Crafting Item - Ancient Box Trap Blueprint Pieces

Getting the four parts of the Ancient Box Trap Blueprints is a relatively easy cyclic goal at the Tribal Isles.

You'd probably achieve the pieces while in the initial stages of the Pepper Trail.

Three of the pieces are dropped by the chief mice of the various tribal territories.
Ancient Frayed Blueprint piece - Elub Chieftain Mouse
Ancient Ripped Blueprint piece - Nerg Chieftain Mouse
Ancient Mangled Blueprint piece - Derr Chieftain Mouse

And you will be able to earn enough gold to buy the 4th piece from Cape Clawed's General Store after hunting for a lot of seeds in the 3 territories.

Craft the Ancient Torn Blueprint piece together with the other 3 pieces and you end up with the full Ancient Box Blueprint.

Now go over to the Jungle of Dread to gather the rest of the crafting items to make the Ancient Box Trap.


Zixian said...

hey please help me.... they said that 'this item is not suitable for your inventory' when i tried crafting the blue print... AND IM ALREADY 17million points -.-

ZYuan Rocks! said...

You didnt get Keeper's Candle?