Balack, Interim Guide

From MHKitchen, a walkthrough of current journals leading to Balack's Cove:

Tess Ofner    May 18 at 4:29am 
Hello MH Kitcheners,

Well… AN EXCITING DAY IN MH!! Balack is back! Confused? Me too! lol

I’ve tried to set this out in as simple to follow format as possible. If you’re still confused, let me know ;)
A BIG thank you to Lindie for much (if not all) of this info!

Travel to the Jungle of Dread. Arm your best shadow trap setup (Clock/Magma works well) with Gouda or SB and catch Pigmy Swarm mice. They will drop Vanilla Beans as loot (not every mouse drops the loot).

Craft Vanilla Stilton. Thanks to Candice Lim for the recipes ;)
Recipe 1 ~ Makes 15 pieces ~
15 x Vanilla Beans
15 x Salt
15 x Curds and Whey
15 x Coconut Milk
This recipe is NOT confirmed as there is no way I’m crafting this when recipe 2 is available (anyone that is not using SB is welcome to confirm it for me).
Recipe 2 ~ Makes 15 pieces ~
1 x Vanilla Bean
15 x Magic Essence
15 x Salt
15 x Curds and Whey
15 x Coconut Milk

Travel to Cape Clawed and purchase 1 x Ancient Lantern (cost is 94,000 gold and refunds for the same).

Travel to Dracano. Arm your Ice Maiden with Inferno Havarti and collect 3 Dragon Embers from the mice there.

Craft the map required to get to Balack’s Cove.
1 x Ancient Lantern
3 x Dragon Embers

Travel to Balack’s Cove. The mice here are ‘Forgotten mice’ so you need to arm your ACRO with Vanilla Stilton to catch each of the Isle’s Lich mice. Each of them drop different loot required to craft the cheese you’ll need to attract and catch Balack.
Derr Lich drop ‘Bottled-Up Rage’
Nerg Lich drop ‘Raisins of Wrath’
Elub Lich drop ‘not sure yet, will let you know in the next update’
There are also a bunch of other new mice that you’ll catch in-between Lichs :D

With these Lich items, plus a little Coconut Milk, Ionized Salt, Curds, a single Vanilla Bean and an optional dash of Magic Essence, you will have to craft a new 'vengeful' cheese to attract and catch Balack.

I don’t know the recipe or what trap to use at this stage so please don't ask lol. It also appears from Dave’s post that Balack’s Cove will be a little like the FG/AR - “Balack's Cove is a unique environment with unpredictable tides that keep the dark caverns constantly soaked, and that can easily wash unsuspecting Hunters out to sea.” but again, I'm not sure if this is the case. I will send out a new update specifically on Balack’s Cove a little later on when I know more. Until then… have fun!

Tess :)


jaxpang said...

can pls post some images? like the new mice, dragon embers, vanilla stilton, etc

Imran said...

Apparently occasionally the cove will fill with water and you are transported to another location,like the forbidden grove.
"The tide suddenly rose and the entire cove was flooded with water! I was quickly washed up on the shore of the Jungle of Dread. I'm worried my bait may attract a swarm of hungry pigmy mice..."