Ronza On a New Year's Day

Hey All, Ronza is back again, and there's no telling how long she's going to be staying. This time, she's stocked up with the Polar Base. Yup, that's right. Yours for only 60k gold. And you'd need 90k experience points to be able to work it. Go to Ronza's moored location via the Town of Gnawnia and it would only cost you 50 g in travel costs.

Polled: The White Cheddar Comparison

Thanks for joining in the Poll. These were the results after 310 votes: Poll: In your experience, how does the White Cheddar compare? 177(57%) Pfft.. Feels like normal Cheddar, no improvement. 92 (29%) Strength of Marble, but lower catch frequency. 20 ( 6%) Strength better than Marble, total catch value about the same. 21 ( 6%) Strength like Swiss, but lower catch frequency. So what's the conclusion? If you purchased the crafting items at the Harbour, it'd cost you 10 gold per White Cheddar. So that's the same price as a normal Cheddar. You'd miss out attracting the more common mice with these, but you'd have about the same chance of catching whatever the Marble can.. So this becomes a ROI comparison of time vs value of catch. My take? If you're an Apprentice and hunting at the Harbour, are really in a pinch for gold and can't afford the 900 gold trip back to the harbour after reloading on cheese, the White Cheddar's a very viable option. However, once you've leveled up to Journeyman and started hunting in the mountains, you'd be on Swiss and probably will never need to look back on this option. Happy Hunting!

Worker Mouse

The Worker Mouse is a nice distraction to catch, mainly because it drops 2000+ gold. Found busily cleaning up around the Training Grounds and the Pagoda.

Monk Mouse

Personally, the Monk Mouse gives me less trouble than the rest of the Master mice.. May be the effect of too many Students of the Cheese Fangs around.. Essentially an interference to your timeline in trying to get more tokens, giving you 500+ gold for your time.

Master of the Dojo

The Master of the Dojo (aka Mojo) is currently the main man mouse to knock down at the Pinnacle Chamber of the Pagoda. Only responds to the Rumble, and you'd almost always need the Ambush Trap to even get a chance for success. Drops the Onyx.

Crafting Item - Lump of Coal

An unusual gift given at Christmas by the ASM.. Some say it's a traditional practise.. Other's say it's a down-payment for the diamond some day.. Anyway, it sits in the Crafting menu. My wild guess is that it'll come into play when the Salt mines open, being an ingredient of some coal-cheese that attracts a mutated diamond mouse. This mouse would drop shards of diamond which you can make a valentine's day gift.. :) [We find out the use for this, the week before Valentine's. It's an ingredient for the crafting of the Obelisk of Incineration Trap. Now dropped by the Scavenger Mouse. Would be fun if it were crapped by the Diamond mouse]

Polar Base

So far, only available as a Christmas gift. Polar Base ( 200 power )
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Insanely Fresh With this specifications, it's the perfect replacement for the Stone Base.
Picture of the Snow Barrage on the Polar Base here. [latest on a New Year's Day - Ronza's selling it for 60k gold. Grab it now!]

Munching Christmas Savories

First Bunuelos Did you get good presents from the Elf and Abominable Snow mouse? I did get a lump of coal, lots of goodies but no Polar Base. It does look good, but the reception at the MH discussion boards appear, well, cold and icy.. But no matter, it should be on regular sale soon, so you can test it out for yourself later. Second Bunuelos Guess it's no ho-ho matter for those of you that missed out on Ronza's Snob either. We now know that she stays only for about 2-4 days, and leaves with no fanfare - probably to escape the tax-man after making much sales. Moral of the story? Start saving now. Probably the hardest advise to those below Grandmaster levels, but you folks need to hear this. Have a stash of gold (or yes, a cheese bank) somewhere that you will not use for bait. Don't convert all your gold to cheese due to the mouse-steal effect. But start stashing Cheddars aside so that you are not tempted to overspend on marble and swiss. You don't really need the strength of Brie until you reach the Lab. Use the Travel Planner aggressively. It's crazy the amount you save when you follow the cheapest routes. Don't buy all similar grade traps. If you already have the High Tension Spring, you do not need to buy the Glue Trap. Stick with it and save for the next grade. Set a far goal. Say that you're saving up for the Bottomless Grave. I actually still can't own it, but along the way, this helped me get quite a number of good things along the way. Join MH Support groups. The MH community is huge, and many senior players like to help the newer ones out. And they do it via mentor schemes, games and quizzes and loads of other fun ways. The Toolbar lists the major support groups (above 500 members) out there, but if you spend some time on the discussion boards, you might be able to find a smaller niche group that you could warm up to. Third Bunuelos Don't beg. Never beg. And if you do beg, don't get abusive. There are FB games that probably encourage abusive begging. Mousehunt ISN'T one of them. Fourth Bunuelos (pants getting tight) For those of us at the Pagoda (Furoma), remember that you only need the make the Master Seal once! And that's for the Ambush Trap. Using the Master Seal to make Rumble Cheese only gets you ONE piece. Alrightly then, until next time.. Feliz Navidad, J

