MouseHunt 2.0 is LIVE!

Yes folks, live game play has now been enabled on MouseHunt 2.0. Some data is still being ported and a few more spots of downtime is expected tomorrow, but for today ... GAME ON! Looks like the adjustments to the Travel costs are final : Town of Gnawnia: 0 gold Meadows: 373 gold Harbour: 1224 gold Mountain: 5103 gold Town of Digby: 0 gold Mousoleum: 5600 gold Laboratory: 19302 gold The numbers look odd enough for me to suspect that they are rank-related. Do let me know if you see different numbers, and if your ranks are different from mine (grandmaster).


Anonymous said...

I'm 96% master at the lab...

Mountain 4909 gold
Harbour 1161
Meadow 268
Gnawnia 0

Digby 552
Mouso 5702

Anonymous said...

18% Grandmaster in the mousoleum

Gnawnia: 0
Meadow: 307
Harbor: 1142
Mountain: 4951

Digby: 350
Lab: 19202

and it costs me 6084 from Gnawnia to the Mousoleum

Jester Nim said...

@all, travel costs are relative to where you start out from (one of the devs pointed this out to me). I'll try to draw up a table soon. thanks for your feedback!

Michelle said...
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