Fiery Warpath - The Walkthrough

[Jester: Swiped this wonderful work-in-progress guide from Hilary, who incidentally, is now one of the authors on MouseHuntGuide !
Hilary: Thanks, Jester, for doing such a great job migrating this guide! You left me free to update and expand, what an amazing gift... ]

The Fiery Warpath is a new (and first) area at The Sandtail Desert for Baron(ess) ranks and above. There's also a whole new gameplay, so there's quite a lot of writing and sharing to be done. Too long for one single post, so we've broken it up into a few smaller chapters. Enjoy

Table of Contents:

I (Hilary writes) did not track all this stuff down myself! I drew from the forums, friends tracked things down, etc. Special thanks to: Georgene Ang, Nico Cast, James Cha, Chan Ka Chun Patrick, Duran D. Durahan, Abhijit Dutta, Lis Faurholt, Chris Hull, Jan-Marie Kellow, Karina, Ranjan Kumar, Yvonne McFadden, Kirsty McNeil, Jaroslav Neuwirth and Lisa Rosewell. Biggest and best thanks to my friend and collaborator Jester :)

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