Location Areas in the MouseHunt World
  • King's Gauntlet (initiate) [King's Gauntlet Floorplan]
Whisker Woods
  • Laboratory (master) [Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece]
  • Town of Digby (master) [Key to the Town of Digby]
  • Mousoleum (master) [Tattered Mousoleum Map]
  • Bazaar (grandmaster) [Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar]
  • Training Grounds (grandmaster) [Shredded Furoma Map Piece]
  • Dojo (grandmaster) [Furoma Map Stitch]
  • Meditation Room (grandmaster) [Furoma Map Stitch]
  • Pinnacle Chamber (grandmaster) [Furoma Map Stitch]
Bristle Woods
  • S.S Huntington II (legendary) [Ship]
  • Seasonal Garden (lord/lady) [zugzwang's scarf]
  • Zugzwang's Tower (lord/lady) [tower key]

Tribal Isles (About) [Ocean Navigation Kit]
Sandtail Desert

  • Spring Egg Hunt (Easter 2011)

Ronza's Travelling Shoppe


Mice and the Un-Nice







iTunes Mouse (retired) | Leprechaun | Master Burglar Mouse | Mobster Mouse |

Special Events
Birthday Mouse | Cupid Mouse | Elf Mouse | Hollowhead Mouse | Glitchpaw Mouse | Rockstar Mouse | Terrible Twos Mouse |

Tribal Mice
Elub Shore Mice | Nerg Plains Mice | Derr Dunes Mice | Jungle of Dread Mice | Dracano Mice

Seasonal Dress


Crafting without the Chaos

Crafting Guide
Everything you wanted or needed to know about Crafting can be found in Crafting 101 by Tess of the MH Kitchen. Also, don't forget to use your trusty Hunter's Hammer often.

Cheese Recipes
Ancient | Crunchy | Combat | Glutter | Gumbo | Limelight | Maki | Moon | OMG | Rumble | Runic | Shell | Super Brie+ | Susheese | White Cheddar

Trap Recipes
Ambush | ACRoNYM | Obelisk of Incineration | Obelisk of Slumber | PartyBot

Base Recipes
Dehydration Base

Other Mixes
Master's Seal | Unchristened Ship | Ship (to Legendary) | Ship (from Hero)

Crafting Items
May list them out here, but in the meantime, it is fully posted under the Craft Item tag.
You may also navigate in the following crafting sections :
Bought from General Stores | Dropped by Mice | CIY (Craft It Yourself)

What's a recipe without a little special juice? Everything about Potions here.


Traps, Bases and the Cheese Lures

A full listing of traps that appear on Mousehunt. Limited Editions are italised and listed further below.

  • Aqua Base | Birthday Cake Base | Candy Cane Base | Dehydration Base | Explosive Base | Firecracker | Magma Base | Polar Base | Stone Base | Tribal Base | Wooden Base | Target Base | 

Ronza's Limited Editions (LE)
Event Limited Editions (LE)



The Game Elements that Add Those Extra Touches

Ancient Cheese Curd Potion | Brie Alchemy Potion | Corrupted Radioactive Blue Potion | Gnarled Cheese Curd Potion | Greater Brie Alchemy Potion | Greater Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion | Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion | Runic Cheese Curd Potion | Wicked Gnarly Cheese Curd Potion |

Map Pieces
The world of MouseHunt is ever expanding. When a new area is founded, hunters will usually be required to find a map piece or a key that gains them access to the new areas. Their travel maps will change whenever they acquire the relevant access.

