing one area of each at a time – it’s really up to you. As a journeyman you can now safely craft White Cheddar with the items you purchased while in the Harbour. This cheese repels White, Grey and Brown mice but has a low attraction rate. THE MOUNTAINS: In the mountains you need to catch a Ninja mouse that will drop the lab map piece which will allow you to enter the Laboratory once you reach Master level (bear in mind that NOT every ninja has a map – this is the same for any map/loot dropping mice). Dwarf mice here will also drop splintered wood as loot on occasion – you will need 4 of these for your Dehydration base. WHISKER WOODS – THE CALM CLEARING: As an alternative to going to the mountains you may decide you want to follow the Whisker Woods path. To hunt here you need to have collected the CC map piece from the Harbour. To proceed to the Great Gnarled Tree (GGT) once you reach Master level, you will need to collect the GGT map piece from a Cyclops mouse. In the CC you can collect splintered wood from Treant mice and Swiss cheese from Foxy mice. MASTER: As a Master you now have the choice of hunting in either the Lab or the GGT. To hunt in either of these locations you need to have collected the respective map. The path you chose as a Journeyman may determine your strategy here or you may decide to go back and follow the other path. Either way, I’m sure you’ll come back to do each one eventually – who likes having shadows on their mice page? lol. WHISKER WOODS – THE GREAT GNARLED TREE: If you chose the Whisker Woods route as a Journeyman, you may wish to continue this path and head on to the GGT when you become Master. In the GGT, you will collect Gnarled Cheese Curd Potions (GC potions) from Bear, Frog and Centaur mice. You will need GC in the Lagoon. You should also be trying to catch a Fairy mouse with the Lagoon map piece here. Once you have collected all the mice in this area, you could head over to the mountains to try and get the Lab map and then follow the Burroughs path until you turn Grandmaster. Once you become GM, you can either go on to the Lagoon in WW or head off to the Furoma region. BURROUGHS - LABORATORY: As a Master you can now travel to the Burroughs region (click on ‘Map’ then ‘Burroughs’ then ‘Lab’) where you can hunt in the Laboratory. Here you need to collect the key to Digby (from a Dwarf mouse), the Mousoleum map (from a Zombie mouse) and Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potions (RB potions) and/or Greater Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potions (GRB potions). Most potions increase in potency depending on your level. Mice here drop lab research worth 500, 750 or 1000 points which add to your points total, giving you a leg up on the scoreboard and helping you level up faster. DIGBY: Once you have your Digby key (from a Dwarf in the Lab) you can hunt in Digby. In the Digby Trapsmith, you will need to purchase a shadow trap to hunt ghostly mice in the Mousoleum, either the Ambrosial (Amb) or Sinister (Sin) portal, or the Bottomless Grave Trap (BG), (you cannot buy shadow traps in Gnawnia). While the BG is great, you’re better off getting the Sin or Amb and getting to the Moz to save up for other traps. You may catch other mice there with physical traps (Bat mice, Zombies, Mutated mice) but very few ghostly mice unless you have a shadow trap. If you received a Party hat as a MH birthday gift or purchased one from Ronza, you may have crafted the PartyBot which some hunters claim is just as successful in the Moz as a shadow trap (I haven’t tried it so can’t really advise on which is the better option). Some mice in Digby and in the Lab also drop small amounts of RB cheese. NOTE: In the Digby Cheeseshoppe you can only purchase cheddar which costs 20 but refunds for ONLY 10. In the Digby Trapsmith you can buy shadow traps, the Digby Drillbot (DDB), the Forcefield Trap (FF) & the Deathbot (DB) (FF and DB slightly cheaper than in Gnawnia) as well as the stone base (slightly more expensive than in Gnawnia). In Digby you can also collect Meteorite pieces dropped as loot by granite mice. This crafting ingredient (plus other items) is used to make Moon Cheese (see MHK) which you may find invaluable when you’re chasing down the map carrying Lycan (see next). MOUSOLEUM: If you have picked up the tattered Moz cloth and have a good stock of RB cheese (my advice would be 200-300), then its time to head off to the Moz to catch ghostly mice. In the Moz you should bait your trap with RB cheese (if you want to catch many mice that is). So you need to collect as many potions as you can from the Lab & have SB or lots of regular Brie to convert before you travel here. These ghostly mice are worth a ton in points & gold. BE WARNED: the mice here are NOT very friendly – you’ll get more red boxes than catches, but it is worth it in the end given the huge point & gold value of the mice you do catch. Stick it out & you’ll come out on top! You need to catch the Lycan mouse here with the shredded map piece to Furoma to advance to the next level (moon cheese is great for attracting Lycans). You must be a Grandmaster before you can hunt in Furoma. GRANDMASTER: Once you have the Furoma map piece and have reached Grandmaster level, you can travel to Furoma. This region is made up of the Training Grounds (TG), the Dojo, the Meditation Room and the Pinnacle Chamber. There are loads of new and exciting mice to catch here, along with some old favorites. As