Snowglobe Trap

Snowglobe Trap (2350 power)

Meh. Given that the Chrome Drillbot was also available at Ronza's, I wonder why this trap even happened.

Power Type: Physical
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 16
Cheese Effect: No Effect

It is a little-known fact that mice share humanity's obsession with the weather patterns of vinegar-filled miniature aquariums, which is, in part, why the Snowglobe trap is so successful. When a mouse comes near the snow globe to get a better look at the winter wonderland inside, the moving platform catapults it through the force field at the front of the globe, where it bonks its head on the the back wall. Once in the globe, it will freeze, becoming a natural part of the interior scenery.

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Jeff said...

Two words - gold sink.