The Fate of Huntington I

The scene for the new areas open with a half sunken vessel. Sharp-eyed mousehunters report the name of the waterlogged vessel as the SS Huntington.
Will we ever know why it sank?
Lucky for us, the rumours of a powerful new mouse at the Lagoon abound. And it's holding a nautical blueprint - which is good enough to craft a whole new ship.
Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to hop to the Lagoon, catch this mouse, collect a few little stuff (yeah right) and craft your SS Huntington II.
This rather quick act will start you officially to the new region Rodentia.


Daisy said...

Does anyone know if that's all we need to make this?

Jester Nim said...

Actually, it's a pretty long shopping list.. and you'd find out what it is when you get the blueprints..

Or when I finally get round to posting it.. :D

Derek said...

this game is so complex and awsome. I can tell by how hard you've made it and the updates that people will be playing this for years to come!


gabe said...

Okay... the mouse you must catch, if you don't already know, is the hydra, the most powerful hydro mouse. It drops the "Ship Blueprints". Once you get the Ship Blueprints you must make the ship:

Ship Blueprints 1
Splintered Wood 900
Rope 100
Bolt of Cloth 70
King's Reserve Bubbleh 1
Scrap Metal 18

This is... a lot, i know. The total is approx 6.5 Hundred Thousand.

Also, for legionaries, you may take everything EXCEPT the King's Reserve Bubbleh, and make an unchristened ship. Add the campaign with it to make the "ship".

This will allow you to get the S.S. Huntington II, where you will find a trapsmith, and many, many new mice, including: Briegull, Buccaneer, Captain, Hydra, Leviathan, Mermaid, Pinchy, Salt Water Snapper, Shelder, Shipwrecked, Siren, and Squeaken.

Also, there is a trapsmith.

Net Cannon
Harpoon Gun

Both have 3k power, and are hydro type. Also, both cost a little over 600k.

Also, the Aqua base.

125k gold.
230 power
8 luck

That one's cool looking, but not quite worth it.

Also, I don't know HOW to get photos onto here, but I have the wiki link, which has them all if you click on the coresponding mouse. Here you go.

Daisy said...

Holy.....Well...I just do it one step at a time. Thanks gabe.

BTW....I've never heard of some of those items.

gabe said...

Oh, I forgot to mention entirely. The items are found in the general store in the lagoon. Rather... expensive. Anyway, the metals you WILL need to find yourself, as they cannot be bought. :( Take it, as you said, Daisy, one step at a time, you'll get there.

starfish said...

I'm there! but now I'm lost. wad cheese to use etc.

starfish said...

oh. and when u reach there, u need another 664K GOLD for the hydro trap. which one to choose up to u. hoho.

Daisy said...

I heard that they will be selling the blueprints?

@Gabe: thanks.