The Real MouseHunt 2.0

Finally! This is the Real MOUSEHUNT 2 that we've been waiting and suffering a few timeout weekends for.. If you're new to the Mouse Hunt game, it's going to get a little disorientating. But you'd be an addict in no time. Start with the Mouse Hunting 101 section on the sidebar. For the Mouse Hunt addict, a brief outline of the changes, if you haven't already been following the discussion boards and the support groups on the MH Toolbar. Folks, so many new things and happenings in the expanding world of Mouse Hunt. It's going to take some time for me to pen everything down. It also looks like I will have to revamp a lot of the pages on this MouseHunt Guide. I'll not delete any old posts but I'll shuffle the tags and labels around to point them to the latest material. You will still have quick access to the tags (on newer stuff) via the Cheese Larder on the sidebar. Thanks for your patience!

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