Super Brie Financials

If there is any indication of how well a game like Mousehunt has matured, it has to be from the springing up of websites like Mousehunt Finance.
MouseHunt Finance is an application built to trend the average offered selling and buying price of SUPER|Brie+ - a highly traded item on the Facebook social networking game MouseHunt. The application looks at the price hunters are offering to buy and sell SB+ and creates an average for each day it finds entries.
I love the layout of the page, especially the way it reads like a regular stock trading page. They also indicate that the price reports are not the actual trading price, nor does it indicate the futures of Super Brie. But it certainly is a very telling graph of the way it is. Maybe someday, someone will write an app that will track the trading prices of all FB Games. And we'd have a virtual stock trading game based on Game counters. That would be an idea, eh? But as for Mousehunt, it is possible to play the game without Super|Brie. If you take it for the passive gaming pleasure of it, there are free ways to earn SB or gain the type of cheese you need via potions or crafting. There is also a wonderful community on the forums that offer spinoff contests and games, giving away SB. For more active gaming, you could read my past posts about SuperBrie and getting Gold.

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