Fiery Warpath - Charms

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The regular charms increase the encounter rate of that particular subgroup of fiery warpath mouse to your trap. They are helpful in wave 1, but fare poorly after that.

The super charms 'significantly' increase the encounter rate of the specified subgroup and add a subgroup-specific power bonus as well.

Neither type of charm reduces FTAs!

All the charms are only consumed when they attract a mouse from the correct subgroup.

Fiery Warpath Charm Shoppe
Regular charms: 1 ionized salt and 350 gold per piece
Super charms: 1 magic essence and 100 gold per piece
Crafted Fiery Warpath Charms
FW charm base:
  • 1 simple orb
  • 2 charm bits
  • 1 ionized salt
FW super charm base:
  • 1 simple orb
  • 2 charm bits
  • 1 magic essence
All that is left is to add the appropriate crafting agent to produce the desired charm:

Warpath Cavalry CharmSuper Warpath Cavalry Charm
  • 1 desert horseshoe
Warpath Mage CharmSuper Warpath Mage Charm
  • 1 heatproof mage cloth
Charms dropped as loot in FW
Warpath Commander's Charm:
  • Awarded for completing a wave
  • Hang on to these at least until wave 3 of first pass, possibly until second pass
  • This charm assists in attracting Crimson Commanders of the Marching Flame, increasing how often they're encountered. This charm is consumed upon encountering a Crimson Commander Mouse.
Ultimate Luck Charm

Ultimate Power Charm

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