Polled: Net Cannon vs Harpoon Gun Compared

Thanks for taking part in the Poll! What's your Favourite Trap at Huntington II, Rodentia? 39 (15%)Net Cannon 23 (9%)Harpoon Gun 33 (13%)plus the Aquabase 31 (12%)PartyBot and Dehy/Polar 33 (13%)Who's Ronza? (absence makes the mind grow fodder) 166 (65%) Dude, still trying to build the ship! Votes: 252 Wow.. a whole lot of you are still way back there? Or is it that the veteranss have stopped reading this blog.. :( Anyways, you'd see this on the forums too, lots of people do not think that the Aqua traps and bases are of any significant advantage, once you have something like the partybot. Maybe the developers should consider making areas where various traps just won't work... And hey, mark it on your calendar ! Ronza's finally coming on the 31st of June.. Make sure you mark it down.. :)

Swabbie Mouse

Swabbie Mouse
Looks like the saltier cousin of the Hapless Mouse..
Forced to cleanup after their shipmates, the Swabbie mouse is an under-appreciated pirate wannabe. This poor, hapless servant faces daily humiliation from his fellow shipmates.
My catch:
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 3 oz. Swabbie mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 68 points and 53 gold.
My weapon was very effective against this mouse.
(Net/Aqua/Brie.. but i suspect that the Swiss cheese is good enough..)
And no, still no shelders.. *sigh*

Bottled Mouse

Bottled Mouse
Ok, forget about wondering how to get a ship into a bottle.. How did this one get in?
These mice cleverly survived the sinking of the S.S. Huntington I by setting sail in empty bottles of the King's Reserve Bubbleh. Seemingly content to drift wherever the winds and currents take them, only their murmurs and ramblings belie their madness...
My catch:
I sounded the Hunter's Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 7 oz. Bottled mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 3,354 points and 667 gold.
My weapon was very effective against this mouse.
[July 09] Now drops the Compass

Poll: Net Cannon vs Harpoon Gun

Ok People, a new poll to sink your fangs into.. Now positioned on the way-right sidebar.. Apparently this blog theme isn't fully compatible with the poll gadget. Hope you can just make out the Vote button.. Any coders out there that can help with the design? :)

Update Shout

Lots of updates to the MouseHuntGuide this weekend..
I *believe* I have everything about Rodentia's Huntington II posted down pat. From Blueprints to Traps to Mice.. ok ok .. for all you shouting for a walkthrough, lemme think how to make it different from all those already out there.
I've also tidied up the ABCs, mostly with regard to the newer materials about Rodentia and a few older links and materials. Yes, there are still quite a number of informational holes. Please drop me a comment to help me prioritise what's important for you!
The MHG Toolbar has also been revisited. I've now placed the ABCs on it. That's the Areas, Beasts, Cookbook etc.. I'm also thinking of removing the Recipes since MH now remembers it for you (after making at least one). You are still able to see the recipes via the Cookbook link. Tell me what you think.
Also new in my toolbar - MH Tales! The popular fan story on the forums, now in it's own blogspot. I've gotten the RSS feed setup from the toolbar, so you never need to hunt the forums again. AND I've added a new Games gadget there - WARNING! IT'S ADDICTIVE!
Hmm.. another day in the weekend.. Maybe I'd add some more stuff..

Briegull Mouse

Briegull Mouse I need a big hat..
These bizarre creatures swarm hunters' traps along the water front in search of a cheesy meal. They are worth little reward and their appearance annoys most hunters
My catch: I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 4 oz. Briegull mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 357 points and 444 gold.

Buccaneer Mouse

Buccaneer Mouse It suddenly gets surreal when your ship gets attacked by a bunch of these. Do you want to be captured?
Quick to draw their sword at the first sight of cheese, the Buccaneer mouse has a reputation for looting bait from even the quickest of traps! Fear their presence most when they are amongst their Pirate shipmates, for their steel is strengthened in greater numbers.
My catch: I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 4 oz. Buccaneer mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 4,287 points and 2,754 gold. Net/dehy/Swiss..