The list below is in the chronological revelation of the new areas.
  • Gnawnia Map Piece
    - Basic Map, all of Gnawnia
  • Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece
    - Opens the Laboratory
    - Ninja Mouse at the Mountains

  • Key to the Town of Digby
    - Opens the Town of Digby
    - Dwarf Mouse at the Laboratory
  • Tattered Mousoleum Map
    - Opens the Mousoleum
    - Zombie Mouse in the Laboratory
  • Shredded Furoma Map Piece
    - Opens the Training Grounds in Furoma
    - Lycan Mouse in the Mousoleum
    - Mole Mouse in Town of Digby
  • Furoma Map Stitch
    - Opens the Pagoda areas (Dojo, Meditation Room and Pinnacle Chamber)
    - Bring the Shredded Furoma Map Piece to the Cartographer in Bazaar for repair
    - Wait a day for the repair
  • Ticket to the Burroughs Bazaar
    - Opens the Bazaar
    - The Archer, Assassin or Kung Fu mice in the Training Grounds
  • Mousoleum Restoration Patch
    - Opens the Catacombs
    - Bring the Tattered Mousoleum Map to the Cartographer in Bazaar for repair
    - Wait 5 days. No access to the Mousoleum unless you managed to get a second map.
  • Keeper's Candle
    - Opens Forbidden Grove and Acolyte Realm in Bristle Woods
    - Keeper Mouse at the Catacombs
  • Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece
    - Opens Calm Clearing, Whisker Woods
    - Granite Mouse at the Harbour
  • Gnarled Tree Map Piece
    - Opens Great Gnarled Tree in Whisker Woods
    - Cyclops Mouse at Calm Clearing
  • Map to the Lagoon
    - Opens the Lagoon
    - Fairy Mouse at Great Gnarled Tree
  • Ship
    - Opens SS Huntington II
    - Craft your own ship
  • Ocean Navigation Kit
    - Opens Tribal Isles
    - Craft the items dropped when hunting on the Ship


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Mousehunt Forums
  • Amy's Bristle Woods FAQ

  • Rapid Progression

The Partybot Trap Catch Stats

The Partybot Trap rocks! My catch stats below, all using the Partybot/dehy/swiss cheese in the Laboratory, with the exception of 1 catch at the Cats (that was with the Acronym). These numbers are really good and very comparable (if not better) to that of the Digby Drillbot. So budding hunters, if you're in a pinch for gold and already own the partyhat, this is an excellent investment! Aren't you lucky for starting to play only recently... :) 14 potions.. *drool*
My last 1 day 12 hours of hunting:
Catacombs: 1 Ooze Laboratory: 22 Steel, 15 Bionic, 22 Granite, 4 Mutated Grey, 2 Dwarf, 5 Mutated White, 6 Zombie, 1 Burglar
Gold and Points:
59,193 gold gained, 0 gold lost
42,440 points gained, 0 points lost
Radioactive Blue: Attracted a mouse 1 time out of 1 hunts. 1 were eaten, 0 went stale and 0 were stolen. Swiss: Attracted a mouse 80 times out of 98 hunts. 80 were eaten, 3 went stale and 0 were stolen.
Radioactive Blue Cheese Curd Potion (x14) Lab Research (750 points) (x4) Brie Cheese (x15) Lab Research (500 points) (x3) Lab Research (1000 points) (x1)

Cheese Recipe - Runic Cheese

RUNIC version 1:
This recipe makes ~~~ 1 piece of Runic ~~~
1 x Stale Cheese
1 x Rune
3 x Ionized salt
Total cost per piece: Varied dependent on what cheese you used to make stale cheese, but at a minimum 1360pp and you have to collect Runes dropped by various mice in BristleWoods.
Cheese effect: Imbued with the darkness that consumes the Catacombs, this magical cheese strikes fear into the hearts of even the most powerful breeds of mice. Runic cheese appears faded, as if only barely laying within this plane of existence.

RUNIC version 2:
This recipe makes ~~~ 2 pieces of Runic ~~~
1 x Magic Essence
1 x Stale Cheese
1 x Rune
3 x Ionized Salt
Total cost per piece: Varied dependent on what cheese you used to make stale cheese and also what you paid for your SB+, but at a minimum 1360pp and you have to collect Runes dropped by various mice in Bristle Woods ~ this is a tough one and not cheap either :D

Cheese effect: Imbued with the darkness that consumes the Catacombs, this magical cheese strikes fear into the hearts of even the most powerful breeds of mice. Runic cheese appears faded, as if only barely laying within this plane of existence.

