My Worst Day At Mousehunt Ever

I'm past the venting, but I thought that I should share the numbers of my worst day hunting at the Mousoleum. The idea is to encourage fellow hunters if you ever get a down day. It does happen, so perk up! First posted on the Tavern Discussion Board (minus the venting)..
Fri. Sep. 5, 2008 1:30am: A log of mice I've caught in the last 2 days 3 hours: 4 Zombie mice, 2 Ghost mice, 4 Mummy mice, 2 Vampire mice, and 4 Bat mice. Total points: 55,646 Total gold: 50,798 Hunted with Sinister Portal/target+stone+exp base/brie + radioactive brie.. Been switching stuff hoping to improve the numbers, but nah - just didn't seem to work. Lots of eaten cheese, stolen cheese, and plain ignored.
Mikko Sarmanne (Finland) wrote on Sep 4, 2008 at 1:24 PM
There is absolutely no point in using the target base in mousoleum. I was there for 4.5 days and used sinister/exp the whole time. The attraction rate was about 95%, so there is no need to try to improve it with the target base.. It's best to just keep the trap power at max, because the portals don't have any luck. The power is the only thing that will catch mice if you're using a portal. Here are some statistics that I collected about the earnings.. - 331 RB used - 114 red boxes (34.44%) - 387477 points of which 113689 (29.34%) was stolen - 370853 gold of which 51172 (13.80%) was stolen - average amounts stolen: 2145 points and 839 gold So I made 273788 points and 319681 gold with 331 pieces of RB, which is about 880 points and 965 gold per piece. Despite the massive stealing the earnings are way better than anywhere..
I've calculated that to be about 106,560 gold over 1.5 days in the normal report duration. That's actually still a little bit on the low side. Most others report a normal 1.5 day to gain closer to 120,000 gold, on a Forcefield/explosive base/RB trap. Happy hunting!


Anonymous said...

So it's possible to use ff/exp/rb in the mouso and not just sin/exp/rb and still make a profit even though you won't catch vampires, mummies, ghosts and rav zombies?

What about using ff/exp/brie in the mouso? Will that just attract the non-dead mice? Or will the dead-mice (vampire, ghost, mummy, etc.) still steal the cheese?


Jester Nim said...

Yes, to the first part. You will still catch a few shadow types at a lower success rate. There will be a additional message saying something like "the trap was not as effective on this mouse".. Vice versa is also true - Shadow traps catching physical mice..

Arrgh.. I had a dbot/exp/brie in the mouso and it was dismal for me (stolen, eaten, stale). Switching to stone base helped on the Stale bits, but catches were still few. It looks like only sb+ and rb can make significant progress there.