Captain Mouse

Captain Mouse Hmm.. quite a number of Captains out there.. I wonder where they sailed in from..
Fearsome, deadly with a sword, and loyally followed by Pirate and Buccaneer mice, the Captain mouse is not to be underestimated. This mouse will not only swipe your cheese without a trace; it will leave your trap feeling morally wounded, traumatically scarred, and ruefully defeated... and it's an inanimate object! If you cross paths with this mouse, hope that it's long after its trail has gone cold.
My catch: I sounded the Hunter's Horn. I was successful in my hunt! I caught a 2 oz. Captain mouse from the S.S. Huntington II worth 6,499 points and 5,002 gold. Nice bounty. Net/Dehy/Swiss Cheese. Partybots and Aqua Bases work fine too.. [July 09] Now drops the Telescope...

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