Lycan Mouse

The Lycan Mouse is now a regular sight on Mousehunt. Back in the days of it's introduction (see below) it was the badge of honor that mousehunters wore everywhere. Now.. meh..

For newer hunters, your first is probably the hardest. You'd need to catch the one in the Mousoleum that drops the Furoma Map Piece. Either the Ambrosial or the Sinister Portal's the best shadow trap that you can afford at this time. Radioactive Blue, or better yet Moon Cheese if you got some.

I prefer using the strongest+luckiest base I have available, since stales like radioactive sludge or stale cheese are not too much of a worry anymore. If you're here now, your best is probably only the Explosive Base (Yes, it still works). If you were around for one of Ronza's visits or the Christmas Festive Comet, you'd probably have the Magma or Gingerbread (the power multipler is decent).

You would also find Lycans at the Training Grounds, Catacombs. When you reach the Forbidden Grove, these Lycans really get in the way because they've also acquired a taste for the Ancient Cheese. Ouch.

[Jan 2010 above, Oct 2008 below]
The Lycan's wandering around the Mousoleum currently.

If you manage to catch it, it may drop the Shredded Furoma Map Piece. A whole new area opens up and what you currently have is the Training Area. New mice types are there.

Standard Mousoleum strength traps and cheese work on the Lycan. That is, portals and radioactive brie. Some have even had success with the force field trap.

Latest: Lycan are drawn to Moon Cheese!


Anonymous said...

I cought him 2 days ago using radiactive :)

fresh_ice said...

So we can catch Lycan mouse using moon cheese or radioactive blue with shadow traps?
Thank you!

seungho said...

um where can you catch the lycan mouse it will be very kind for you to tell me because im a master and i really want to go to furoma

Daisy said...

You know, a friend of mine caught a mole mouse at digby and it dropped the map to furoma.

So you don't have to catch the lycan.

You can either:
1) Pray to god that a lycan will show up soon and drop a map.
2) Pray to god that a mole mouse will show up soon and drop a map.

1A109 said...

I got the furoma map at digby through a mole mouse :D

ceruleanxstar said...

So...I've had four or five lycans eat a piece of my cheese in the last two days and haven't managed to catch any yet. I'm using radioactive blue and sinister portal/exp base. Any tips, anyone?

Mitchell said...

LOL my 2nd mouse I caught in the Mousoleum was the Lycan mouse with map! Lucky me!

Ryoko said...

11 Lycan catches so far (Bottomless Grave and Moon Cheese in Mousoleum) and NO Furoma map. Have they changed the drop rate? Or is my luck just that bad? Anyone get a map recently?

al3b2000 said...

i cant catch one i have a Ambrosial Portal and Firecracker Base , Dehydration Base , Gingerbread Base witch one should i use i have rb

Jester Nim said...

Thanks for your question - i've decided to rewrite the Lycan post. Hope it's more informative now..

al3b2000 said...

it is but what base should i use

al3b2000 said...
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Heather said...

I sounded the Hunter's Horn.
I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 12 oz. Lycan mouse from the Mousoleum worth 9,239 points and 5,512 gold.

The mouse also dropped the following loot:
1 Shredded Furoma Map Piece.

My weapon was very effective against this mouse.

Used ambro, deyhdr, rb

it took forever for me to get a mousoleum map piece, but once i got there, i caught the lycan as my 5th mouse in the mousoleum!

gearsofspades said...

it keeps taking cheese away from me.what trap should i use?

OD said...

Hi, this was my trap set up when I first caught him:

Sinister Portal, Ginger Bread Base and Moon Cheese; no charms.

And I caught him first try, BOOYAR!

Good Luck!