Captain Mouse

Captain Mouse Hmm.. quite a number of Captains out there.. I wonder where they sailed in from..
Fearsome, deadly with a sword, and loyally followed by Pirate and Buccaneer mice, the Captain mouse is not to be underestimated. This mouse will not only swipe your cheese without a trace; it will leave your trap feeling morally wounded, traumatically scarred, and ruefully defeated... and it's an inanimate object! If you cross paths with this mouse, hope that it's long after its trail has gone cold.
My catch: I sounded the Hunter's Horn. I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 2 oz. Captain mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 6,499 points and 5,002 gold. Nice bounty. Net/Dehy/Swiss Cheese. Partybots and Aqua Bases work fine too.. [July 09] Now drops the Telescope...

Leviathan Mouse

Leviathan Mouse I guess the phrase "eats like a mouse" has a totally different meaning here..
Leviathan mice wait just below the surface of the water for passing ships. Using their size and power these feared monsters crush ships and drag their cheesy cargo to the bottom of the ocean.
My Catch: I sounded the Hunter's Horn. I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 3 oz. Leviathan mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 6,908 points and 2,883 gold. Nice enough a bounty.. Net/Dehy/swiss.. Caught at least one with the Partybot Trap

Mermaid Mouse

Mermaid Mouse Just caught a little one..
The Mermaid mouse is an incredibly shy breed that avoids hunters as well as other mice. Its timid nature makes it incredibly rare and hard to find.
My catch: I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 1 oz. Mermaid mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 2,400 points and 601 gold. It's hard to argue, but it's my first encounter and catch of the Mermaid. I was using the Aqua Base.. (and Partybot with Swiss)..

Pinchy Mouse

Pinchy Mouse Hide your cheese. Hide your cheeks.. Scuttling along the shorelines of Gnawnia, these hungry mice love to pinch cheese from the traps of hunters. They're cute, but don't get too close; those claws are razor-sharp! My catch I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 3 oz. Pinchy mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 323 points and 403 gold. Not very high bounty returns.. Net/dehy/swiss, Partybot works too..

Salt Water Snapper Mouse

Salt Water Snapper Mouse Source of leather for the exquisite BrieBurry and Preda range of hunter pouches, straps and belts.. Decent bounty too..
The Salt Water Snapper mouse swims silently through the water waiting for the perfect moment to pounce upon a hunter's cheese. They may lack the multitude of teeth that their close cousins have, but they'll snap down with equal, if not greater, force when cheese is nearby.
My Catch I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 3 oz. Salt Water Snapper mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 1,978 points and 1,203 gold. Net/Dehy/Swiss, Partybot with few more misses..

Shelder Mouse

Shelder Mouse Haven't caught mine yet.. :( Go ahead and post your catches and trap used..

Shipwrecked Mouse

Shipwrecked Mouse Proven - too much Siren music and coconut milk can have an adverse effect on your sanity.. And the size of your bounty too.
Is that mouse talking to a coconut? As far as the Shipwrecked mouse is concerned, that's its best friend! Solitude and misfortune have long ruined the social skills of these mice. Timid, weak from hunger, and paranoid, this mouse is more threatening than it looks. Starving for fresh cheese, this mildly insane mouse will ambush a trap on sight, which makes it unpredictable and dangerous.
My Catch I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 1 oz. Shipwrecked mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 2,100 points and 91 gold. Net/dehy/swiss, Partybots too. [July 09] Now drops the Sextant..

Siren Mouse

Siren Mouse I wonder if her deadly song also has an effect on hunters, or just the Captain and Shipwrecked mice, despite the description.
The Siren mouse sings a song that welcomes hunters to a grim, watery fate. Never have jagged, sharp rocks sounded so good!
My catch: I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 2 oz. Siren mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 5,199 points and 602 gold. Net/Dehy/swiss.. Also used the PartyBot.

Squeaken Mouse

Squeaken Mouse No, I don't think it squeaks when you squeeze it..
The Squeaken mouse has a menacing presence as it stalks ships at open water. Its powerful limbs toss hunters' traps aside as it quickly grabs the fresh cheese.
My catch: I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught an 8 oz. Squeaken mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 5,521 points and 3,464 gold. Caught it with Net/Dehy/swiss.. Also worked with Partybots, with just a few more misses..