a GM you can now also travel to the Lagoon if you have managed to collect the Lagoon map piece from a Fairy mouse in the GGT. WHISKER WOODS – LAGOON: To hunt in the Lagoon, you should convert all those GC potions and be using gnarled cheese here. There are a variety of mice types here (tactical/physical/shadow), so you may have to chop and change traps here to catch all these mice. You will also want to try and catch a Hydra mouse (mouse type: Hydro) carrying the ship blueprints. TRAINING GROUNDS: The general consensus seems to be the Moz for gold and the TG for points. The Furoma Cheeseshoppe sells Marble for 100 gold and Swiss for 200 gold and refunds these cheeses at 50 and 100 gold respectively. The Furoma Trapsmith stocks the ‘Zugzwang's Last Move’ trap (ZLM) which is a ‘tactical’ trap (as opposed to physical or shadow), and is very effective against weapon carrying mice – these include the Dwarf, Pirate, Ninja, Samurai, Archer, Kung Fu, Assassin, Student mice, Master mice and the Master of the Dojo. In the TG you need to catch an Archer, Kung Fu or Assassin mouse carrying a ticket to the Bazaar (located in the Burroughs), where you can have maps restored – see ‘Cartographer’ heading below for more details. Most hunters I know got their Bazaar ticket using the ZLM/exp/Brie or SB setup but obviously many were also successful with the DDB and other traps, bases and cheeses. The Furoma General Store (GS) sells Curds and Whey (C&W), Salt, Splintered Wood, Nori and Salmon. Worker mice in the TG and in the Dojo also drop splintered wood as loot on occasion. It is a good idea to stock up on some of these items while you’re here because once you get your map fixed, I’m sure you’ll want to head straight to the Dojo. For more information on ingredients and recipes for crafting the cheeses you’ll need for the Dojo, visit the MHK. You will also need to catch an Assassin or Hapless mouse carrying the Ambush Trap Blueprints if you wish to craft your Ambush Trap. BURROUGHS BAZAAR: In the Bazaar which is located in the BURROUGHS region you will find another GS which sells C&W, Salt, Invisi-glu, Cheesy Fluffs, Paint-brand Paint, Ionized Salt and Droid Parts (you’ll need 8 Droids for your Ambush Trap). The Bazaar Cheeseshoppe sells Brie for 300 (100 more than in Gnawnia). You can also collect the back of Plankrun’s journal pages from the Burglar mouse here. CARTOGRAPHER: Once you’ve got your Bazaar ticket, you can now access The Cartographer which is located back in the Burroughs region (under ‘Shops’). The Cartographer restores maps and once you have your TG map restored you will be able to access the Dojo, Meditation Room and Pinnacle Chamber. The TG map piece can be restored for 90k gold. Once you’ve submitted your map for restoration, it will be unavailable for 1 day. You can check the progress of your map from any location by clicking on the ‘Cartographer’ (under ‘shops’). You cannot travel to Furoma during this time unless you happen to catch another Lycan carrying map at the Moz during this time. Once your map is fixed, you will need to ‘collect’ it before you can travel to the new area. The cartographers also repair the tattered Moz map for 160k taking about 5 days to restore in order for you to travel to the Catacombs once you’ve reached Legendary level. DOJO: Once you have gotten your repaired map back from the Cartographer, you can now access the Dojo (located in Furoma). The Dojo has 4 new mice – The Student of the Cheese Belt mouse, The Student of the Cheese Claw mouse, The Student of the Cheese Fang mouse and the Hapless mouse, along with known others (mostly TG mice). Once here, you should be using the ZLM trap (or the Ambush if you’ve been lucky enough to get the blueprints as loot) or you will not fare too well. You now need to collect Tokens dropped by the Student mice of the Dojo. These are the Token of the Cheese Belt, the Token of the Cheese Claw and the Token of the Cheese Fang. You can use Maki cheese (a crafted cheese - see MHK) in the Dojo in an attempt to chase down more of the students, but brie works just as well in my opinion. To craft the cheeses needed for the Meditation Room, you will need at least 3 of a particular Token along with other ingredients to craft a particular type of cheese. For example 3 Belt Tokens plus 7 C&W plus 1 Salmon and 1 Nori make 3 Glutter Cheeses (yes… you guessed it… check out the MHK recipes for more details and recipes). MEDITATION ROOM: Once you have 3 of a certain type of Token and have used the other required ingredients to craft either Glutter, Combat or Susheese (or all of these), you can head to the Meditation Room and try to catch a few Masters. The Meditation Room has 3 new mice – The Master of the Cheese Belt mouse, The Master of the Cheese Claw mouse and The Master of the Cheese Fang mouse. You will need each type of cheese (Glutter, Susheese and Combat) in order to catch each type of Master. Master Belt – Glutter, Master Claw - Susheese and Master Fang – Combat. So basically, if you want to have 3 shots at each Master, you will have needed to collect 3 of each Token (9 in total) in order to craft the cheeses necessary to attract the Masters to your trap. Each type of Master drops a new inventory item; The Master Shard. You need to collect at least 1 of each type of Shard (Master Belt Shard, Master Claw Shard and Master Fang Shard) in order to craft the Master Seal which you’ll need for your Ambush Trap. PINNACLE CHAMBER: Once you