Your Hunting Party and Mousehunt Tournaments

Mousehunt now has a Tournament gameplay feature. To join in, all you need is to form a Hunting Party of up to 4 hunters. Tournaments are time-based (hours and days) mini-contents that can happen anywhere around the world of Gnawnia. There are different themes for everyone and by setting them in different locations, it's a soft-restriction on hunter's game levels. With the first wave of tournaments just over, it's probably obvious that you need a little planning to position your hunting party. The more frequent you sound it, the higher your multiplier goes and stays. That will really boost your hunting score for your team. Of course, for ultimate results, you'd need a team of four that essentially will sound the horn every 15 min, 144 times a day (well, if you do hit the max horns perfectly, you might be put down as a bot :T ) The flip side of this is that while you are in a tournament, you do not share the horn with the Hunting Group (the rest of your MH Friends). So your Hunting Party of 4 have to pull your own weight. May not be an option if you are a casual player with odd (poor?) access to the Internet. At this time, the developers are still tweaking the rules of the tournaments. I believe that the prizes are also not finalised yet. But it can only get better.

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