The Other Mouse Hunt Guide

For those of you that have been following the action at the Mouse Hunt Forums, you'd know that a up-and-coming mouse hunt guide was taken down by the author.
I guess in any community, there will be a difference of views and no single view fits everyone's. It's a pity that sometimes things get out of hand and some things just get pushed over the cliff.
But hey, I see that I have received an anonymous comment (at the Huntington post) that Sean's Mousehunt Guide has been found and reposted by someone else. Please enjoy the content there.
The flavour of my Mousehunt Guide is one filled with relatively short posts of spoilers, tips and advice. And lots of cheesy talk..
Would you readers prefer more wordy walkthroughs too? Tell me on my comment link..
I'm making it harder to link to the repost of Sean's MH Guide Main Link because it's taken the other extreme in information sharing. I will however, give a deep link to the reposts.
Crash course MH Guide - Novice .. start your exploration here.
[Above links now removed at the request of the original author - 13July09]
Another guide worth watching is the MH Index, but I wonder why not just start a new website. Traffic baiting?
Otherwise, I'll take a stab at my own walkthrough (just a reserved name for now), but only if I can convince myself that it will add value above all the others out there. I've also got to re-work my very stale mousehuntguide toolbar.. Not to mention the dusty mousehuntmap... Gosh.. I'm really over-extending myself..

Net Cannon Trap

Net Cannon ( 3,000 Hydro Power )

Yup, this is my trap of choice. Luck over Power boost. If any of you have catch stats to show that the Harpoon Gun is better, go on and plug a comment below.

Power Type: Hydro
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: 3%
Luck: 5
Cheese Effect: Stale
Cost: 664,000 gold
Points Required: 3,384,000

Description: Using powerful pneumatics this cannon fires a high tension net at a incredible velocity making it capable of catching the quick mice that lurk in and around water. The net cannon is extremely loud, proper ear protection is recommended.
mhabbr : nc

Harpoon Gun Trap

Harpoon Gun ( 3,000 Hydro Power )

And now you're faced with yet another expensive choice. Unlike the Aqua Base, you have to choose between the Harpoon Gun and the Net Cannon.

Personally, I play on luck instead of power. So my money's on the other trap.

Power Type: Hydro
Power Bonus: 7%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: n/a
Cheese Effect: Stale
Cost: 664,000 gold
Points Required: 3,384,000

Description: Firing an oversized 200 pound spiked projectile makes for an extremely intimidating trap.
mhabbr : hg

Aqua Base

Aqua Base ( 230 Power )
The first scary things you meet at the Huntington II are not the mice - it's the prices of the traps and bases.
Compared to the Dehy and the Polar, the Aqua Base is a much luckier base. But if you're strapped for gold and already own the Dehy, there doesn't seem to be any statistics to prove that you need to shell out good money for it..
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: No Effect
Cost: 124,900 gold
Points Required: 1,140,000
Description: The clear blue water often causes mice to become distracted by their own reflection making an easier target for a trap. [18 june] Ok, I caved and bought the Aqua Base. I'm hoping the little extra luck bonus helps me get the Mermaid Mouse and the Shelder Mouse. Current configuration: PartyBot - Aqua Base Total Power: 3,542 Power Bonus: 15% Attraction Bonus: 15% Total Luck: 33 Cheese Effect: Stale

S.S Huntington II, Rodentia

Ahhhh... the salty breeze.. the swinging hammock.. the rocking *gulp* ship..
Finally, sailing on the SS Huntington II.. And I still have no clue what happened to the earlier ship.
But I guess I better visit the General Store on this boat to equip myself. I see lots of strange fish in the horizon..
I hope I brought enough gold.
[some catch logs for inspiration]
My last 1 day 12 hours of hunting:
S.S. Huntington II: 2 Leviathan, 8 Pinchy, 8 Dwarf, 5 Salt Water Snapper, 7 Briegull, 7 Buccaneer, 4 Siren, 1 Captain, 1 Mermaid, 7 Shipwrecked, 2 Pirate
Total catches: 52
Average weight: 4 oz.
Gold and Points:
55,194 gold gained, 2,662 gold lost
105,648 points gained, 4,159 points lost
52,532 net gold, 101,489 net points.
My last 1 day 15 hours of hunting:
S.S. Huntington II: 7 Pirate, 15 Briegull, 2 Nomad, 6 Salt Water Snapper, 3 Siren, 3 Buccaneer, 2 Pinchy, 2 Shipwrecked, 3 Dwarf, 1 Leviathan, 1 Squeaken
Total catches: 45
Average weight: 4 oz.
Gold and Points:
61,926 gold gained, 4,043 gold lost
72,848 points gained, 1,022 points lost
57,883 net gold, 71,826 net points.

