Mousehunt 2.0 Peek

The MouseHunt 2.0 game should go live in about 3-4 hours. For those of you that want to get a first peek at the new environment, click here: Note that the area is only a test one and you may not get regular access to it. Furthermore, any process you make in this area will be lost. When 2.0 is live, your old account will be loaded back. At first glance, there appears to be no changes to the game play. Of course certain areas like Donations have been disabled. The developers have mentioned before that the new game environment is to prepare for future new game elements to be loaded, on a more robust structure. Some things have been omitted for the official 2.0 release. Read about it here: On this Staging area, I note that the travel costs to the different areas have been adjusted. I wonder if this is just test data or it will be carried over to the live game.

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