Master of the Cheese Fang

Master of the Cheese Fang. Straight to the point. Attracted by the Combat Cheese. Also found training at the mediation rooms.. Drops Cheese Fang Shard. I catch these easily, but I hear other hunters are suffering with these. I have a theory that for each hunter, 2 out of 3 types of Masters are relatively easier to catch. What say you?

Master of the Cheese Claw

I'm surprised that the Pagoda's still standing, given that all the Master of the Cheese Claw like training indoors.. They are found in the meditation room and are attracted to the Susheese. They drop the Cheese Claw Shard when caught.

Master of the Cheese Belt

The Master of the Cheese Belt is only attracted to the Glutter. This is currently the bane of my game.. 27 pieces of Glutter eaten and still zero catches.. Drops the Cheese Belt Shard. Hopefully..

Merry Christmas to all Mouse Hunters!!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, fellow hunters.. Don't forget that you still have a bunch of presents under the Christmas Tree.. Of course, for us addicts that are already shoving and pushing our way to unwrap the gifts, we are experiencing a slight overload to MH application servers and are seeing some error pages. Go get some ale or eggnog, and come back a little later.. Some of the regular goodies include Super Brie (green gifts), normal brie, hunters research, potions of all sorts and some new stuff.. New stuff? That's the Polar Base (that some of you spotted the devs testing) and a lump of coal (hmm.. maybe something for the New Year's Giveaway 2009).. The Polar base will be sold regularly soon, for those of us who didn't get it tonight. That's all for now.. back to the party.. Remember. Don't drink and load your traps.

King's Reward - Moon Cheese

Anyone got Moon Cheese as King's Reward? Heard some hunters getting this today. Looks like things are gearing up for the new area at the Mousoleum. Start saving up for the map repair work by the Cartographer, folks! If memory serves me right, it'll be a 5 day fix costing 225k gold.

Poll: White Cheddar

Haven't done a poll in a while. Gives me a chance to test the Poll display of this new Guide template. This one's mainly for the ranks of Journeyman and below, or for those that have challenges buying Swiss or Brie on a regular basis. Does the White Cheddar work well for you? Where would you peg it in terms of effectiveness? Please use the voting buttons above. Let me know as comments here, if more voting options are required.

Musing Over Coffee

First Cuppa I wonder why Ronza left us so suddenly with such a short notice yesterday. Maybe she was rushing to get out before the next snow storm hit. At least she dropped off all unsuspecting hunters at the Town of Gnawnia.. Sorry to hear about all those that missed out on buying the Snob. Second Cuppa Mmmm.. the Dehydration Base keeps cheese really fresh.. Would be a good combi for those that had bought the Deathbot (Chrome) when Ronza was previously around. Has anyone tried that yet? Hmm.. but salt and metal... Rust bucket ahead... [waves to waiter] Third Cuppa The Mousehunt Tracker looks neat.. Looks like it has lotsa potential as a community tool. Came across this when I was boasting about my presents for Christmas.. Looks like Patch/Peter will have some creative competition in the near future. Fourth Cuppa Wow. Just realised that the Find Entries Searchbox on this Guide is rather strong. It's not the full-fledged Google/Google Custom Search, but it will find every word (or keyword) on the guide. But it matches on the full word (or words, but not phrase) itself, so something like "Ronza" brings back different results from "Ronza's". Check it out now.. Fifth Cuppa (with a dash of whiskey) I've done most of the internal linking for the new items in MH 2.0 already. Still have a couple of mouse pictures to post. Still wondering how to balance the count of posts so that the Cheese Larder on the right looks more helpful. May have to start tweaking code.. bleah.. Any suggestions on how this Guide can be made better for you, do drop me a comment.. Cheers, Jester

Student of the Cheese Claw Mouse

The Student of the Cheese Claw mouse also trains intensively at the Dojo. Thankfully he's weakness to Swiss is evident. Tactical traps works best. Sometimes drops the Token of the Cheese Claw.

Student of the Cheese Belt Mouse

Munch munch! The Student of the Cheese Belt mouse is a pushover for Swiss and tactical traps. It drops the Token of the Cheese Belt. Don't let the seeming weakness of the student think it's going to be easy with the Master. I've had 18 Glutters lost in a row with the greedy Masters.