Version 3:
With the discovery of the Tribal Isles and the Jungle of Dread, the Runic Cheese Potions now make these cheese much more accessible.

Crafting Item - Rune

ITEM: Rune
LOCATION: Dropped by a few mice in the Forbidden Grove. Gargoyle, Gate Guardian, Golems, Scavenger and Sorcerer Mice. Sorcerer mice at the Acolyte Realms may also drop these.
COST: None
DESCRIPTION : These magical stones originate from another plane of existence. Little is known about who or what may have brought them into this world.

You'd need to collect 60 Runes for the Ice Maiden Trap. I'd recommend using the Runic Potions instead, when getting Runic Cheese

Deathbot Trap

Mouse DeathBot ( 2400 power )
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 2
Cheese Effect: Stale
Show description
Although origins of this high-tech robot are unknown, its ability to destroy mice is well known. The DeathBot comes equipped with a high speed chain gun, two rapid fire laser guns, an extending saw blade arm and nine mouse-seeking missiles. Even the quickest, cleverest mouse stands little chance against this adversary.

Location - Cost
  • Town of Gnawnia - 256,400 gold
  • Town of Digby - 243,580 gold [best buy]

Seen here : Mouse DeathBot - Dehydration Base

* Total Power: 3,019
* Power Bonus: 15%
* Attraction Bonus: 15%
* Total Luck: 6
* Current Bait: 524 pieces of Swiss
* Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh

When I started out with Mousehunt, I had avoided this trap due to it's cost and power. The Drillbot was the better option then.

But now, with the Party Hat, the crafted PartyBot Trap looks and works mighty fine..

mhabbr : db

Crafting Item - Deathbot Parts

ITEM: Deathbot Parts LOCATION: Deathbot trap bought in Gnawnia town or Digby Trapsmith. Parts obtained by using your crafting hammer to smash the Deathbot. COST: Minimum 243,580 gold. DESCRIPTION: These parts make up the many menacing limbs of the DeathBot, along with his head and torso.

The Catacombs, Bristle Woods

Welcome to the Catacombs The cartographers at the Bazaar have discovered a whole new area after fixing up the Mousoleum Restoration Patch. The Catacombs is now classified under the Bristle Woods area, from Burroughs. With it comes a list of new stuff like: - Arcane Traps - Forgotten Mice - New Cheese And you'd need to catch a Keeper Mouse that would drop the Keeper's Candle. That would open the way to the rest of the Bristle Woods locations, the Forbidden Grove and the Acolyte Realms.

The Forbidden Grove, Bristle Woods

At the Forbidden Grove, you'd want to bring the ACRoNYM trap. As cheese goes, Radioactive Blue is the minimum, but you'd really need the Ancient. So get more crafting items to make the Ancient, or else get a whole basket full of Ancient Potions.

Trap Recipe - PartyBot Trap

1 x Party Hat
1 x Deathbot Parts
2850 Power
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 15%
Luck: 25
Cheese Effect: Stale
Don't be fooled by this edition of the DeathBot. Although it likes to dress up and party, it still poses a great threat to mousekind.

If you already own a DeathBot, it should appear as one of the things that you can use your Hammer on. You'd get the Deathbot Parts after smashing it. Then craft it together with the Party Hat.

Can't say that I'm overly pleased with the artwork, but I really can't knock it for the luck factor. I wonder if this beats the Drillbot in performance at the Lab. It would be a nice alternative if it is.

[My stats with the Partybot]
mhabbr : pb

Crafting Item - Party Hat

ITEM: Party Hat LOCATION: Given as birthday gifts by the Birthday Mouse on 7th March 2009 COST: About 15k gold when Ronza brought it around for sale. DESCRIPTION: When placed onto a DeathBot, this party hat spices things up! Only currently used for one thing, and one thing only.. Making the PartyBot!

