Other Acknowledgements

The Mouse Hunt Guide relies heavily on the Tag Cloud by The Compender. This blog template is based on the Aspire Template Design by www.InfoCreek.com I've had spent too much time skipping through the discussion boards trying to find the right advice needed at the right time, during the game. The boards are just not structured for finding information quickly. I've decided a different approach and hence have put together this guide. I've attached complete posts from various discussion boards and threads (sometimes two or more posts together, for coherence sake) and have added essential tags to indicate the topic of concern. You, as the reader, need only to focus on specific tags of interest to you at the relevant times. Do leave comments if more tags are needed or if I had missed out key posts from the ever growing discussion boards. I also intend to add more images of mice, traps and cheese, even of those I do not yet own. Definitely a spoiler alert! Enjoy!

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