Student of the Cheese Fang Mouse

I guess we now know where the rest of the female mice were hiding out.. The petite Student of the Cheese Fang mice train mainly in the Dojo of the Furoma Grounds. They have simple tastes, settling usually for Swiss. Brie works too, but not absolutely necessary for the budget conscious. Use tactical traps for best results. Sometimes drop the Token of the Cheese Fang.

Hapless Mouse

The Hapless Mouse can be found sweeping the floors of the Pagoda. Sometimes drop the Ambush Trap Blueprints when caught.

My Christmas Tree's Getting Crowded

Magically Wrapped Gift ( x3 ) These gifts are specially prepared in Santa's workshop and have a magic glow about them. There is sure to be something special inside! Gift ( x9 ) In their mad dash to escape hunters, the thieving elf mice dropped a large quantity of these red gifts across the Gnawnia Mountains. The dropped gifts were quickly picked up by other mice, further spreading them across the Kingdom! Caught 1 Elf and 3 ASMs at the Lab, 3 Elves at the Dojo. Will update as necessary.. :) Feel free to leave comments about your own progress..

Ronza's Christmas Round

Ronza's braved the snow storm to bring us some goodies! The Snow Barrage Trap is a must-buy at only 140k gold, within reach to most intermediate MouseHunt gamers. She also trades Swiss Cheese and Splintered Wood, so you can sell off these if you're a few pieces short of a gold bag. :) Moored at Gnawnia, it only costs 50g to travel to Ronza's Travelling Shoppe after you visit the Town of Gnawnia first. Hurry on there before she blows away..

Snow Barrage Trap

Ronza's back and you just gotta grab this limited edition trap she's brought along. Snow Barrage - Seen here on an Explosive Base Total Power: 2,188 Power Bonus: 25% Attraction Bonus: 25% Total Luck: 28 (!!!) Current Bait: 251 pieces of Swiss Cheese Effect: Fresh Now available for only 140,600 Gold And you only need 68,000 points to qualify. The SNOw Barrage is now affectionately abbreviated as the Snob. :) Added this pix of the Snob on the Polar Base, coz it simply looks cool..

Harbour General Store

Just when you thought you'd never have to smell the salty-fishy air again.. You'd have to make a trip to the harbour if you want the blueprints for the Dehydration Base. It'll cost you about 22k in gold. And when you're there, stock up on Curds and Whey (C&W) too. Loads of it. At 8pp, it's 20% cheaper than at any other General Stores. With a trip to the Harbour costing 900 gold, you'd need to buy 450 C&Ws to break even on costs. Since C&W is a key ingredient for all the crafted cheese, you can't go wrong with buying masses of this. I'd recommend buying at least 1000 C&W (8000 gold). If you never want to come back to the Harbour again, go for broke.. [Hmm.. I wonder what kind of cows and milk they have there, but currently, the cheapest place to get Curds and Whey is at the Catacombs (3pp).. Cowacombs?]

Cheese Banking No Longer Works

For gamers of old that have used this exploit, the devs have revealed that this strategy does not work.
Re: Dave's comment about the cheese bank - if you put your gold into cheddar, and don't bait your trap with it, the mice can't nick it, can they? I've found the cheddar bank thing quite handy. You just make sure store cheddar which you never use in the higer level areas. Problem solved (ish).
This accomplishes nothing - If you have no gold they steal the cheese baited on your trap. This means they steal expensive cheese instead of your cheddar that you have banked. Keeping in mind that the number of pieces are rounded up based on how much gold they would of stolen it means they steal more gold worth of cheese than they would of actually stolen in gold. I'm a game developer and personally coded this part of the game - Trust me, you're worse off. Dave Vanderburg 18:18, 8 November 2008 (UTC)
So there's now NO REASON to do the cheese banking trick. Just let the mouse take what it wants.. Until you buy a stronger trap.. :)

Trap Recipe - Dehydration Base

This recipe makes 1 x Dehydration Base
1 x Dehydration blueprints
213 x Salt
4 x Splintered Wood
225 power
Power Bonus: n/a
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: Insanely Fresh
A base made out of salt! Besides causing mild irritation to mouse paws, the salt also seems quite excellent at keeping bait fresh.

Journeyman beware! There is a high chance that you could FAIL crafting this base. That means you could lose all your ingredients. Master ranks have (so far) a perfect record in crafting the Dehy Base, so you might want to wait.

mhabbr : dehy

Trap Recipe - Ambush Trap

This recipe makes 1 Ambush Trap
1 x Masters Seal
1 x Ambush Trap Blueprint
8 x Droid Parts
3 x Rice Paper
5 x Wood
Description: 3000 power
Power Bonus: 5%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 12
Cheese effect: Positive

This peaceful setting for tea and a light snack appears to be the perfect spot for war-hardened mice to pause for some peaceful rest and meditation. Yet behind a thin paper wall lies a robot ambush of epic proportions! The loyal droids follow the will of their controlling hunter to either capture and exile mice or use their high speed reflexes for a heavy battle that is sure to erupt into various explosions and montages.

