Trap Recipe - Ancient Box Trap

There's more than one reason why the Jungle of Dread earns it's name.

The obvious reasons are that it's hard and you'd need a strong Shadow Trap.

Then there's all the different Havarti cheese you'd need to make and bring there.

And of course, the choosy mice won't necessarily drop the piece of the Ancient Box Trap just because you caught them.

To help things on a little, I've included the trap recipe with a cheat sheet mapping to the Dread Mouse and the relevant Havarti Cheese. Hope this helps you - I was hunting with the wrong cheese at a few stages.

After you have gotten this trap, you're now strong enough to go to the Acolyte Realms to hunt down the Acolyte Mouse.

1 x Ancient Box Trap Blueprints - See The ABT Blueprints Pieces
1 x Ancient Relic Staff - Jurassic mouse / Creamy Havarti
1 x Encrusted Metal of Time - Magma Carrier mouse / Spicy Havarti
1 x Engraved Solid Stone Slab - Stonework Warrior / Magical Havarti
1 x Ethereal Rope - Primal mouse / Sweet Havarti
1 x Hinge of Eternity - Fetid Swamp mouse / Crunchy Havarti
1 x Timeless Mystic Gem - Chitinous mouse / Pungent Havarti

4,300 power
Power Type: Forgotten
Power Bonus: 10%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 4
Cheese Effect: No Effect

A trap design that has long withstood the test of time. The parts of this trap emit a powerful glow capable of mesmerizing power-hungry, greedy mice. The heavy stone box teeters precariously upon the Ancient Relic Staff awaiting a mouse to pull the Ethereal Rope and cause the box to slam shut and magically fuse with the base. It is only this simple, long-forgotten trap that is capable of defeating the powerful Acolyte mouse.

mhabbr : ABT


very said...

crappy trap ever.. disappointed on this trap.....

very said...
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Unknown said...

Ancient box trap not doing me much good in Acolyte realm. Notice says effectiveness "MILD" what a waste!

Nicholas Oliver said...

GREAT FORGOTTEN POWER TRAP - ALMOST THE ONLY ONE IN THE GAME - made of just a stick and a box -_-