Crafting Item - Living Shard

The 2010 Birthday event dug up (sorry, bad pun) a whole new society of mice in the Town of Digby. Some event dropped this strange piece of shiny gem. If you need more Living Shards in a hurry, you can buy them at Digby's General Store.

ITEM: Living Shard
LOCATION: Town of Digby General Store, Loot by mice in Digby
COST: 1,200 gold, refunds for same

Even in a mineral-rich town like Digby, Living Shards are quite rare, and because they take a lot of time and effort to harvest, Digby's General Store places their price at a premium. Digby tradition states that Dr. F. Romage once found a large deposit of the crystals, which he used in his experiments, and some of the crazier stories even claim that he used the living shards to bring the Monster mice to life. . . perhaps with a little luck a hunter may find some of these shards by hunting Monster mice in the Laboratory.
 Currently an ingredient for the LimeLight Cheese.


Philip said...

FYI, I received 3 living shards from a monster mouse in catacombs (can be found in places other than digby).

joeljoel_cheung said...

I just got one from the monster mouse in the laboratory