You might note that you'd require 5 crafting items to make this trap. This means that you have to be a Legendary to be able to SAFELY make the Ambush. You may also attempt this at a Grandmaster level, but you risk losing all the items should you fail to craft it. More about Crafting Slots at the MouseHunt Crafting Guide

mhabbr : bush

Master Seal Recipe

MASTER SEAL: This recipe makes 1 Master Seal 1 x Master Fang Shard 1 x Master Claw Shard 1 x Master Belt Shard Total cost per piece: 0 Description: The masters of all three Furoma schools focus their power and knowledge by unifying their consciousness under a single seal. The result is an almost unstable magical force that can manifest itself into a morsel of cheese that far exceeds the power of the masters. Jester's Tip: You should only need to make the Master Seal ONCE. And it's used ONLY when crafting the Ambush Trap. Do NOT use this for the Rumble, because you will only make 1 piece.

Crafting Item - Hydration Base Blueprints

ITEM: Hydration Base Blueprints LOCATION: Sold at the Harbour's General Store COST: 22,330 gold DESCRIPTION: These blueprints are required to craft the crude, yet effective dehydration base from four splintered wood and over 200 salt. Although the salty base does not have the most power, it is well suited for keeping bait fresh.

Crafting Item - Ambush Trap Blueprints

ITEM: Ambush Trap Blueprints LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Training Grounds and Dojo (Furoma) by the Assassin and Hapless mice. COST: None DESCRIPTION: These blueprints are vital in knowing how to construct the Ambush tactical trap. These prints show how to set up the eight required droids as well as how to construct a wall separator from splintered wood, rice paper and a Furoma Master's Seal. Be warned, Grandmasters have been known to ruin the trap parts during assembly!

Crafting Item - Onyx Stone

ITEM: Onyx Stone
LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Pinnacle Chamber (Furoma) by the Master of Dojo Mouse
COST: None
DESCRIPTION: Argued to be the source of power for the Masters of the Dojo, this magical stone is extremely rare and valuable. This stone seems to not have a use... perhaps its purpose will be revealed eventually.

Once left alone, this item has suddenly gained preeminence with it's discovered use in making the OMG cheese and the Onyx Mallet Trap.

Crafting Item - Master Fang Shard

ITEM: Master Fang Shard LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Meditation Room (Furoma) by the Master of the Cheese Fang mouse COST: None DESCRIPTION: This shard comprises the Cheese Fang portion of a Master's Seal.

Crafting Item - Master Belt Shard

ITEM: Master Belt Shard LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Meditation Room (Furoma) by the Master of the Cheese Belt mouse COST: None DESCRIPTION: This shard comprises the Cheese Belt portion of a Master's Seal.

Crafting Item - Master Claw Shard

ITEM: Master Claw Shard LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Meditation Room (Furoma) by the Master of the Cheese Claw mouse COST: None DESCRIPTION: This shard comprises the Cheese Claw portion of a Master's Seal.

Crafting Item - Token Cheese Fang

ITEM: Token of the Cheese Fang LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Dojo (Furoma) by the Student of the Cheese Fang mouse COST: None DESCRIPTION: The glowing ruby in the center of these tokens symbolizes the power of focused aggression that is the core of the teachings of the Cheese Fang. The magical energy of these tokens must be released to create Combat cheese.

Crafting Item - Token Cheese Belt

ITEM: Token of the Cheese Belt LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Dojo (Furoma) by the Student of the Cheese Belt mouse COST: None DESCRIPTION: A Furoma sapphire is regarded as a symbol of tranquil meditation. The School of the Cheese Belt harnesses this magical energy to suppress their once insatiable cravings for cheese. Unleashing the power within the sapphire will materialize all the cravings it has absorbed and is vital in the process of creating glutter cheese.

Crafting Item - Token Cheese Claw

ITEM: Token of the Cheese Claw LOCATION: Loot dropped in the Dojo (Furoma) by the Student of the Cheese Claw mouse COST: None DESCRIPTION: Cheese Claw tokens harness magical jade gems to encapsulate the teachings of the Claw School. The magic essence of these tokens is a vital ingredient in creating the sacred Susheese, a preferred meal of the Masters of the Cheese Claw.

