Deathbot Trap

Mouse DeathBot ( 2400 power )
Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 15%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 2
Cheese Effect: Stale
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Although origins of this high-tech robot are unknown, its ability to destroy mice is well known. The DeathBot comes equipped with a high speed chain gun, two rapid fire laser guns, an extending saw blade arm and nine mouse-seeking missiles. Even the quickest, cleverest mouse stands little chance against this adversary.

Location - Cost
  • Town of Gnawnia - 256,400 gold
  • Town of Digby - 243,580 gold [best buy]

Seen here : Mouse DeathBot - Dehydration Base

* Total Power: 3,019
* Power Bonus: 15%
* Attraction Bonus: 15%
* Total Luck: 6
* Current Bait: 524 pieces of Swiss
* Cheese Effect: Extremely Fresh

When I started out with Mousehunt, I had avoided this trap due to it's cost and power. The Drillbot was the better option then.

But now, with the Party Hat, the crafted PartyBot Trap looks and works mighty fine..

mhabbr : db


Olivia said...

So why does this post not include the gold needed to buy it?

Or am I delirious(I have a fever)?

Jester Nim said...

we'll agree that you're hot, and leave it at that :)

now costs included.. thx for helping me improve this..

lolli licker said...

is it possible to upgrade this trap, i really like this trap but now iam a higher level i dont get to utilize it and i feel its a bit of a waste really. so can i magic it into the chrome deathbot or snazz it up somehow, its crazy that they dont have more upgrading abilities available