Town of Gnawnia

The Town of Gnawnia is where it all begins for all Mousehunters. And it's a place we all call home, so it costs nothing to travel back here. Ever. My personal Trap advancement : - High Tension Spring (starter) - 500 Pound Crusher (obvious) - Mary O'Nette (because no one advised me to skip this) - Trebuchet (Fresh was better then because there was no Stale Cheese feature) - Swiss Army (Luck Rules!) You would need to buy every base. I'd recommend the Target as fast as possible. Then the Explosive just after the Treb/Rocketine purchase. By the time I could afford it, I reached the Town of Digby - The NVRMC and the Deathbot are cheaper there. You'd only need the Cheddar and Marble to hunt here. Stop whining for Super Brie!

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