The Harbour, Gnawnia

The Harbour has undergone a number of interesting changes over the history of Mousehunt. For Apprentices, you get the first taste of the Pirate and Ninja mice here. The Granite mice here may also drop the Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece (the Calm Clearing, which you can't access yet due to your level). A General Store has been built here and you would be able to start crafting. With the ingredients here and now, you can make a more expensive version of the White Cheddar. Recommended device here - Swiss Army Trap/Explosive or Stone base, using Swiss or White Cheddar. No! You still don't need the Super Brie!
[Oh Noes! Our regular ship there has sunk! What happened?]


gabe said...

June 1st, 2009

The ship in the harbor is smashed and sunk. What happened? It hasn't been released yet, I'm sure we'll keep you posted.

An Account of my Seriously Boring Life said...

i came to the harbour after achieving my apprentice title, but so far i haven't caught any special mice compared to that in the town of gnawnia. plus, i often have points or cheese stolen.

maybe the harbour does not suit me. i am thinking of returning to the town of gnawnia. what is your advice???

My last 1 day 19 hours of hunting:
Harbour: 2 Grey, 4 Dwarf, 2 Steel, 1 White, 2 Bionic, 2 Granite, 1 Pirate, 1 Brown, 1 Gold
Total catches: 16
Average weight: 4 oz.
Gold and Points:
9,460 gold gained, 219 gold lost
3,881 points gained, 614 points lost
9,241 net gold, 3,267 net points.
Attracted a mouse 18 times out of 28 hunts.
18 were eaten, 2 went stale and 5 were stolen.
White Cheddar:
Attracted a mouse 10 times out of 20 hunts.
10 were eaten, 2 went stale and 0 were stolen.
My attraction rate was decent.