Cheese Recipe - Limelight Cheese


This recipe makes 3 pieces of Limelight Cheese
30 x Curds and Whey
3 x Radioactive Sludge
3 x Living Shard

When rare Living Shards are combined with Radioactive Sludge and a dash of Curds and Whey, they form this cheese, which boasts a mineral flavor with a hint of lime. The shards vibrate within the curd, making high-pitched noises difficult for the human ear to hear. This subtle vibration sends tremors through the ground, which attract the mice living under the soil in Digby.

Finally! A use for all the Radioactive Sludge that has been lying around after baiting with the Radioactive Blue Cheese. Hunters everywhere seem pleased to be able to finally have a recycleable use for this - which ended with a slightly more hmmf! note. That's because even more Sludge needs to be farmed now.. :)

Currently, Limelight is the only cheese to attract the Big Bad Burroughs.
(and you may need lots of it)

Crafting Item - Living Shard

The 2010 Birthday event dug up (sorry, bad pun) a whole new society of mice in the Town of Digby. Some event dropped this strange piece of shiny gem. If you need more Living Shards in a hurry, you can buy them at Digby's General Store.

ITEM: Living Shard
LOCATION: Town of Digby General Store, Loot by mice in Digby
COST: 1,200 gold, refunds for same

Even in a mineral-rich town like Digby, Living Shards are quite rare, and because they take a lot of time and effort to harvest, Digby's General Store places their price at a premium. Digby tradition states that Dr. F. Romage once found a large deposit of the crystals, which he used in his experiments, and some of the crazier stories even claim that he used the living shards to bring the Monster mice to life. . . perhaps with a little luck a hunter may find some of these shards by hunting Monster mice in the Laboratory.
 Currently an ingredient for the LimeLight Cheese.

Silth Mouse

Arrgh! The Silth Mouse is really hard to catch.

The Silth Mouse dropped the Chrome Nanite Coating during the Mousehunt birthday event. Now it's a matter of pride (and trying to complete the full mouse list) to get hold of this mouse.

I've not caught mine yet, but do drop a comment on how many Wicked Gnarly Cheese pieces you used to finally catch one.

Successful hunters swear by the ASG and the Kraken for catching them.

This elusive mouse makes his home in the damp subterranean rivers of the underpass, hiding in rocky crags. Its bat-like squeak and the splash of its feet can often be heard in caverns, but when hunters approach, it dives into the water and swims away faster than a Burroughs trout. Because it has spent so much time in seclusion, these guardians of the underpass have unusual taste--anyone aiming to catch it should note that only the gnarliest cheese will tempt it out of hiding.

Curious Chemist Mouse

We've finally found the little science geek! And it's at the Great Gnarled Tree.

The Curious Chemist Mouse is only attracted to Gnarled Cheese. I think it eats a nibble and uses the rest to prepare the Wicked Gnarly Cheese Curd Potion. You'd need to catch more than a dozen of this, to craft the Wicked Gnarled Cheese.

The mouse appeared pretty late in the game so most of us already have lethal and lucky physical traps like the chrome drillbot. If you're currently Master/Grandmaster, do drop a comment here on which trap worked for you.

This resident of the Great Gnarled Tree loves to combine different compounds that it finds in nature with cheeses that it pilfers from traps. An avid amateur chemist, it mixes up some seriously strange potions- things that turn fur purple, and make ears grow to ten times their size. No one knows what the Chemist's latest potion does, or why it is suddenly seeking large amounts of Gnarled Cheese and SUPER|brie+, but one thing is for sure: the results are going to be Extremely Gnarly.