have your required Shards, you can now craft a Master Seal which you need to craft your Ambush Trap. You will also need to have 1 of each shard to make Rumble cheese (makes 3 pieces). You need to arm your trap with Rumble Cheese to attract the Master of the Dojo. If you’re lucky enough to catch the Master of the Dojo, you will receive an Onyx Stone. You will need 1 Onyx Stone in order to craft the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery Trap (ACRONYM). LEGENDARY: Now that you’ve made it to the esteemed rank of Legendary, you can travel to the Bristle Woods region which includes the Catacombs, Forbidden Grove and Acolyte Realm. In addition, you can now craft your ship and travel to Rodentia and hunt on the S.S. Huntington II. THE CATACOMBS: If you thought the Moz was bad… hang onto your hats ladies and gentlemen – Bristle woods are a riot! (if you love the colours red and grey that is lol) You should be using RB here but you can also use Ancient cheese. Once you have had your tattered Moz map restored at the Bazaar Cartographer you can now travel to the Catacombs (Cats) where you will encounter a new breed of ‘forgotten’ mice. In order to effectively catch these mice, you need a trap with arcane power. There are currently 3. The first – the Obelisk of Slumber (OoS) can be purchased from the Cats General Store for 316,350 gold. The second – the Obelisk of Incineration (OoI) must be crafted by smashing your OoS to obtain Obelisk Parts which must be combined with the OoI blueprints, 1 coal, 2 scrap metal and 3 splintered wood. Coal and scrap metal are loot items that currently can only be obtained from Cats mice (some of you may have received some of these items in your MH birthday gifts). The third, the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery Trap (the ACRONYM trap) also requires crafting. You will need Obelisk parts, 12 scrap metal, 1 onyx stone, 3 magic essence and the Mysterious Blueprints. It would be prudent at this point to let you know that the ACRONYM trap has huge power and many hunters are choosing to give the OoI a miss and save their scrap metal for the ACRONYM trap (scrap metal is not easy to come by). At the Cats General Store you can purchase Salt, C&W, the Bead of Slumber, the Obelisk of Incineration Blueprints and the Mysterious Blueprints. The Bead of Slumber if crafted with Obelisk parts will recraft your OoS in case you accidentally smash it ;). You can also collect Ancient cheese potions here from various mice which will be useful for when you get to the Forbidden Grove. THE FORBIDDEN GROVE and ACOLYTE REALM: To unlock this area you need the Keeper’s Candle dropped by the Keeper Mouse in the Catacombs. Once you have the candle, 2 new regions will open up on your travel screen; The Forbidden Grove (FG) and the Acolyte Realm (AR). While some hunters have had success with the OoS and OoI, my advice is to wait until you have the Acronym trap. The FG is a portal area and is NOT always available to travel to, even if you have the Candle. The area generally opens every 6 hours and you then have around 3 hours to spend there before you are automatically teleported to the AR. You can stay in the AR as long as you like, either to farm Stale Cheese or use Runic cheese to catch the Gorgon, Spectre, Gate Guardian, Reaper, Wight, Lich or Acolyte mice (if you’re REALLY REALLY lucky lol). If you use Ancient cheese, you seem to get a ton of Gate Guardian mice and not much else. You really should be using Runic in the AR. In order to make Runic cheese, you need to get Runes (dropped by various mice in the FG and very very rarely by some mice in the AR); you should be using Ancient cheese in the Forbidden Grove to have any success in catching the mice that drop these runes. The recipes for Ancient and Runic cheese are posted on the MHK group page. RODENTIA: If you have managed to pick up the ship blueprints from the Hydra mouse in the Lagoon, you need to purchase the rest of the ingredients from the Catacombs GS. You will also need 900 splintered wood (from loot and Training Grounds GS) and quite a lot of scrap metal – see the blueprints for the recipe). If you did not catch the blueprint carrying Hydra - never fear! The blueprints can also be purchased from the Catacombs GS for a whopping 750,000 gold. Once you have crafted your ship, a new travel location will become available and you may now travel to the new region of Rodentia where you can currently hunt on the S.S. Huntington II. There is a new mouse type here – Hydro mouse. You can purchase 2 types of Hydro traps and a new aqua base in the Trapsmith on the S.S. Huntington to hunt these 15 new mice. HERO: And after that … KNIGHT: And after that … LADY/LORD: And after that … ?: No one has gotten that far yet ;) And that ladies and gentlemen is as much as I know. I’m sure as always though that the Devs have much more in store for us!

Cook Mouse

Cook Mouse I wonder what I need to bait this with...
A connoisseur of all things cheesy, the Cook mouse is responsible for feeding their hungry shipmates. Not known for being open to criticism, those who complain of their cooking often find themselves being tossed through a port window en route to an unexpected swim.
Seen around the forums that the only way to catch these is with the Super Brie.. grrr.. Yay! Finally !
Jester caught a Cook mouse in MouseHunt! Weight: 7 oz. Location: S.S. Huntington II Total Gold: 97 | Total Points: 4084
And yep.. Super Brie.. :(