New Area Construction

So Ronza's gone.

Mouse hunters are still scouring the land trying to stomp out the last of the Rocker mice.

And a perhaps even a few more Hollowheads before they finally return to their dark corners.

What else is there to do?
Well, eagle-eyed hunters hanging on to Ronza's mooring lines had spotted a site construction yonder in the South of Gnawnia. Go to your Travel Map, see the large version of it and you'd spot these at the south (bottom) border of the Town of Gnawnia.

Or you could try clicking here: Full Map

I hear that it's opening soon.. :)
A Christmas Carnival place maybe?


Coup de Grace said...

whoaa..i didnt knew it was there..

Anonymous said...

What's that misty island in the bottom right hand corner?

Jester Nim said...

acolyte realms