Trap Recipe - Ice Maiden

Ice Maiden  ( 5200 power )

Right now, it's the supreme trap on the mouse hunt world. And it's used to hunt the ultimate mouse - Dragon Mouse.

1 x Frozen Scroll - Loot from Mysterious Box (Acolyte mouse)
1 x High Tension Spring Parts (Smash High tension spring with crafting hammer)
60 x Runes - loot from Forbidden Grove mice

Power Type: Draconic
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: n/a
Luck: 8
Cheese Effect: No Effect

Bound within the pillar of ice on the back of this trap is a rare enchantment. When the dragon breathes fire onto the trap, the ice temporarily melts, releasing a specially-designed dragon collar which snaps down onto the dragon's neck and freezes him in a thick coating of ice.

What's your favorite base that you use with this? I personally don't like the Magma because a failed attract will end with a stale cheese. I use the Tribal Base instead.


Al D said...

I used the tribal base with this trap and caught 2 dragons after about 10 hunts. I have a few more inferno havarti to run through so I'll see if I can get another. I had about 60 inferno to start.

My first run at the dragon I had over 100 inferno and no dragon as I sed the magma base. My advice is to stick with the tribal base here.

J3W3L said...

PF reports a better catch rate of Dragon when using Tribal as compared to Magma.

So, for those people without Tribal, better get it! :)

frontas5 said...

I wasted 90 Inferno Havarti and still NO dragon mouse. This game starts to annoy me very much....

Sukhvir Singh said...

u can use monolith too

Sukhvir Singh said...

u can use monolith?