Elf Mouse

The Elf Mouse Thanks, Joel Morris (Australia) !
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 5 oz. Elf mouse from the Town of Gnawnia worth 896 points and 755 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot: 1 magically wrapped gift, 2 gifts. Trebuchet/Target/Marble Hunters’ Lore (All Regions) * Population: Hardly Existent * Catches: 149 * Average Weight: 4 oz. * Heaviest Catch: 8 oz. Hunters’ Lore (Gnawnia) * Population: Scarce * Catches: 62 * Average Weight: 4 oz. * Heaviest Catch: 8 oz.
I hope I catch mine soon too! [update: Yay! I've caught my Elf too! Less than 12h, at the same place and trap combi, when I caught my ASM]

Abominable Snow Mouse

Yay! Just caught one Abominable Snow Mouse for myself at the Lab! Was using the zlg/exp/swiss.. This one carried a Red Gift! I'll have something to look forward to this Christmas! Have a Great Christmas Week !

Recipes to the Toolbar

Your favorite MHG Toolbar just got better! The new craftable cheese recipes are now just two-clicks away. They have now been added to the Toolbar under the heading "Recipes". Trap recipes are coming up as posts real soon and will be included there too... *phew* I'd just about halfway through listing all the new stuff that's been out on mousehunt 2.0 and I'm loving it! It's a wonderful journey, so I'm enjoying myself with it. Also, by now you'd realise that this Guide has a new look. Hope you like it! It's also a little wider than the old one - hope it still all fits on your screens without having to scroll left and right. Enjoy!

Cheese Recipe - Rumble

RUMBLE version 1: This recipe makes ~~~3 pieces of Rumble~~~ PLEASE NOTE: You need to use SHARDS for this recipe and not Tokens. Also, you must be at least Legendary or above to craft Rumble using this recipe or you will lose all your ingredients and have no cheese to show for it :( Also, do NOT use the Master Seal - you will end up with only ONE Rumble. 20 x Curds and Whey 1 x Ionized Salt 1 x Master Fang Shard 1 x Master Claw Shard 1 x Master Belt Shard Total cost per piece: Maximum 217pp, minimum 203pp Cheese effect: Little is known about the origins of Rumble cheese. Many hunters suspect it is an invention of the Furoma forces designed to somehow destroy Gnawnia. This cheese appears to be incredibly unstable and radiate a mysterious power outwards from its center. The power of Rumble cheese intimidates all mice, scaring them away yet some hunters believe it is the key to attracting powerful, malicious mice. Should you choose to use this bait think long and hard if you are strategically prepared for the adversary it may summon. RUMBLE version 2: This recipe makes only ~~~1 piece of Rumble~~~ 20 x Curds and Whey 1 x Master Seal 1 x Ionized Salt Total cost per piece: Maximum 650pp, minimum 610pp Cheese effect: Little is known about the origins of Rumble cheese. Many hunters suspect it is an invention of the Furoma forces designed to somehow destroy Gnawnia. This cheese appears to be incredibly unstable and radiate a mysterious power outwards from its center. The power of Rumble cheese intimidates all mice, scaring them away yet some hunters believe it is the key to attracting powerful, malicious mice. Should you choose to use this bait think long and hard if you are strategically prepared for the adversary it may summon. The Master of the Dojo craves the Rumble.

Cheese Recipe - Combat

COMBAT: This recipe makes 3 pieces of Combat 5 x Curds and Whey 3 x Tokens of the Cheese Fang 1 x Paint Brand Paint 1 x Splintered Wood Total cost per piece: Maximum 320pp, minimum 310pp Cheese effect: This cheese is specially prepared swiss mounted on combat dummies and adorned with a target. Masters of the Cheese Fang often use this apparatus to teach students combat techniques as well as help decrease their mental weakness to cheese. Be warned! Should a Master of the Cheese Fang see a hunter using a chunk of this as bait it will surely cause them to challenge the hunter to defend the honor of the school.

Cheese Recipe - Glutter

GLUTTER: This recipe makes 3 pieces of Glutter 7 x Curds and Whey 3 x Tokens of the Cheese Belt 1 x Cheesy Fluffs 1 x Invisi-Glu Total cost per piece: Maximum 200pp, minimum 186pp Cheese effect: This cheese is the result of the careful art of fusing a seemingly infinite quantity of flavours into a single cube of cheese. This decadent bait seems to be the only cheese capable of breaking the will power of the Masters of Cheese Belt.

Cheese Recipe - Susheese

SUSHEESE: This recipe makes 3 pieces of Susheese 3 x Curds and Whey 3 x Tokens of the Cheese Claw 1 x Burroughs Salmon 1 x Nori Total cost per piece: Maximum 185pp, minimum 179pp Cheese effect: Considered somewhat of an acquired taste, Susheese is the traditional meal of the school of the Cheese Claw. The combination of delicious brie and fish fresh out of the Burroughs River seems to be the only bait that will attract the Masters of the Cheese Claw.