Crafting Item - Ship Blueprints

ITEM : Ship Blueprints 
LOCATION : Catacombs General Store
COST: 750,000 gold - refunds for 3,000
Sometimes discovered by hunters after defeating a Hydra mouse in the Lagoon, these rare prints show how to build a ship capable of sailing the open ocean. 
The plans call for 900 splintered wood, 70 bolts of cloth, 100 coils of rope and 18 scrap metal. 
To captain the ship a hunter will need Legendary experience.
Ok, the heroic way is to hunt down a Hydra at the Lagoon - it's also a way to lose hair by pulling in frustration..
Also, if you follow the plans to the letter, you'd only craft an Unchristened Ship. You need the Bubbleh to complete it..

Unchristened Ship Recipe

This recipe makes 1 Unchristened Ship (ouch as it is..)
100 x Rope
Total Cost: 270,000 - 405,000 (depending on whether you picked up Wood from the mice or went to buy it)
You crafted 1 Unchristened Ship! A mighty ocean vessel awaiting a name. Smash a a bottle of the King's Bubbleh over its stern to be ready to sail to ocean!
Congrats to Clara Lee on being the first to craft the Unchristened Ship recipe.
Crafting the ship this way means that it is possible for Legendary hunters to proceed. Now craft the Unchristened Ship with the King's Reserve Bubbleh and you will get the Ship.

Ship Recipe for Legendary Ranks

SHIP (for Legendary ranks)
This recipe makes 1 Complete Ship 
Total Cost: 480,000 - 1,365,000 (why buy the ship blueprints for 750k gold? Go hunt in the Lagoon)
Whether you use this recipe or the Ship Recipe for Hero Ranks, the end result is the same.
You now get to enter Rodentia's SS Huntington II.

Ship Recipe for Hero Rank and Above

SHIP (for Hero and above)
This recipe makes 1 Complete Ship 
100 x Rope
Total Cost: 480,000 - 1,365,000 (yup, buying the blueprints sets you back 750k gold)
If you are Hero and above in Hunter's Rank, this recipe is safe for you. Otherwise, use the Ship Recipe for Legendary ranks.
Either way, you are now ready to enter Rodentia's SS Huntington II.
Now where's that extra Bubbleh..

Almost Knight

Something you don't get to see everyday..
99.99% Hero..
The Dust Knight cometh.. :)
AND I've caught just ONE Hydra.. With the Ship Blueprints...
I like this day.. don't you?
[ oh nice.. now at Knight 0.o1%.. look what came around]
I sounded the Hunter's Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 7 oz. Scavenger mouse from the Catacombs worth 3,369 points and 5,207 gold. 
The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 scrap metal, 1 Ancient Cheese Curd Potion.
My weapon was very effective against this mouse.
Just 3 more Scraps, and I'm good to sail!

Crafting Item - Rope

ITEM: Rope
LOCATION: Lagoon General Store COST: 600 gold - refunds for 600
DESCRIPTION: Made from fibers found within the vines that grow from the Great Gnarled Tree this brand of rope is incredibly strong.
[For holding up all the sails on the ship]

Crafting Item - Bolt of Cloth

ITEM: Bolt of Cloth
LOCATION: Lagoon General Store COST: 3,000 gold - refunds for 3,000
DESCRIPTION: The finest cloth in all of Gnawnia!
[for the Ship's sails]

