Gnarled Cheese

The Gnarled Cheese is currently only available by pouring a Gnarled Cheese Curd Potion on Brie or SB+.

The verdict is still out on the effectiveness of this cheese..

[Apr 2010]
One year later, we find that this cheese drives lots of mice crazy. Most important of this, is the Curious Chemist.


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Alisha said...

You know, I tried Brie, Swiss, SB+ at the Gnarled Tree and got a LOT of FTA.

I switched to Gnarled [after getting more potions] and I rarely get FTA.

DtheDragon said...

whats FTA

Jester Nim said...

Failed To Attract

KiblyKat said...

wow, so unlucky... im getting so many mouse from swiss...