Breaking News!! Scandal in Larry's intel division!!

Update: March 28, 2011, 22:54 UTC. This glitch, Michele Spencer says, has been fixed :) Thanks, HitGrab, that's good to know!

Jan-Marie Kellow caught a Warmonger after catching only two Theurgy Wardens, demonstrating severe deficiencies in Larry's intelligence gathering division.
Be warned that although the Warmonger Mouse can be encountered at any time during this wave, they will be immune to capture until you have defeated all of the Theurgy Warden Mice that guard them.

Jan-Marie's heads-up display shows the Warmonger as defeated and has recorded her first victory. Will she get a second shot at the Warmonger once she has finished off the rest of the wardens? Stay tuned for further developments....

Doh! And the answer is "no!" Talk about anti-climactic, lol. Once she finished off the last warden, Jan-Marie found herself back at Wave 1 of her second pass through the Fiery Warpath.

Our intrepid Jan-Marie demonstrating that Larry's intel on the Fiery Warpath is less than perfect.


Kiley R. Prilliman said...

VERY interesting! Thank you for sharing.

lis faurholt said...

What a pity Jan-Marie didn't get a second Warmonger. A bug like this should bring benefits :P