Spring Egg Hunt 2011

Found a shared spreadsheet of where which mouse drops what eggs..
It'll be updated as each daily egg is found.

The Egg Spreadsheet.

And if you're the "fire and forget" type of player, just plant yourself at the Catacombs - currently the only place to get 2 types of eggs (Green Plaid + Blue Argyle).

[Apr 18 update] Newer eggs are appearing in the higher level areas.. I do hope that there's still something for everyone by the Easter weekend.. :p


k0208_ter said...

I found green plaid in the meadow

Alan said...

The interesting (or the annoying) thing is that the egg drop is not guaranteed; sometimes you have to catch the same type many times before the egg is dropped.

millen said...

just got a golden egg from samurai at dojo. Can send a picture if you need.

junior_leong_jiajie said...

i got an egg frm great gnarled tree

junior_leong_jiajie said...

i got an egg frm great gnarled tree

gary_houle said...

where do i get the scalloped pink egg>?<

Alan said...

Read the egg spreadsheet :D

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