Acolyte Mouse

The Boss of the Acolyte Realms. The Acolyte Mouse as a weakness for Runic Cheese, but rarely comes out..

I've to say that I'm not one of those that managed to catch this mouse with the Acronym.

But hey! Now! nine months later! With the Ancient Box Trap and the Runic Cheese, I've finally caught mine!

Sometime along the line, the Acolyte Mouse started dropping Mysterious Boxes. Sometime later, these could be opened.

The Acolyte also drops the Frozen Scroll - an important ingredient to building the Ice Maiden Trap.
Years ago, it was the Acolyte mice that brought necromancy to the face of the Kingdom. Their undead creations rose from the depths of the Catacombs for the sole purpose of destroying Gnawnia.

Hunter's lore states that the first ever MouseHunter devised a way to turn the spells of the Forgotten Book against the Acolytes and banish them to another realm of existence, somewhere between the dead and the living. Had it not been for the heroic efforts of this MouseHunter named Plankrun, the small village of Gnawnia may never have become the prosperous town it is today.

With their long-feared return, the Acolyte mice have amassed their creations, preparing and organizing for the only reason they exist: to eradicate each and every MouseHunter!


Gorilla said...

Excuse me guys, if there's only one type of Arcane Mouse, does it worth to spend the money on an arcane trap?? Is arcane trap effective against other type of mouse too??

Anonymous said...

There is a new mouse in the arcane type i think is so worth the trap its called the dragon mouse. I looked it up on google images and it looks awsome!

ace.kris said...

Arcane traps are ineffective against Arcane mice.
Dragon mice, however, have a weakness against the Ice Maiden. a draconic trap.
The only known weakness of the acolyte mouse is the Ancient Box Trap, which is a Forgotten Trap.
But thats not very effective, its still of normal effectiveness.

Anne Marie said...

I opened my mysterious box and received 60 Rumble Cheese

Unknown said...

Should I use ancient box trap or the forgotten art of dance?

samuel see said...
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samuel see said...

In terms of catching acolyte?

samuel see said...

Should I use ancient box trap or the forgotten art of dance?