Red Envelope Mouse - HotT Party

The Red Envelope Mouse

Used the Snob/Dehy/sb+

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Tiger Heart Chest, Satchel of Gold worth 222 gold, Satchel of Gold worth 888 gold.

There is a tradition among the mice who participate in the Lunar New Year celebrations. Some mice exchange red envelopes with each other, filled with gold that they have looted from poor, unsuspecting hunters. Red boxes, red envelopes? Coincidence? We think not.

Romeno Mouse - HotT Party

The Romeno (pronounced Ro-me-NO!) mouse is all er.. a glitter during this valentine's party bash.

Too easy to catch, he usually drops 2-3 pieces of Cheddar, Marble and Swiss Cheese per set. And once in a while, the DHU- too.
No points and only 300+ gold.
Eh! How you doin'? You caught the Romeno Mouse, the Romeo Mouse's number-one wing man! He may have a bit of a spare tire on the old midsection, but that's just more Romeno for the lady mice to love, uh? Uh? You can catch him out on the dance floor every night at the Rodent Cabana, pulling all the latest disco moves like it's 1976. To all the lady mice that don't like his style, he says: C'maaaaaan. . . lemme be *your* hero sandwich, baby!

Romeo Mouse - HotT Party

The Romeo Mouse's the shine of the HotT Party.

Catches for about 998 points and 1200 gold. Usually also drops the DLU+ loot.

The lady mice love confidence, and the Romeo Mouse has got it in spades. He's also got a set of abs that he can form into various letters of the alphabet. Impressed yet? You know you are. Some might think that someone as attractive as the Romeo mouse might be unavailable, but they would be wrong. He's got plenty of time between posing for romance novel covers to meet a new lady friend.

Costumed Tiger Mouse - HotT Party

The Costumed Tiger Mouse hints of a new Trap, the Onyx Mallet. Maybe we'd see how to build it before the end of the Heart of the Tiger Party.

About 1500 points and 890 gold per catch. Known to drop the Tiger Mast too.

Usually, there are two mice who dance in this costume for the New Years parade, but this year the mouse that holds up the back end of the tiger costume was sick. So, its partner gets to have all the fun, dancing in the parade, eating all the candy, nearly getting squished by a multitude of Onyx Mallet traps set out by hunters. . . On second thought, maybe the sick mouse was the luckier partner after all.

Dumpling Chef Mouse - HotT Party

Yum yum.. The Dumpling Mouse is my current favorite catch.

Gives 2884 points and 3003 gold.

Keep those dim sums coming!

With hard work, commitment to using only the finest ingredients, and an impressive sense of balance, the Dumpling Chef Mouse makes its living cooking dumplings for the bewhiskered masses. It serves thousands of dumplings a day to hungry travelers, filled with seasoned grass, wheat seeds, and, plenty of cheese, of course. The most popular of its dumplings is the Furoma Firecracker, filled with cheddar, provolone, and an extra-spicy monterey jack!

Heart Of The Tiger Party!

Somehow you knew that the crater left behind by the Festive Comet was going to be the new happening place. The Heart of the Tiger Party is ON!

Hunters planning to sneak there for a romantic night gazing at the moon's reflection are now met with hordes of horning (if not horny) others gathering there for the Second Greatest Party of the Year!

Yup, the Lunar New Year is a great reason to have another great one. And no, that shooting star you see is probably a leftover from the regular New Year's fireworks.

But everyone's here to celebrate the Year of the Tiger and to enjoy a Valentine's evening together with everyone else. Definitely going to be a HotT Party place.

Hands to yourself, behave, and take a look at what's lined up so far.

  • Four new prize mice
  • Two returning mice
  • A few dressed up mice for the occasion
  • Gift Shoppe's open
  • Seems to be a mask collection thingy going on (paper Dragon | Ox | Tiger)

Meeces to Pieces

Eagerly awaiting MH 3.0! You can read about the sneak peeks here.

The re-organization of the mice will be a good welcome. I can see why newer hunters would be totally lost with the mice at the Bristle Woods Locations.

Sure, you'd need at least a Shadow Trap to catch the Shadow Mice. But an Arcane Trap works better.

You'd also need the Arcane Trap (Acronym) to catch the Forgotten Mice (and of course, the shadow mice). But THAT Arcane Trap would be generally too weak for the Acolyte Mouse (Arcane), so you'd need the Ancient Box Trap (which is a Forgotten type Trap).

Of course everyone knows that you probably can't use the Acronym (Arcane) nor the Ancient Box Trap (Forgotten) on the Dragon Mouse because it's a Arcane type.. er..

So you'd need to build a Draconic Type Ice-Maiden Trap that seems to attract more of the Whelpings and the Wardens (which are Physical types) than the Dragons..

Yes, it'll be good if they discover the true heritage of those pesky mice..

Base Comparison for Tactical Traps

The Horrific Venus Mouse Trap wins the Tactical Power charts hands down, with which, you'd whip the Nerg Plains. So you'd want to upgrade your Thorned Venus Mouse Trap as soon as possible. If you're a seasoned hunter and already have the Ambush, then give the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap a miss.

Not much difference between the Giant Speaker and the Blastoff. But if you did manage to grab these limited editions from Ronza at end 2009, you might be able to forgo the Ambush due to the luck factor.

If you're only just starting out - you'd probably want to get the normal Venus Mouse Trap before the ZLM. The Mutated VMT might be more reachable too.

Nothing beats the Snow Barrage for luck. And with it primed up on the Explosive base, it's power is on par with a few trap combinations of the VMT.

Base Comparison for Physical Traps

A comparison table of bases for those of us who prefer graphical images.

I've drawn up a chart showing the effects of the power bonus with some traps. It's only showing the stronger physical traps but the message is clear - Tribal Rocks!

That is, if you need power to catch that pesky mouse, you'd be better off with a Tribal Base than a Magma. Of course, you'd also want to balance it off with other factors like luck and attraction.

For weaker traps, the power line flattens out. You would have to play more to the other qualities.

Do you want to see a comparison chart of the other Trap Power Types?