Event: Zombie Invasion

With the second invasion of Zombies, it looks like weekend events are going to be a regular thing. Here's a quick guide to the Zombie Invasion gameplay.

Arm your luckiest Shadow or Arcane Trap combination. Arcane Blast on Magma base works well for me.

Farm Undead Emmental Potions (max 5) at the Mousoleum or Catacombs. You'd want the Zombie and the Ravenous Zombie mice. Radioactive Blue for bait, in case you forgot..

Next, brew the Undead Emmental Cheese from Brie or Super Brie with those potions. And you're set !

Zombots were introduced during the first Zombie Invasion.

Grave Robber mice popped up during the second invasion.

Tips to speed your way to Silver crowns
  • Lucky Shield
  • Antiskele Charms
  • Farm Potions at Mos, hunt Zombots | Grave Robbers at Cats

Final Note: there's a limiting factor built into the event. Once you hold 60 pieces UE Cheese or 5 UE potions, those zombies stop dropping potions. So plan your farming cycles !

Final FINAL Note: Of course, if you're already pleased with your current run and there's still time on the Event, you might want to re-stock your potions and cheese (5 max and 59 pieces) before clearing off the undead muck from your boots. That way, when the Zombie Invasion comes around again, you're all ready to GO!

Final REALLY FINAL Note: And if you're wondering what the codes are to show these two mice on your Favorite King's Crown panel, the Zombot is 284 while the Grave Robber is 337.

OK, I go now.

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