Crafting Item - King's Reserve Bubbleh

ITEM: King's Reserve Bubbleh
LOCATION: Lagoon General Store COST: 210,000 gold - refunds for 210,000
DESCRIPTION: This exquisite champagne is the King's favourite way to celebrate something special. Although under guard in the Castle's private cellar, a crafty burglar mouse occasionally steals a crate to sell to general stores. Whether ringing in the new year or christening a ship, the King's Bubbleh never disappoints!
[well, ok, you'd really need this for blessing that darn ship.. Maybe we'd get another bottle during the New Year]

Ranks and Location Access

A quick reference guide to mousehunt locations that are accessible to you by hunter's rank. Locations listed are added incrementally as you gain in mousehunt ranks.
  • Town of Gnawnia | Meadow 
  • Harbour 
  • Mountain 
  • Calm Clearing
  • Laboratory | Town of Digby | Mousoleum
  • Great Gnarled Tree
  • Training Grounds | Dojo | Meditation Room | Pinnacle Chamber
  • Lagoon
  • Bazaar
  • Catacombs | Forbidden Grove | Acolyte Realm
  • SS Huntington II
Hero (around 6,865,521 points)
Knight (above 13,091,776 points)
For these ranks, no location is restricted to you, if you have the maps/keys/etc for the respective areas.
Donor - Technically not a Hunter Rank, but you get a Golden Shield which temporarily ups your traps' luck. Them's the breaks..
As the ranks are not a direct reference to the hunter's experience, I've not placed them here. But you can help me get out a rough range by posting your experience points here, when you switch up a rank.
I'm close to becoming a Knight and my current experience is up there..

Hydra Mouse

You : 2 hands, 1 trap, a bit of gnarled cheese
Hydra Mouse : 3 heads, 6 eyes, lots of teeth..
You kind of figure why this is the hardest mouse to catch at the Lagoon. 
Catching one now is a matter of pride. And of course, to complete your wall of mice.. 
It MAY drop a much needed Ship Blueprint (BP for short) for crafting the Huntington II. You can now buy the blueprint at the Catacombs if you have more money than patience..
The Hydra Mouse may also drop scrap metal..
Suggested Trap : Acro/DDB or your luckiest device (Ronza's Partybot or Snow Barrage)
Suggested Cheese : Gnarled (sigh - shortage of Gnarled Potions)
Show me your stats, people..
Mine so far :
Phillip Radford sounded the Hunter's Horn, but my efforts were fruitless. A Hydra mouse ate a piece of cheese without setting off my trap. 
The power of this mouse crippled my courage, setting me back 2,658 points.
Hurrah! Got it in my FIRST Hydra catch.. Was using Partybot/Dehydration Base/Gnarled
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 3 oz. Hydra mouse from the Lagoon worth 9,638 points and 5,763 gold. 
The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 ship blueprints.
(trivia : Hydra artwork is by a fan. A First for Mousehunt. Opens up a whole lot of opportunities for you creative artists out there)

Tacky Glue Trap

Tacky Glue Trap  ( 70 power )
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: 40%
Luck: 2
Cheese Effect: Stale

If you believe simplest answer is the best, then white glue and some cheese is the way to go!

Starter Trap..

mhabbr : tgt

High Tension Spring Trap

High Tension Spring  ( 75 power )
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: 20%
Luck: 2
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Razor sharp barbs adorn a crushing bar held with over 1000 lbs of tension.

Starter Trap.

This trap enjoys a second wind much much MUCH later in the MouseHunt game. Smash it with your Hunter's Hammer and you'd get the spring parts for a powerful Draconic Trap - The Ice Maiden.

The Fate of Huntington I

The scene for the new areas open with a half sunken vessel. Sharp-eyed mousehunters report the name of the waterlogged vessel as the SS Huntington.
Will we ever know why it sank?
Lucky for us, the rumours of a powerful new mouse at the Lagoon abound. And it's holding a nautical blueprint - which is good enough to craft a whole new ship.
Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to hop to the Lagoon, catch this mouse, collect a few little stuff (yeah right) and craft your SS Huntington II.
This rather quick act will start you officially to the new region Rodentia.

New Area - Rodentia

Finally! Something to do during this weekend!
A new legendary area..
Catch you on the other side..