Cheese Recipe - White Cheddar

WHITE CHEDDAR This recipe makes 1 piece of White Cheddar 1 x Curds and Whey 1 x Salt Total cost per piece: Maximum 13pp, minimum 5pp Cheese effect: This cheese is rather poor at attracting mice. However it seems that its unique scent drives away the white, grey and brown breeds of mice. Alternatively, this is a really cheap way to get Stale Cheese. Just use weak traps with stale cheese effect in a tough location.

Crafting Item - Droid Parts

ITEM: Droid Parts LOCATION: Bazaar (Burroughs) General Store COST: 7750 - refunds for 7750 DESCRIPTION: These basic parts are capable of assembling a variety of droids all for different purposes. Popular assembly choices include: high speed rotating droids with swords, droids with powerful clamps for hands on the end of arms that rocket eject, and droids that violently shake before self destructing. The sky's the limit!

Crafting Item - Ionized Salt

ITEM: Ionized Salt LOCATION: Bazaar (Burroughs) General Store COST: 450 - refunds for 150 DESCRIPTION: Imported from the Salt Mines, this salt has a high mineral content and is extremely conductive. Little is known about what possible uses this salt could have. Working with this salt carries a high risk of electrocution, extreme dehydration, and destruction on a universal scale. Handle with extreme care!

Crafting Item - Paint-brand Paint

ITEM: Paint-brand Paint (paint) LOCATION: Bazaar (Burroughs) General Store COST: 120 - refunds for 30 DESCRIPTION: This strange brand of paint is frequently imported by Ronza and seems to almost be alive, able to take on any colour it wishes.

Crafting Item - Cheesy Fluffs

ITEM: Cheesy Fluffs (fluffs) LOCATION: Bazaar (Burroughs) General Store COST: 80 - refunds for 10 DESCRIPTION: A generous-sized bag full of oily morsels of cheese in a wide variety of flavours. This yummy treat is hard for both mouse and hunter to resist!

Crafting Item - Invisi-glu

ITEM: Invisi-glu (glu) LOCATION: Bazaar (Burroughs) General Store COST: 50 - Refunds for 5 DESCRIPTION: This successful brand of glue is colourless, orderless, yet surprisingly toxic! Great for combining ingredients, such as Cheesy Fluffs brand cheese morsels.

Crafting Item - Rice Paper

ITEM: Rice Paper
LOCATION: Training Grounds (Furoma) General Store
COST: 220 - refunds for 220
DESCRIPTION: This delicate paper is perfect for making room dividing walls.

Crafting Item - Burroughs Salmon

ITEM: Burroughs Salmon (salmon)
LOCATION: Training Grounds (Furoma) General Store
COST: 150 - refunds for 50
DESCRIPTION: The pollution being pumped into the Burroughs River seems to cause the local salmon to grow to massive proportions. Thinly sliced pieces of this tasty fish make for perfect Susheese.

Crafting Item - Nori

ITEM: Nori
LOCATION: Training Grounds (Furoma) General Store
COST: 5 - refunds for 5
DESCRIPTION: Made from fresh seaweed growing along the shores near the base of the Gnawnia Mountains, nori is frequently used for preparing Susheese.

Crafting Item - Splintered Wood

ITEM: Splintered Wood (wood)
LOCATION: Training Grounds (Furoma) General Store
COST: 150 - refunds for 1
DESCRIPTION: This wood is harvested from the northern forests of Furoma, where the trees almost seem to fight back against the hatchets. Perfect for building combat apparatus.

It has been reported that Dwarf Mice at the Mountains may drop some pieces of wood.

The Worker Mouse may also drop a few of these when tripped up.

Crafting Item - Salt

ITEM: Salt DESCRIPTION: Gnawnia salt is collected from the seawater around the Harbour where it is known for its magical cleanliness. Salt is a very common ingredient used in a variety of cheese flavours. LOCATION - COST (Buy/Refund in Gold) :
  • Harbour (Gnawnia) - (2/1) [Best Buy!]
  • Training Grounds - (3/1)
  • Bazaar General Store - (2/1) [Best Buy!]
  • Catacombs - (10/1) 
  • Cape Clawed - (10/1)

Crafting Item - Curds and Whey

ITEM: Curds and Whey (C&W) DESCRIPTION: Curds and whey are a common ingredient in a variety of cheese flavours. Elaborate flavours often require a greater quantity than more basic flavours. LOCATION - COST (Buy/Refund in Gold) :
  • Harbour (Gnawnia) - (8/1)
  • Training Grounds - (10/1)
  • Bazaar General Store - (10/1)
  • Catacombs - (3/1) [Best Buy!]
  • Cape Clawed - (10/1)