Hitgrab Horsey Trap

The Hitgrab Horsey Trap was given as a fancy birthday gift by the Birthday Mouse. There is some off-game story behind this, but I've not followed it closely - maybe I'll update this if I get hold of it. Temporarily available for sale when Ronza dropped by during the Birthday Visit. HitGrab Horsey ( 550 power ) Power Type: Physical Power Bonus: 2% Attraction Bonus: n/a Luck: 20 Cheese Effect: Very Fresh Stolen from the depths of the King's closet, this mystical hobby horse works its hunting magic by striking with a swift and unexpected downward head-butt to anything crossing its path. Unfortunately, the horses poor vision leads to many inaccurate strikes, but his royal luck is seemingly quite high.

Birthday Cake Base

The Birthday Cake Base was given as a fancy birthday gift by the Birthday Mouse.

For those that didn't get one free, you could have bought it from Ronza when she visited recently. It's currently pegged a notch higher than the Stone Base - great for a hunter around the Journeyman level.

Birthday Cake Base ( 175 power )
Power Bonus: 11%
Attraction Bonus: 5%
Luck: n/a
Cheese Effect: No Effect

This huge slab of birthday cake comes from the massive 1000 square foot cake served at MouseHunt's first birthday party. There were a lot of leftovers, so we put them to use!

mhabbr : bc

Ronza's Birthday Visit

Hey All, Come on over! Ronza's at Gnawnia now. Remember to come via the Town of Gnawnia so your travel's only 50 gold. If you haven't gotten your free gift from the Birthday Mouse, you can hop on over to buy your own Hitgrab Horsey, Birthday Cake Base and the Party Hat. It's not too expensive so almost every new hunter should be able to afford it. [psst.. hope you noticed to buy the Polar Base too! Ronza did bring this back for sale]

Welcome to Mousehunt

Meet Larry the Lancer ;) The second MH-Named person in this world (first being Plankrun). You'd see this when you try to launch MH for the very first time. Or when you launch MH without logging into Facebook

Birthday Trap

If you're saving up gold and well on the way to afford a Bottomless Pit or an ACRoNYM, don't buy it yet.. We're expecting Ronza to visit the lands with another special edition trap, but we're not sure how much it'll cost. You can buy a regular Trapsmith trap or make a Crafted Trap anytime. Remember that Ronza's visiting time is limited. You were warned!

Acolyte Realm

If you have been wandering around in the Forbidden Groves too long, and forgot the time (sorry), you could get whisked into the Acolyte Realms. You'd want to use your crafted Ancient and Runic cheese here. When you've tapped out, you can leave anytime. Back to somewhere safer, like the Catacombs? :)

Bristle Woods

Something's stirring in the woods. Yup, a new area in the works, now known as Bristle Woods. Watch out for it! The Catacombs is now reassigned to the new area.. Some people appear to have reached a place called the Forbidden Grove.. Guess I won't know until I get the Keeper's Candle (at the Catacombs)

Birthday Mouse

Our favorite MouseHunt Game turns 1 on March 7th! And look who's been preparing the grounds? Birthday Mice! Shh.. they look suspiciously like the Elf Mice, but hey, they have families to feed, even after Christmas.. When you catch a Birthday Mouse, they will drop 1 birthday gift and 1 fancy birthday gift. Don't know if there is a limit to the number of gifts you can get, but don't let that stop ya! The Birthday Mouse appears to found all over the place in Gnawnia, Furoma and Burroughs.
I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 2 oz. Birthday mouse from the Laboratory worth 899 points and 752 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot: 1 birthday gift, 1 fancy birthday gift.

Radioactive Blue Cheese

The Radioactive Blue Cheese is a specialised taste for the Shadow Mice and Forgotten Mice. Super Brie holds little or no interest for these mice families, so it's worthwhile farming a stash of RB. The Monster mouse, one of the Physical mice, also has a weakness for these. Must be a close cousin effect with the Lycan (ala frankenstein and werewolf). Just my theory.. How to get RB?
  1. Imbued from Radioactive Blue Potions, from Brie or Super Brie [best way]
  2. Some Mice also drop these (e.g. the Forgotten mice and a few others) [prolongs the game just a little]
Radioactive Blue can turn stale when left uneaten on traps for too long. Degrades to Radioactive Sludge.