Fiery Warpath - Waves

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A streak of three desert soldiers after returning to the Fiery Warpath during Wave 1. The area is NOT like Zugwang's Tower; progress is not reset upon leaving.
Most of the Fiery Warpath mice come in waves, although some of the mice are administrators ("support mice") and so are around all the time. One mouse, the Gargantuamouse, is released only on specific conditions, described in Streaks. To move on to the next wave, you have to defeat a specified number of each mouse in your current wave. In wave 1, your initial goal is 35 of each mouse, although that number can both decrease and increase as described in Streaks. Your progress is displayed in the HUD display.

see also Hilary's Visual Reference for the Sandtail Desert Mice

Support Mice (administrators!)
  • Caravan Guard
  • Crimson Commander
Wave 1:
  • 35 Desert Soldiers (warrior)
  • 35 Vanguards (scout)
  • 35 Desert Archers (archer)
Wave 2
  • 40 Flame Warriors (warrior)
  • 40 Sentinals (scout)
  • 40 Flame Archers (archer)
  • 45 Sand Cavalry (cavalry)
  • 20 Inferno Mages (mage)
Wave 3
  • 50 Crimson Titans (warrior)
  • 50 Crimson Watch (scout)
  • 50 Crimson Rangers (archer)
  • 60 Sandwing Cavalry (cavalry)
  • 30 Magmarage (mage)
  • 20 Flame Ordnance (artillery)
Wave 4
  • 12 Theurgy Wardens
  • 1 Warmonger
  • no support mice!


Leetzorzaze said...

vanguards are actually the easiest in the first wave. the trap effectiveness supports that as well - vanguards are listed as moderate. warriors are typically the hardest to catch for physical.

h^2 said...

you are so right, lol, how did that not get updated (doh!)