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Crafting 101

The MouseHunt Crafting Guide was created to make the whole ‘crafting’ experience a lot more fun and a little less daunting. Thanks, Tess Ofner, for your untiring efforts.. WHAT IS CRAFTING? Under your ‘inventory’ there is now a new tab called ‘crafting’. You will need to purchase and collect various ingredients and items in order to create (otherwise known as ‘crafting’) various cheeses and other items which you will need as you progress in the game. If you click on your crafting tab, you will see a form to the left. This form allows you to experiment with combining different items of varying quantity. If you try a combination that does not create an item you will keep your ingredients unless you have used the red slot. Using the red slot may (but does not always), result in failing to craft an item and losing all of the ingredients you attempted to combine. As you level up you will become less likely to fail when crafting because more and more ‘safe’ slots become available to you. When you have successfully crafted an item it is added to your inventory under its appropriate tab (i.e. cheese or traps). CRAFTING SLOTS Crafting slots are what allow you to combine various items. You can combine however many safe items you wish (in whatever quantity you choose) as your level allows. The safe/red slots for each level are as follows: * Novices cannot craft items. * As an Apprentice you have 1 safe slot and 1 red slot – a total of 2. * As a Journeyman you have 2 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 3. Therefore Journeymen can safely make White Cheddar. * As a Master you have 3 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 4. * As a Grandmaster you have 4 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 5. Therefore Grandmasters can safely make Susheese, Glutter & Combat Cheese as well as Rumble Recipe B. As a GM, if you try to make Rumble Recipe A, you WILL lose all your ingredients – this has been verified by one very sad hunter, so don’t try it! * As a Legendary you have 5 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 6. Therefore Legendaries can safely make Rumble Recipe A. * As a Hero you have 6 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 7. * As a Knight you have 7 safe slots and 1 red slot – a total of 8. WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE THERE & WHERE ARE THEY? You can find the following ingredients in the General Store at the Harbour (Gnawnia): * Curds and Whey (C&W) (cost 8 gold) * Salt (cost 2 gold) You can find the following items in the General Store at the Training Grounds (Furoma): * C&W (cost 10 gold) * Salt (cost 3 gold) * Splintered Wood (Wood) (cost 150 gold) * Nori (cost 5 gold) * Burroughs Salmon (Salmon) (cost 150 gold) You can find the following items in the General Store at the Bazaar (Burroughs). Note that you must have collected a Bazaar ticket in the Training Grounds before you can access this area: * C&W (cost 10 gold) * Salt (cost 2 gold) * Invisi-glu (Glu) (cost 50 gold) * Cheesy Fluffs (Fluffs) (cost 80 gold) * Paint-brand Paint (Paint) (cost 120 gold) * Ionized Salt (cost 450 gold) The following items can only be collected as loot in the Dojo, the Meditation Room and the Pinnacle Chamber in Furoma: * Tokens of the Cheese Claw, Belt and Fang dropped as loot in the Dojo by the Students of the Cheese Claw, Belt and Fang mice respectively. * Master Fang, Claw and Belt Shards dropped as loot in the Meditation Room by the Masters of the Cheese Fang, Claw and Belt mice respectively. * Onyx Stone dropped by the Master of Dojo Mouse in the Pinnacle Chamber. HOW TO CRAFT CHEESE AND OTHER ITEMS Ok, so now that you know what crafting is, how to do it and where to find the necessary ingredients, what can you make? Thanks to the pioneering efforts of some brave and very patient hunters, most of the work has been done for you. Here are the recipes for the cheeses and other items that have so far been discovered: * White Cheddar: Makes 1 - 1 x Curds & Whey (C&W) & 1 x Salt. * Susheese: Makes 3 - 3 x C&W, 3 x Claw Tokens, 1 x Salmon & 1 x Nori. * Glutter: Makes 3 - 7 x C&W, 3 x Belt Tokens, 1 x Fluffs & 1 x Glu. * Combat: Makes 3 - 5 x C&W, 3 x Fang Tokens, 1 x Paint & 1 x Wood. * Rumble A: Makes 3 - NOTE: You need to use SHARDS for this recipe and not Tokens. 20 x C&W, 1 x Ionized Salt, 1 x each of Master Fang, Claw and Belt Shards. * Rumble B: Makes 1 - 20 x C&W, 1 x Master Seal & 1 x Ionized Salt. * Master Seal: Makes 1 - 1 x each of Master Fang, Claw and Belt Shards. [I've separated each recipe and ingredient into it's own post. It's now easier to find -You can access them via the Menu bar on top of this page - Jester]

