The Bottomless Grave Trap

The Bottomless Grave, seen here with a Stone base and radioactive brie.

It's the strongest shadow trap in the MouseHunt game so far. Only about 673,630 gold...

Please don't beg from me - just a poor reporter..

[2nd Oct 2009] Just dawned on me that the Grave has been available for almost a year already. And No, I don't own one. I'm just going to save up for the Clockapult of Time.

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Anonymous said...

Where can u buy this trap?

Jester Nim said...

oops.. blond moment.. You can buy it at the Town of Digby. Thanks for pointing out the omission..

James said...

In case anyone wonders how good this trap can be, this is for the last 36 hours in the Mousoleum:

Key Stats
Number of hunts = 113
Cheese used = 112
Number of attractions = 108
-> Attraction rate = 95.58%
Number of catches = 65
-> Catch rate per attraction = 60.19%
Net points earned = 190874
-> per hunt = 1689.15
-> per cheese = 1704.23
Net profit = 103367
-> per hunt = 914.75
-> per cheese = 922.92

This values the SB+ at 550 gold per piece (what I paid for it). With stats like these, it is much better at points than the training grounds, and has an outlandish profit of gold.

Z said...

Okay... my best trap right now is snow barrage, and I have been saving up for something better... have about 400,000 gold right now. Do I buy the Digby Drillbot, or should I hold out for the bottomless grave? I am worried that the power difference is huge...

Nuisanc3 said...

one question, is this trap really worth saving gold for?

DtheDragon said...

i would save your gold my friend does better with the ambrosial portal except I have caught a monster mouse which I have not been able to do. This area is completely luck sometimes you do good sometimes you wanna punch the computer

raider.corporate said...

this is not the strongest trap anymore the strongest shadow trap is the cackle lantern trap it has 2200 power and requires obelisk parts and digby drill bot parts as well as a smashed pumpkin(obtained by smashing the pumpkin pummeler)24 tiny platinum bars and one dragon ember