Grow Your SB Cashback Network

This looks like a viable idea for MH gamers.
If it works, the more senior amongst us will have no shortage of Super Brie, and the newer hunters will have a serious avenue to gain gold. It beats "begging for gold" - although it could instead breed "begging to sell SB" - but that's a nicer situation.
Face it, Novices and Apprentices have it tough in growing gold by merely catching itsy-bitsy mice. It's not better for Journeymen too, but it does begin to get sweeter by the time you reach Master.
The Mousehunt Toolbar by HitGrab is programmatically integrated to the Mousehunt Game, and can give hunters up to 3 SB+ per day. You just have to do 9 yahoo searches directly from that toolbar, relevant or otherwise. (Hitgrab does earn money from FreeCause, the Toolbar Company for the search traffic, but that's a different story)
Back to this story. 
The point is that Novices, Apprentices and possibly even Journeymen, don't need Super Brie to bait their traps. Instead, they could sell their collected SB to a senior hunter. Senior hunters normally get access to stronger mice with bigger bounties, so gold is not the constraint.
With this "new economy", new hunters could seriously earn a Swiss Army Trap in a week. That's for SB selling at an average of about 3000 gpp.
If anyone has already set up a FB Group to manage this new economy and network, I'll give it a mention here. 
Warning. This is NOT a call to go create 100 FB/MH accounts. FB has a strict shutdown policy. MH keeps an audit of every transaction you make. It's really very easy to detect devious behavior. Play nice.


Alisha said...

I think that's a great idea, Jester.

Tammsla said...

I really like it :D

bex-x said...

i don't understand how it works; i installed and use the toolbar but am not receiving SB+

Jester Nim said...

To receive SB+ you'd have to install hitgrab's MH toolbar.. Not my MHG toolbar..
I actually launched my toolbar first, as a navigation guide and a horn timer.. But they have done a much nicer job of integrating their toolbar to the MH game.

Josh Yaury said...

How to download the toolbar

Jester Nim said...

@josh, the mh toolbar seems to be removed from the game menu.. you could still use the mhg toolbar (on the right sidebar of this blog) but you don't get free sb+