MH2 Travel Planner

You've probably noticed that the fares for traveling from location to location within the Mouse Hunt game has now changed significantly. This has given rise to the possibility of finding a cheaper route to your destination. For example, if you need to get from the Town of Gnawnia to Dojo, the DIRECT route would cost you 5738 gold. However, if you take the SCENIC route, such as Town of Gnawnia -> Meadow -> Digby -> Bazaar -> Dojo Your cost is only 3725 gold! So how do you find the cheapest route? Thanks to Pooflinger, finding that is now a done deal! Check out the Travel Planner I've also made it a permanent link on the sidebar of this Mouse Hunt Guide. It is also accessible via the Mouse Hunt Toolbar, under the MH Guide droplist. Try out Pooflinger's other tools and make a donation if you like them!

Cartographer at the Bazaar

The friendly cartographer at the Bazaar now fixes those slashed Furoma maps. Ok, not that friendly, since he charges 90,000 gold and holds your map for about a day. And get this, when he holds your map to repair it, guess what? You DON'T have the Furoma map! Which means you can't wander around the Training Grounds until you get it back.. Don't you now wish that you had caught those extra Lycans to get a second or third copy of the map? But hey, it's only for one day. There are still regular Digby-type mice at the Bazaar, so it's not that bad. When the cartographer figures out how to fix the Mouseleum map, it'll be worse - repairs cost about half a drillbot and it'll take 5 (FIVE) days to repair. I'm glad I've 4 copies of that! When the map-fixer finally returns your Furoma map, you will get the Furoma Map Stitch in your Inventory. This opens up the Pagoda's floors for you - the Dojo, Meditation Room and the Pinnacle Chamber.


Burrough gamers will soon notice that there's a new location in the middle of this region. The Bazaar has a Cheese Shoppe (although a little more expensive), and more importantly, the first Cartographer and one of three General Stores currently available. How to get there? You'd need to slay an Archer Mouse or Kung Fu Mouse at the Furoma Training Grounds. They may then drop a Ticket to the Bazaar. Remember the slashes on the Furoma map? Wonder no more. Your friendly cartographer now fixes that. The General Store holds important stuff that you need in order to craft customized cheeses. In-game text for the Bazaar:
The organizers of the Bazaar used to travel abroad with a merchant companion named Ronza. During their visit to the Burroughs region, these quirky folk felt right at home, so much so that they decided to stay! Their newly constructed shops are now known across the Kingdom for their strange inventory.
[Added 4th Jan 2009] Hunting at the Bazaar feels very much similar to hunting at the Town of Digby. That is, it's rather tame. If you're stuck here waiting for the Cartographer and therefore can't get back to the Training Grounds, I would recommend spending the day at the Mousoleum. It's cheaper than travelling to the Lab, and the returns are better than staying at the Bazaar. Of course, you would need Radioactive Blue Cheese.

The Real MouseHunt 2.0

Finally! This is the Real MOUSEHUNT 2 that we've been waiting and suffering a few timeout weekends for.. If you're new to the Mouse Hunt game, it's going to get a little disorientating. But you'd be an addict in no time. Start with the Mouse Hunting 101 section on the sidebar. For the Mouse Hunt addict, a brief outline of the changes, if you haven't already been following the discussion boards and the support groups on the MH Toolbar. Folks, so many new things and happenings in the expanding world of Mouse Hunt. It's going to take some time for me to pen everything down. It also looks like I will have to revamp a lot of the pages on this MouseHunt Guide. I'll not delete any old posts but I'll shuffle the tags and labels around to point them to the latest material. You will still have quick access to the tags (on newer stuff) via the Cheese Larder on the sidebar. Thanks for your patience!

The MH Kitchen

The MH Kitchen This group focuses on finding and listing new cheese recipes on the latest additions to the game. Fastest growing new MouseHunt game support group ! Now accessible via our quick-access Toolbar!

The Men (Mice) Don't Get It

Another wallpaper, an update to the earlier one, now with the Furoma mice.. I hope I got all the mice currently available.. Notes: This was put together after the Assassin was spotted at the Training Grounds, but before the Pagoda Levels. Notes: Spelling fixed. Notes: Image size is created at 900x700 since it fits most desktops in just one version. If you use this for your desktop, I recommend setting the wallpaper as Center (not Stretch) and having a light coloured background.


Hey readers, Just a quick update to say that I'm on the road for a couple of weeks. I would unfortunately not be able to work out the new additions of the Cartographer and the General Store until much later.. Meanwhile, I've found a great link and have included their RSS onto the MouseHuntGuide Toolbar. Let's hear it for the May their Nibblers have your same fabulous support that you have given me! Cheers, Jester

A Black Widow's Lament

Wallpaper for the Bored..