Cheese Recipe - Vengeful Vanilla Stilton

Vengeful Vanilla Stilton
To make Vengeful Stilton Cheese, you need to collect one of each of the following loots from the Lich mice in Balack's Cove (with Acro and Vanilla Stilton)

Derr Lich - Bottled up Rage
Elub Lich - Pinch of Annoyance
Nerg Lich - Raisins of Wrath

1 x Bottled up Rage
1 x Pinch of Annoyance
1 x Raisins of Wrath
1 x Coconut Milk
1 x Curds and Whey
1 x Ionized Salt
1 x Vanilla Bean
3 x Magic Essence
and you'll get 3 x Vengeful Vanilla Stilton :D - Good luck with the Balack mouse, it doesn't look like he'll be an easy catch :/

Vengeful Vanilla is a cheese best served cold. With a strong, tangy flavor, extreme vanilla sweetness, and just a hint of bitter mold, it tastes horrible-- and the cheese knows it! The main attractive feature of Vengeful Vanilla is its smell. So strong and delicious that it bypasses the natural wariness of even a hardened character like Balack, it draws its victims in... and then the taste does the rest.

(thanks, MH Kitchen!)


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